Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm so glad I live in Africa

As you know D is sick so I asked V to come in and help with the kids because I had a million errands to run.

Okay, only 5.

But it took me 2 full hours without kids, so imagine how long it would have taken with them?!

People have asked me why we don't go live in another country and I say, "I wouldn't cope without a nanny... and my once-a-week maid".

The microwave dude didn't pitch by 10:15 (that's not one of the things I'm happy with about Africa) so I sent him a text to basically say, "don't bother. I'll go and buy a microwave".

We are now the owners of a spanking new silver microwave with a mirrored front.

It feels very 80s.

I asked them where the black ones were - I like black kitchen appliances (old micro, kettle, stove, toaster) - and the very young girl told me they don't make black things anymore. It's all stainless steel and silver.

Anyway. function over form.

V and I were both so happy when we plugged it in, pressed the start button and it hummed, beautifully.

How spoilt I am - I didn't survive one day without a microwave.

Anyway, I think I showed a lot of restraint yesterday :)

Nester was also here and happiness is... a clean house and no bundles of laundry lying around.

LOVE it.

Nester tells me Kendra came up to her today and said, "why you cross, Nester?" (OH MY WORD - when did she turn 6?) Apparently she was just concentrating on cleaning whatever it was. She usually smiles all the time so that's why K thought she was cross!
Let's take a quick photo break.

Remember I told you I bribed K with photos for a walk? Right...

she's already perfected the fake smile... at2.5
pretending she doesn't hear me tell her to come back "what? were you saying something?"
the best of the lot - against a lovely red brick wall. Next photo shoot I want some lovely walls to stand against :)

But today while driving around, I was immensely glad I live in Jhb and have DRY HEAT.

I kept thinking (with a little smile on my face), "if I were in Ballito, I'd be sticky and sweaty right now. Instead, I'm DRY!"

Yes, it's the small things in life that make me so very happy.

Which small things made you happy today?

PS I'm thinking of writing up my own Happiness Project. As in the 12 things that make me happy. What do you think? Will you join me if I do? Inspired by a client who is, as part of her 2012 goals, doing the Happiness Project. Isn't that fun?

PPS I need to blog a bit about life goals/ Mondo stuff/ realisations and ahas :)


  1. The happiness project sounds like an interesting project - might just join you :-).

    Yes it is rather tough without having help around and for most of it I cope really well and you do get used to it, but when Bianca was sick really struggled so we had an au pair who lived with us. And she was brilliant!!!

    We have a black microwave :-) So maybe we haven't quite caught up with the rest of the world...

  2. I couldn;t survive without my microwave either...they make black ones here in Canada?!?!?!

    Anywho, that baby girl of yours is ADORABLE!!! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

    What made me happy today? Celebrating Ave & Bryce's "best friends" 2nd Birthday. I met their mother in our prenatal classes and we have all been friends since...they are only 8 days older than Ave & Bryce! Life is SWEET!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Those pictures of K cracked me up! For the record, I didn't recognize the first as a "fake" smile...until I read that, I just thought it was precious! :)

    And I've been thinking about something MandyH has in the world can you live in Africa with no binder rings (and I can't remember what else she listed). I would like to add canned biscuit dough to that list. HAHAHAHA!!!

    I had coffee with my friend this afternoon. :) We scored a place in the lounge chairs, right next to the fireplace = heaven! I was laughing to her about the question you posed yesterday, as to what we were looking forward to for the weekend. My first thought was, "Taking a shower in the morning!" And, true to my hunch, that's been a really good thing. :) Definitely gets me going on the right foot.

    We also had a very successful trip to the grocery store - the four of us / no stroller. And we enjoyed lunch out.

    It's been a really good day! Glad you had a good one, too!

  4. Ditto to the binder clips! I also hate the lack of amazon and a variety of other "inconveniences" found in SA. I'm such a Negative Nancy. Although it just might be worth it for a maid!!!

    I'm in for a project. I could use the me-time.

    My small bit of happiness for the day- waking up to untouched snow. It wasn't a lot, and soon someone drove past, but seeing untouched snow all around is pretty amazing!

  5. I wouldn't cope without my nanny/maid - honestly I would go insane.

    Right now I am not so happy - just found my bin outside covered in maggots :-/

  6. dry heat is so much better than moist heat!!!

    i would LOVE to try a nanny and a maid, too.

    and loved those pics of K. she's a natural model ;)

    also--blogger doesn't like wordpress right now. i can't comment! arg.

  7. You know what? No one is spoiled with a microwave. In today's life, this is a necessity for any working woman.

  8. I love the "fake smile" picture of Kendra! Addison has a very good fake smile too...and those pictures are some of my favorites because she is being silly. : )

    I would LOVE to have a housekeeper. I have debated hiring someone to come in at least a couple times a month--I would pay for it out of my teaching check, so I feel like I would be "earning" it--but I've just never done it. Maybe one of these days when I get really frustrated!

  9. Oh I could not survive without Lucy or a microwave - never!

    And yes, when did she get 6? Totally that age type question.

    I have been thinking about doing my own happiness project - but not sure.

  10. She's VERY cute. I am doing the happiness project as a goal this year - look out for my Friday blog post about this.
    We lived without a microwave for a couple of weeks last year. Amazingly, you actually get used to not having it. My friend commented and said that she has NO idea how we do it and that she would NEVER be able to cope. Do you know what I said to her? THIS is AFRICA. When something breaks, we go back to what we did before.
    We now have a microwave and I have to remind myself that I no longer need to warm stuff on the stove.
    I WOULD love a maid though. If all goes well, then we'll get someone in once a week starting in March. Hold thumbs please?


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