Saturday, January 07, 2012

Let me tell you some more random stuff and my Jan goals link-up

Soooo it's Saturday.

I have tons to say but before I forget again, let me accept my blog awards from Heather, Lea and Blackhuff.

After I read these awards posts, I totally forget to post so I'm going to have to try something new this year.

Okay, so I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me.

Ha! Like i don't share everything already.
  1. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see all the word of the year posts out there. I believe the phrase is tickled pink :) The only thing that thrills me more is seeing Jan goals :) I'm going to go make a thing on the sidebar with all the words of the people who follow along here so if you haven't yet linked up, do so :)
  2. This afternoon for the first time I actually got excited about our holiday. Yes. I packed my (very small) bag and when I snapped the locks shut, I got that lovely little feeling of anticipation in my tummy. The children's clothes fit into one bag but they have toys and toiletries, etc in two more bags.
  3. I made a list on Thursday night called "craft things to use this year" and friends, there were two full pages. I wondered if I've gone a bit overboard.At this rate, I'll have to do one a week to get through it all. Something I still need to get are chalkboard markers. I tried to order off Amazon and I kept getting an annoying message "we don't ship this product to your country". If anyone's keen to help out, let me know.
  4.  I am still on my friendship kick. I finished MWF Seeking BFF on New Year's Eve and I'm still processing all I read. But I need to start writing soon so we can all get talking. I often feel like I'm the only one thinking the things I do until I read a blog or a book (like this one) and then I go "yes!!!! Exactly!!!", kind of like I did when I used to watch Seinfeld :)
  5. I kind-of accidentally ordered an iPad. Normally I'd be the first one to say "oh rubbish" but it looked like a good deal and I clicked and clicked (and I expected one more screen to say "are you SURE you want to do this?" and instead it said "thank you for your order" and I was like "what?!!!!" Anyway, I decided to leave my order and so they're apparently delivering one to me next week. Should be fun.
  6. I'm going to join Weigh-Less again when I'm back from holiday. I know I have to but I'm dreading eating all those vegetables again. In the same vein, I finally threw out my last 3 pairs of "thin" jeans and I don't even feel sad. I just thought, "yay - space!"
  7. Half of these design trends I see on the blogs I just don't get. Like painting something and then making it look old or worn. Distressing, I think it's called. Can someone tell me why it's so cool??? If I paint something I want it to look brand spanking new :)
Okay, that's enough.

I'm not passing it on (have you seen the state of my study?) - but share something I don't know about you in the comments and let's call it a day!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... my January goals link-up, only a week late!

Please use this button if you link up!

January 2012

What do I want to do this month?
Playdate for the babies’ half birthday

Holiday in ballito

Go to gym with kids 3 times

Two dates with Dion

Join Weigh-Less

Work out with Kristy 4 times

Go see I don’t know how she does it

Read brian tracy’s “Goals” and 4 others

Make a list of craft projects to do

Finish up all photo stuff from 2011

Make two mini books for me – ballito and 2012 year in review

Play with landscape shots and take some cute pics of kids on beach

Submit design brief to designer

Tidy up study

Declutter and organise external hard drive


  1. Ha! That friendship kick book is the one I want to read. :-)

    I hope you guys have a super fun vacation. I'm seriously impressed with how little luggage you need.

    One thing you don't know about me...mmm...I am having a really hard time thinking of something I haven't spoken about yet. Okay how about this: I used to hitch hike everywhere I wanted to go as a teen. Not because I couldn't get one of my parents to take me, I just loved the idea of no one knowing where I wad and meeting interesting people along the way. I never got into any trouble and never git caught doing it either (my mom would freak!) and the furthest I ever went was from Warmbaths to Worchester (sp?). Now that was a ride! ;-)

  2. I trained myself to travel light - I used to be the jealous girl in the queue at the airport looking longingly at these other girls with ONE bag and a handbag and vowed to be that girl one day. Then... I got there and then I had babies. *sigh* but I'm still at the one bag for ME!

  3. Am going to make a plan to get that book and YAY for accidental iPad purchases!
    Am sure you will have a great time on holiday and yes, I still need to learn the art of travelling lightly.

    Something you don't know about me?
    mmmm...I LOVE false hair. Had braids (in different styles) for a few years. Also had cornrows and for a while I wore a human hair (very expensive) weave. I was going to go for dreadlocks once (nice, short, funky ones) but changed my mind because there is A LOT of maintenance and expense involved in keeping it tidy and funky.

  4. ps...I think Amazon terminated their contract to SA a few years ago. All their merchandise was being stolen at SAPO. For real.

  5. Hooooooray for an iPad! You'll love it! I heart Mac!

    Can't wait to read about your vacation. All this talk and planning is really making me antsy for ours. I'm getting really aggravated waiting on my cousin to decide if we've going together. Take lots of pictures!

    One thing about me (that I'm willing to share on the internet)... I don't own a purse. Pick your jaw up. I hate purses! They just turn into a catch all, and I can never find my keys. I even loath diaper bags and only take it if we'll be HOURS somewhere. If it doesn't fit into my pockets, I don't need it.

  6. Something you don't know about me...I left home (when I moved to college) not being able to cook a lick! I could bake, but I had NO IDEA how to make any real "food". Thank goodness Hubby likes to eat...and he was so tolerant those first 2 or 3 years. Now I love cooking! :)

    Are you going to tell us about the friendship book? Is it fiction?

    And I think you know this, but I do love me some Seinfeld!

  7. Did you get your iPad? You're gonna love it!! Enjoy :)

  8. Aah, I get so frustrated when I try and order of amazon and get that stupid message! Have you tried Takealot/Take2? You can get basically whatever Amazon has but they are an SA based co. I've just ordered a whack of Prject life stuff that dear old Becky won't sell to SA.

    You must go and see I don't know how she does it. After watching that I realised once again how thankful I am that I don't have a 9-5 job.

    And I just love SJP (you didn't know that about me did you?).


  9. What a happy accident the iPad will be!

  10. Really -give me until after this week and I will know what I need to do for January.

    And do enjoy the ipad - I think you will love it.

  11. Thanks for accepting the award.


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