Thursday, January 05, 2012

The non-party party

Happy 3rd birthday to A and B, Mandy's baby girls :)

Hope you continue to create fabulousness and delight your mama over the next year!

K smiling at D pulling a funny face
Paparazzi mummy!

Remember we discussed half birthdays before?

Well, I knew I loved the idea of a celebration (I use any excuse to celebrate!) - and after all, there are far too many ideas for me to ever get through them with just one party a year (have you seen my Pinterest party board?!) so I decided to have a little something.

Except it's not a party.

It's a playdate.

Just a couple of little friends, no family, very low-key.

Except I've bought printables, some Marcia-approved sweets for a little something to take home, paper plates, straws and paper cups.

By the way, Connor approved the choices - he said, "nice, Mummy!" which is high praise coming from him.

Connor, fresh from a bath
Making a funny face
Love these pics of V and Connor

Quite honestly, I think it's just the thing to completely perk me up and get me excited about life again :)

We're not getting them anything but we will sing and have half cupcakes :)

Of course I will take pics on the fastest shutter speed with so many littles running around. Hopefully there won't be too many tantrums!

What do you feed people for a 10 am snack?


  1. What a neat idea. An Alice in Wonderland "happy unbirthday" moment :-).

    At 10am I would probably have a fruit platter, maybe some mini muffins (my mum has a great banana and carrot muffin recipe) and of course you are having your half cupcakes.

  2. 10Am snack? Cheese and fruit for the kiddos...pastries and fruit (coffee/tea, of course) for the adults.

    I'd like to come on a playdate with you!

  3. A great should be a celebration.

  4. OK, now you made me tear up...and it's not even 6:30am! :) Thank you, sweet Marcia, for the wishes!!!

    And you know I love the idea of a half birthday! I think a play date is perfect!

    For a 10am snack, I think you can go breakfast-y or lunch-y...little quiches, maybe, with fresh fruit? Or I say you can always serve dip and crackers of some sort.

    How fun! I'm excited for you!

  5. What a fun idea! Like Rebecca, I want to come to your playdate! : )

    It won't be a half-birthday, but I might just have to try this idea for Valentine's Day next month. We need a little something to lighten up the post-Christmas winter blahs.

    For 10 am food, I would have muffins, fruit, cheese & crackers maybe? Or pigs in a blanket? (hot dogs wrapped in biscuit you do those there??)

  6. Ah..enjoy it! You are right, it's just what you need. I would do cheeses, muffins, quiches, fruit platters etc. Something brunch-like. And of course coffee and teas.

  7. Can't wait! :-)

    Can't go wrong with cheese and fruit.

    Mmm, now what woild make good half-presents? ;-)

  8. How long is the playdate? I think for R&T's third birthday, we served chocolate cupcakes and strawberries around 10:30 (it was an AM party, so we really didn't have much choice since it ended at 11). But all those other ideas are good too. Most kids love fruit, so you can't go wrong with that.

    I've just begun planning R&T's fourth (gasp!) birthday party, which will take place in just two short months. It's shaping up to be some sort of dance party birthday theme with no more than 10 kids including our own. My guys love to dance, so it should be a good time. I just have to make sure I get all the details ironed out.

    Have a fun 1/2 birthday celebration!

  9. Fruit and an almond pound cake or coffee cake. Little quiches sound good too!

  10. Crumpets and muffins!


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