Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our first Creative Thursday linky for 2012

Thanks to Ginger reminding me, here is our craft link-up for January. I'm so glad she reminded me because I saw Allison's "pinned it, did it" post yesterday and it said 4, and I thought, "eek! I haven't even done 1 Pinterest project this year.

BUT I've taken a half day off next week solely to finish the editing on the book. I may be being a tad unrealistic but let's see if I need another half day. My head is not there at night - I'm too tired from work and babies and and and.

And after that, I can devote myself to playing a little until I start book 2. Which I think will go quicker as I'm even more passionate about time management than I am organising (if possible).

I'm personally going to do a lot more creative stuff this year but I don't know if I want to do the linky every week or two. Or should I?

I've said it before but you can link up anything you created - baked, cooked, made on the computer, sewed, crafted, etc, etc.The options are wide open.

Just link back here please.

Okay, let's go!!!

I'm linking up two TINY little things I did for Christmas. Together they took me probably less than 20 minutes.

1. Christmas Tree print

I took one of the photo frames I have lying around. And I have plenty.

I used a 1-inch circle punch to punch out some scrapbook paper for the top, made strips with red washi tape and put a tiny strip of green washi tape for the trunk.

It looked much more impressive in person :)

2. Christmas Tree notebook

I had this brilliant idea AFTER all the planning was done. Of course.

But I've since put the notebook in the two ginormous gift bags where I store my Christmas stuff. All I have to do in just 9.5 months (yes!) is print out my spreadsheet, paste it in the book and carry on planning.

Exactly same concept as the print except I didn't want to mess with glue so I washi taped everything. And yes, there are glaring signs of imperfection which I love.

On another note, I'm finding imperfection rather alluring lately. This from a recovering perfectionist.

Please link up anything you've worked on over the last month - recipes are most welcome because I'm bored with the stuff I'm eating!

I promise to come visit every person who links up but I will delete the random nonsense links that don't link to a POST.
Let the games begin :)


  1. The only thing I recently made was the book I made so I will link up that one :-)

  2. I have been meaning to email you for two days to ask if you're still doing this...yea!

    I've got lots of stuff in the hopper...I'll have to devote a post to one of them in the next couple of days, probably this weekend.

    Thanks, as always, Marcia, for the inspiration!!!

    Love your tree form! I did a similar form with the girls...strips of construction paper glued to a solid piece, decorated with stickers. I thought about it later, that I could have made a counting game out of it. Maybe next year. :)

  3. I linked up a tutorial for a pendant I made recently. I am also doing a giveaway. Thanks for hosting this.

  4. Those are super nice...great idea that I might have to scraplift! LOL!

    Happy I could provide a reminder...I have been trying to keep "ahead" of my link ups so I thought I better "check-in" to see if we were still on! LOL!

    Happy Weekend Marcia

  5. I had to add my pinned it, did it project you mentioned :) I love your tape Christmas trees! You must be the queen of washi tape projects - would you believe I don't own any?

  6. Ok, you know what? I will do that tie-dye tut and link it. Give me a day or two.

    I love your projects by the way. And those note books - thanks girl! I have made so many.

  7. These are LOVELY. I only have knitting with holes! I am not immune to imperfection but the holes are driving me nuts! Will see what I can come up with this weekend then I'll link up next week sometime?

  8. Hello...I just did the linky thing... here are 3 of my other sites...

    (Others like blogging, I like creating them! lol)

  9. yay, did i ever come here on the right day! i just stopped by to say hi, but i finished a magic carpet today that fits right in, and now maybe i'll get my craft on every thursday. love your xmas tree!

  10. Found you at Nifty Thrifty Sunday link party. Enjoyed your post. Linked up one of my favorite recipes from January- Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts.


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