Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remember that sewing machine?

I know I twittered on and on last year (at least in the first quarter of the year) about getting a sewing machine.
I even priced it, looked at it and then didn't get it.
I had a twinge of something and my personal life rule is "follow the Peace". God's Peace has never led me astray.
Since I didn't have the peace, I just left it.
I think it was a good idea because 1) I don't currently have much space and 2) my environment MUST support me. I can't work if there's too much stuff.
I didn't stop pinning though.
And then a very good friend, one of the 3am variety, mentioned her machine that she's not using and I had a brainwave.
I asked her if I could borrow it for a specified period of time.
She said I could have it but noooooo, I told her I like a deadline to get me moving and I would rather just use it once a year or so. If I get really good (hahaha), I may then buy it from her.
So my list of stuff is piling up and D needs a Kindle cover so I've arranged to collect the machine next weekend.
I know!
But remember my style is very unfussy. Only straight stitches allowed. I have some old denim jeans (mine and the kids) to cut up and some felt.... and a couple of really pretty placemats and tea towels just waiting to be little aprons for K & C.
I can't wait!
What are your "personal rules" and have you ever thought of borrowing something rather than buying it?
PS if you know me and I have something you want to borrow (just not my books! I have issues with books and CDs although Caren, you can borrow anything - she is just as fussy as I am :)), please shout.


  1. Ooh...what are your issues with books? I'm a nut about mine...I can read the same book 5 times and never crack the spine. Is that you, too???

    And good for you on the sewing machine! What a great way to see if you will really make use of it.

    Me? I would love to be able to sew simple stuff...but I don't have the room...AND I know it would take commitment for me to learn how to use it. So...I just found a friend who loves to sew! HA! She's mending the girls' sleeper blankets (adding in extra fabric) as we speak! :)

    Can't wait to see your sewing creations!

    I was just thinking about you today, in regards to my Cricut scrapbooking machine / paper cutter. I asked you if you thought I should get it, and you encouraged me to do so. I LOVE it. I don't use it all that often, but it's so fun when I do. I LOVED the banner I made for the girls' birthday = proud mama! ;)

  2. I cannot wait to see what you make! CAN-NOT! So excited!

  3. MandyE, my issues are I like my books to look new (or as new as I bought them) and some people wreck the books. Honestly, if my things come back and look ugly, I want to say, "oh just keep it" because I hate ugly books that were PRETTY :)

    See, issues!

  4. If it's something that you won't use very long I'd rather borrow it than buy it. Like when Nicola was just born I borrowed a steam sterliser (not the microwave kind)and a baby bath. I thought that was too much money to spend on something that I'd only use for 6 months maybe. If I was in a more traditional family setup and thought there may be more babies coming at some point i would have bought it though.

  5. Oh thanks M, it's just a pity I'm not much of a reader! You can borrow anything from me anytime too! And well done on the sewing machine acquisition. So your word for the year is sure to be a reality soon...

  6. I really hate to lend things from people but I really also do not mind borrowing to other people.

    And I would love to see what you make.

  7. Yes! But I'm very scared to do this. Just now something happens to it (Murphy loves hanging out at my house) and then I have to end up replacing it or something. I'd much rather buy something second-hand and resell it if it doesn't work out.
    I don't borrow books from people and I don't lend out my stuff either. Only to Elton. Because he is as finicky as I am when it comes to this.


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