Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seven on Sunday

Gosh, I feel like it's been ages since we chatted.

And yet, I just had a busy weekend.

1. Yesterday morning, I had a date at the gym with my little man. He was nagging me from 8:10 and I was only ready 30 minutes later. Anyway, they told me he only cried a little bit (he admitted as much) because he missed me.  :)

I'm hoping this new habit will remain and that K will join us soon, dragging D with us on a Saturday. The family that gyms together stays together? :)

2. Afterwards, we went to "the shops for croissants". C thinks that's what happens at the shops. But actually we went to drop off my purple TO PRINT flash drive with the Ballito and my "friends" pics. All 189 of them....The friends wall is finally going up - I have the frames for at least 6 and am waiting for two more to arrive in the mail. Fun, fun, fun.

3. And then home for croissants (mine was a cinnamon raisin. yum!) and a shower for me. Oh, I went to Zumba and it was great. Although I got serious itchy bums and legs in the class and I just thought I would have to leave 25 minutes early when the next song was slower and more hand/ arm movements.

4. I also went to iPad training on Saturday. Do you know what? Looking around the class made me think, "oh my word, I can't believe I'm now representative of this type of person" so it was fairly scary to not be hip and cool. And right there I showed you how unhip and uncool I am. Nevertheless, I was one of the faster ones. So there is that.

Sadly, I will have to "message" the dude because I already forgot some things but on the whole the training was useful. Also, those of you on iPads, apparently we should message one another? I don't know what's wrong with good old email but maybe there I"m showing my age again.

5. Last night I had LOTS of fun creating. I worked on and finished my mini scrapbook of Ballito. When the light's good I'll take TONS of pics and show you but I am so proud of how this went. When I do the proper post I'll tell you what worked, what I would do differently, etc. Also, last night, I perfected my technique on the last 3 pics (out of about 20) in typical Marcia style.

6. Today we had such a fabulous church service I didn't want to leave. Signs, wonders and miracles and me teary-eyed at God's goodness. This is what it's all about - He is a good God and I need to remember that more often.

7. Afterwards we went to some friends for lunch. Their teenage daughter loves "the twins" as she calls them so D and I had lots of help. It was lovely.

The food was also very lovely but I'm trying not to think about that in case I drool over the keyboard.

I was supposed to get the sewing machine BUT when we tried to test it, it made this weird sound. So three of us - the two of them and me - rethreaded and did the bobbin, and still it made this weird noise. She's going to take it to school (she's a teacher) to ask the needlework teacher (of course these days they've given all the subjects really fancy names, like I learnt today what I called Biology is now Natural Science, and Maths is now called Maths Core. Yes...) what that's about. I told her I'd pay if it needs a service.

I have two entries in this book and Julia also has one. Happiness :)
I bought this frame because of the colour.
This is Heather's lovely gift
A close-up of gorgeous Heather and her gorgeous family :) Heather, they keep asking me, "where's Tommy? where's Phoebe?" like we saw them yesterday!
and the rest are all from Ballito

And a bonus one two

8. I just sorted out pics for the grannies, 129 pics for our albums (yes, I'm old school) and some other randoms for my "brag book in the handbag" and I am DONE!

Until I download the last week or so.

But that will only happen later this week.

9. I've taken a half day on Tuesday to work on my book. I decided I can't have things hanging over my head anymore. Please send good, productive, non-procrastinating thoughts this way. I've also decided WHEN I write the next book, I'm taking 3 days and just churning it out. I can't do this piecemeal thing. Drives impatient me batty. And I'll be outsourcing a lot more!

So I'm really, really, really looking forward to having my part of the work on the book Done with a capital D. I saw a nice quote last week - Gretchen Rubin (Happiness Project) interviewed Harlan Coben (another one of my favourite writers!) and he said something about how he likes having written. Yes, that's me.

How was your weekend?
What are you looking forward to this week?

PS Get your Jan goals wrap-up posts ready (mentally) for Wed's link-up. Can you believe it's nearly Feb?!

PPS I forgot to tell you - Kendra had a check-up on Wed and D took her. She didn't cry at all so I told him he's the new designated person to take her to all medical appts because clearly he has the magic touch. Oh btw, she's fine. That CRP was down to 11 but her iron's a bit low so she's on something for a month.


  1. Loved your post! You sound very busy! Congrats on having entries in that book, that is amazing!!!

    The weekend was good. Yesterday just a low key blah day, but this week we're starting our routines again. School starts on Thursday so it will be buying school supplies for us... And I have to get some training in because the triathlon is just around the corner...scary!!!!

  2. Sjoe. You've been busy!Had no idea that you could go for iPad training? Does the ipad not come with a manual?
    My weekend was semi-productive (managed to box all those books) and also very lazy. This week I look forward to starting with a new running club - logistically,the other one wasn't working out AND I'm going to free outdoor yoga on Saturday. My boyfriend is coming along. It's going to be a date. Am rather liking that he is game for doing something different than the coffee shops/movies/restaurant-type outing.
    Oh, and kids usually show off around their Moms. Whenever Lance takes them to the Dr or for haircuts then it's ALL GOOD. When I take them then it would seem like I'm murdering with all that drama and screaming. Mmm...I think I'll join your linky on Wednesday. And I'll do the craft linky tomorrow.

  3. Wow! You had a busy weekend!

    Addison and I have some sinus bug, and I felt like doing absolutely nothing this weekend. So, lots of snuggles on the couch this weekend. Lauren was a stinker and catapulted off the couch, and now has a scruffed up eye to go with her smashed finger. Perhaps I have a daredevil?

    Glad Kendra seems to be mostly on the mend. Those summery photos are beautiful! I'm tired of winter here!

    We have iPads at school (work). LOVE them!

  4. I forgot to click email response...

  5. I think I'm still in shock you bothered to do the iPad training. I desperately need to work on some photo books but I just don't have the energy.

    I love that picture of K, you can see her little curls peeking into the frame!

    I can't believe January is over! So many things I still have left to do!! This week I need to renew our Zoo membership, install my camera software, and settle a dinner date with the in-laws. The camera is the only thing I'm really looking forward to! The weekend was the pits, two sick girls. :(

  6. P.S.
    The only thing I thought when I saw that frame was "they have walmart's in SA?!" LOL! I love the color!

  7. I would also love us to gym together but logistically I just cant get it to work at the moment!

    AND I am also busy with a friend wall this year :) Pics have been chosen, I have frames - just need to drop them off to be printed!!!!

    My weekend was busy but good!

  8. Don't you just love croissants? :)

  9. Gorgeous photos as always. :-)

    Being needlework challenged myself I have never heard any noise out of any sewing machine that didn't sound suspicious too me on at least some level.

    I'm glad K is doing so much better now.

  10. Louisa, oh, how you make me laugh!

  11. Love that you're having so much fun creating, Marcia!

    And I really love the pictures. Bravo!!!

  12. are busy...I would love to go for Zumba classes...have been hearing so much about it. I am hoping for a calmer week, with time to just catch up on my admin at work.

  13. All the best for the book today. And my, the Zumba is fun. The Princess is learning a bit of modern this year - the ballet girls will be joining in the opening and closing numbers of the concert. She is loving it - thought you will like the idea.

  14. hang on.... you are going to write your next book in THREE DAYS????? In awe!

  15. Just catching up with blog reading and saw this post with the stuff I sent!!! I had so much fun putting that package together and it was one of my goals that month, so I was so proud of me!!!!!!


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