Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, the children's Tuesday Tidbits

The kids are sleeping in big beds (each bed is against the wall) without any barriers on the other side and one (K) has only fallen out one night. She has a little scratch on her nose from the fall and showed us where she knocked herself on the edge of the bedside table.

Oh, I always thought their room was too small to position two beds in a parallel formation but this room is smaller and they fit just fine. Hmmm.

Kendra's taken to screaming. Seriously, she runs and just screams. The other day I said to her, "Baby, why are you screaming like that?" You know what she said? "Excited!" - this child kills me!

Connor has been making friends wherever we go, with anybody and everybody. I"m still not sure if that's good or bad... I always say to the kids "say hello to the lady" and so Connor says, "hello lady" or "hello man" :)

We were doing so well with not one high temperature since we got here til yesterday when K's was 37,8 or somewhere around there. Panado fixed it but still.

Then today Connor touched MIL's flat iron (his own fault because he was warned not to touch) but his scream woke me. He is not sporting a huge blister on his "fumb" (thumb - he says fumb and finger) and has been crying on and off the whole day.

Kendra is playing D big time. I can't STAND it! She's acting like a big baby with him. "No, Daddy feed Kendra" and so on. And he does it!!! I have to physically leave the room. Today I put her in time-out because she freaked out because I dared to put her in her car seat and she wanted Daddy. After the time-out she was good as gold for about 7 hours until supper...

Okay, have to go on our THIRD date :)

How was your Tuesday?

PS Keep commenting on the friends post - I love it all and I'm SO inspired to write and write and write some more :)


  1. burns are the worst! poor little baby.

    ...and i think that it is just something about little girls and their daddys. m does the same thing with b!!

  2. I hate when they get burned. Matt touched a pan on the stove once (the stove was off...he's just a dingbat) and I felt horrible for him, but still kind of justified b/c of all the lecturing I had done about never touching the stove.

    Good for the kiddos in their beds!!!

    I love "excited!"

  3. Poor thing with the burn. I want to cry when I have one. The boys scream too when they are excited, which is a lot. I tell them they need to use their inside voice or Mommy will get "boo boos in her head".

    My Tuesday was good. I was cleared to drive and go back to work, but no physical activity yet (aka no working out).

  4. And so they grow up. Do you know about Burnshield burngel? Fantastic stuff - even after a burn. Even now you can put some on. It helps to heal well.

    As to the big beds - I put a pillow underneath the side that is not against the wall and it prevents them to roll off. Give it a shot.

  5. What is it with kid and hot things? I was letting Landon help me make pancakes the other day and I warned him that the griddle was hot. So what does he do? Touches it. WHY?! It's almost as if you should say, "This is super hot. Please make sure you touch it." Because then of course they won't even go near it, right??


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