Sunday, January 08, 2012

This is going to be quick!

I got home verrry late the other day (about 6:30 ish) and it still looked like this - I love summer in Jhb! That tree is in my garden, looking a little the worse for wear because it hasn't rained much at all.

Well, we actually had a lovely day today.
The children have been delightful and I found myself saying to D twice, "this (THIS!) is what I imagined with kids". Almost like that twin romance thing.
Yes, we did have some time-out situations but nothing really bad. 

Could it be due to the fact that I made an easy lunch and pancakes for supper? I grated cheese inside the pancakes and they LOVED it. They each had 3 (we make our pancakes like crepes and friends, I do make good pancakes - everybody loves mine!) and then asked for more. 

I wasn't prepared to share mine so that was it because I'd run out of flour. That was followed by carrots and grapes. I have to keep veggies til last otherwise that's all they'll want.
But yes, this is going to be a short post.
For once, I did the responsible thing on a Sunday night and first did some work.
Yes, I finally did the design brief (after about two months) and submitted that to the designer. 
Yay!!! 3 things done from my Jan list so far.
I better go sleep after I pack my laptop, Kindle and a few craft things - I want to make my mini book (will have to do there as I ran out of time) and journal in the correct place daily. I do this anyway on holiday but all in a normal little book. This will save time because when I'm back, I just have to paste in pics and it's done! I do love the simplicity of these mini books.
* By the way, my "customer" (friend from the blog) who bought a travel journal from me is very happy with how it turned out. Thank heavens for that. 

It's terrifying to put yourself out there creatively................... when you don't consider yourself creative!
This weekend was a success as far as goals/ create.

our first Christmas card and it's handmade - LOVE it!
I created good memories of the half-birthday kind yesterday (pics and words to follow sometime this week) which was my intentional thing of the week and today I purposefully relaxed on the bed with children all over me, reading. And then of course, pancakes for supper!

D took about 20 the other morning - this was the only one that was half decent. This boy moves fast!

How are you living out your word of the year?
PS MandyE, I only took 86 pics yesterday and I still need to delete the duds :)

sneak peek of the half birthday celebration :)


  1. Just wanted to say hope you have a fantastic holiday!!! Take the break you need!!! Lots of love!!!

  2. Yay for Half-Birthdays!

  3. oh how i long for blue skies right about now. we're so gray and overcast.

    love those days when everything seems to fall into place, right??

  4. What an awesome tree! I should take a picture of one of our birches this spring so you can see it. I forget sometimes how different our landscapes must be. :)

    I know exactly what you're talking about, having those "bliss" moments. We've had a couple of great lunches out recently, and it's just so amazing to be enjoying each others' company as a family of four. And I love so much when the girls are playing nicely together...talking, figuring things out, playing one big pretend game. It's nothing short of awesome.

    Gorgeous cupcake toppers! And 86 pics isn't bad! :)

    And how it warms my heart to see you preserving our card (even if you had to do a bit of gluing yourself). ;) Thank you, Marcia!!!

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC time on your trip!!! Can't wait to see pictures (at least in part so I can live vicariously!)! ;)

  5. LOVE well-behaved, co-operative kids. Awesome that yours are showing their good side. Must say I've not really had issues with that this holidays. Except for THAT ONE DAY. But, we live and learn. I haven't made pancakes in yonks! Think we'll have them on Saturday for breakfast.
    Your handmade cards look BEAUTIFUL and well done on FINALLY submitting that brief.
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday. Looking forward to LOADS of pics.

  6. Those cupcakes look beautiful! You are so creative! My kids love pancakes also. They also like chicken tacos which I suppose you can also do with pancakes. We put some chicken and cheese inside for them. I also sometimes make a little picnic which we then eat on a blanket in the lounge and they love that!

  7. I'll be working on my goals and word of the year. DH and I came up with our word of the year yesterday and we're pretty happy with it. I'll be double-checking before I post it!

  8. Such a lovely photo of you and your boy;-)

    I am also going to branch out this year and stick my neck out and try new things creatively. I am scared senseless by new things....another thing I want to work on and lay down this year.

  9. I love that you do half-birthday celebrations!!!

    I absolutely adore that palm tree!! We have palms in our backyard which are looking a little close to death right now due to the lack of rain. Hubby keeps forgetting to turn on the sprinklers!

  10. We have had some relaxing, picture-perfect family moments lately too. It's so wonderful to finally feel like we aren't jumping to keep the girls happy/occupied/out of trouble every second of the day.

    Enjoy your vacation!!!
    (And I just saw from your previous post that you ordered an iPad?? Wonders never cease, huh? : ) Next it will be an iPhone too, watch out!)

  11. Hope you have a great holiday!

    And those cuppies looks great.

    And yes, I do think those great moments do come more often as time goes on.


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