Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tutorial - how to quickly add photos to your blogger posts

Finally, it's here. The tutorial 3 of you have been waiting for :)

How to quickly add loads of pics into your blogger posts. This only makes time sense if you like lots of pics in your posts like I do :)

Some background and things you need to do first: 
  1. Download Picasa (free google thing to sort out your pics)
  2. Get an email address so you can post to your blog from email.
Here's how you do number 2 above:
  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on settings and then on mobile and email 
  3. Under the email section, choose a word to customise your blogger email address
  4. Save this email address somewhere 
  5. Click the little button next to Save emails as draft post
  6. Click save settings
Right, you're sorted.

Moving on.

Here is the brilliant part - when you email pics from Picasa, it automatically compresses them for you. Genius!

I no longer have to use Faststone Resizer (which is also brilliant).

Right click on ANY pic you want to blog, open with, Picasa
Click on Edit in Picasa
Click Back to Library on the top left
All your pics will appear like this - I like to save things in folders...
Either control plus click to highlight all the pics (I like this) or if they're in multiple folders, click the little green pushpin on the bottom left of the screen to hold that selection and then find your other folder, highlight and click the green pushpin again
Then click File and Email
I use Microsoft Outlook so I click that button
This beautiful screen appears with all your pics neatly compressed (my originals were 4 MB each) and it conveniently tells you how many you have - genius! Put in your email address that you saved right in the beginning, I like to put a subject so I'm clear and SEND.

Then in Blogger, all you do is go to your drafts, go find this one, open and type in between the pics or whereever you feel like. You may have to rearrange the order but they're all there.


This tip has sped up my blogging so much. As you can see, I now put many more pics in my posts because it's not such a huge schlep to upload them.

Here's to seeing lots of your pics :)

So how did I do on my first tutorial with screenshots? I feel quite accomplished :)

Are you going to use it?


  1. Hey Marcia! I think you did great on the screenshots & I will definitely be using the tutorial. I have been bad about not adding pictures because they take so long and I update my IF blog from my phone. Using your set up at the beginning, I think I can email pictures from my phone to blog! Thanks so much!

    Sorry I rarely comment, but I read all your posts! I love checking out your blog and watching those sweet babies grow up!

  2. Nice! Will play around this weekend.

  3. Okay, this is really nice! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it -WITH SCREENSHOTS!

    I'd love to use it... but the first step is actually downloading my photos from the camera, which I haven't done for ages. ARRGHHHH!

  4. I had no idea you could even do that! I either use Windows Live Writer or just do it through Blogger.

    Your tutorial was easy to understand and I love that you included screen shots!!


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