Sunday, February 19, 2012

A bit of decluttering and organising

1. So sorry that the word verification was showing on my blog.

I had no idea because when I'd comment on my own posts to answer questions, I never got those words.

Cat then told me nicely but firmly to please remove it :)

So I played around, logged out of Blogger and then tried to comment. Sure enough, I also had to enter the stupid words. I have now removed them - please see if you can comment with freedom :)

There are a couple of you who also still have it on - now it's my turn to ask you nicely but firmly to please check your settings. Normally I didn't mind the one word (annoying but I didn't mind so much) but they've made it two words now and it's impossible to read, at least for me.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Switch to the OLD Blogger interface by clicking the little cog on the top right of your blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings and then Comments and disable word verification.
  3. Save. (my business website has a button in the template that's called "Big A$$ Save Button" (no jokes)
  4. Click on Try the new blogger and you're back to where you were.

And we can all comment happily and do the community thing :) Happy days!

2. I was looking at my blog post labels the other day and was quite horrified. How in the Sam Hill do I have 536 labels? That is crazy.

Please comment and give me the broad categories you think I should put on this blog.

It's going to be a mission and a half but I can do 5 minutes a day, right?

I saw on another blog (who knows where? you guys know I'm bad with remembering where, I only remember what I see) she had cute categories all starting with a C. I'm partial to cuteness so I'm thinking of modelling mine on hers.

Children, Cooking, Creating, Capturing, Celebrating, and then I thought I need something to capture my life list/ goals/ living life big stuff, work (that can be career), friendship stuff (Community?) and what else??? Christianity?Courage?

Ooh, I just thought of one - Crazy (for the I have issues label :) HAHAHA)

3. Words of the year

I want to make a little box on the sidebar with all our words for the year.

These are the ones I have
  • Action - Heather and Mandy
  • Aware - Mandy
  • Embrace - Lynette
  • Hope - Cat
  • Nurture - Julia
  • Simplify - Deanna
If you want to be included, will you leave yours in the comments?

And last but not least...

4. How are you guys doing on your Feb goals?

Who else is working on goals besides Mandy and Louisa?

Do you need help?

Are you stuck?

I've just updated my list and most things are going along nicely except... the health and fitness. I'm realising that I really, really need to go to Weigh-Less so there's some accountability for my eating. I can't stand the thought of paying to keep me on the straight and narrow, and yet that's exactly what I have to do.

What are you decluttering and organising this weekend?
Any other blog housekeeping I need to do?


  1. When I commented on Friday it was gone. I think. Thanks for removing it, it was a tad bit annoying. I REALLY need to spend time tidying up my blog but the thought of it overwhelms me so I have been avoiding it. I wish I can find someone to do it for me. Maybe I should call for volunteers? Not sure what other housekeeping your blog needs, will think about it.
    My February goals (which I didn't link up for some reason) are going well. I'll do some form of update next week. Am also failing miserably at the health and fitness one. It is SUPER hot in CT today and very unpleasant. We are cleaning house at the moment because Lance and I are annoyed with the messiness! And I'm listening to Whitney while I'm cleaning. As soon as he's done in the kitchen I'm going to make a quick lunch. Think I'll skip the free concert today as well - we still need to go to Church which we'll probably do this evening. Hope you are having a good Sunday?

  2. Yippy on no word verification! Thanks a mil!

    I've got a few things ticked off already on my Feb goals and my post is almost ready for publishing :-)

    This week is a big organising week for us cause we're going on holiday next Saturday.

  3. I love having a "crazy" label! That definitely captures some of the posts I write from time to the random girl pinching Baby A! ;)

    And this weekend? I need to finish editing January pics, and I have a bag of a couple of crafts I need to finish and I need to organize my holiday cards (also in that bag), using the binder rings I bought. :)

    You'll be so proud to hear my guest room is in great shape, AND my kitchen counters are clean! Woo hoo!

    Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  4. THANK YOU for reminding me to do that! I had it turned on for a while because I was sick of getting spam comments, but it is an eternal pain to do the WV on other blogs so I've now turned it off again. xo

  5. As usual, you've been reading my mind. I know I need to declutter and organize my tags on my blog posts. This morning I decluttered and organized the boys' toys. You know that putting of sets back together again? I know you've posted about it before. Now I'm sitting here relaxing with coffee while the boys play before nap time.

    My goals are going well. I'm getting lots of things done. We got our tax papers to the accountant this week and we have friends coming over for dinner tonight with their kids. We love to have friends with dinner at home on Sundays.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment Marica! I took off the word verification for a little bit, but got so many spam messages that actually published onto my blog it became quite a lot of hard work to have to keep removing these. Any other solutions that might prevent the spam? I also think it is really annoying how they changed the word verification words now.

  7. I still haven't picked a word.

  8. Was there some sort of reset, because I've never changed my settings and I HATE the wv. My goals are coming along quiet nicely I do believe. I still have a terrible time getting side tracked!

    I decluttered my mind at the beach this weekend, does that count?!

  9. adesolaf6:45 am

    Let's see if I can comment again.

    Working so far.

    Have a great week ahead

  10. I have de cluttered this past weekend :) Went through all the Winter clothing of the kids - see what fits and what not. Now it's more organized again :)
    I've switched off my word verification as well as you have suggested :)

  11. I have also taken the word verification is such a pain.

    At this stage as far as goals go...I am trying to keep my head above the water...treading water...treading water;-)

    So now a note to am I doing on "Embracing my life right now"...oops;-0

  12. My word is "complete."

    Thanks for the "down with word verification tutorial." You rock.


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