Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do you think it's a sign that I need to start saving?

this is not the bag I bought; this lovely was bought at the House of Leather in Malaysia :)

this is my favourite door pic that I took - pic taken in Ireland on 17 May 2008 (I have a crazy brain for details)

this is my "thin" inspiration pic. It helps that I'm tanned and healthy too - Kuala Lumpur, 2006. Technically terrible (and it's not so easy to do my bossyboots thing with photos when the people you're bossing don't speak English *ahem*)

I'm not in the least bit superstitious so I'm kind-of poking fun at myself here.

Anyway, moving on.

1. I bought a bag on Saturday that I love but actually, really don't need so after packing all my stuff in there, removed them and am taking it back for a refund. It costs R400 so I really should save the money (40% of one night's accommodation in North Carolina!).

2. Then I ordered a punch, some fabric tape, twine and binder rings the other day. My package arrived this morning but I had a whole day session which, of course, ran late and finished at 5:40. I got home, unpacked my stuff and the punch is not the one I wanted. It is the one I ordered but I thought it was double the size and I don't want this small size. So I've emailed them and let's see what they say about a refund. I may have to pay postage but it's (kind of) worth it to not have the wrong things, right?

3. My set of pearl earrings that arrived last week BROKE today. Both of them. I am horrified and of course, I emailed the etsy seller the first chance I got so hopefully we can sort that out too. Technically, they brought me such joy for the week I've had them that it was worth spending the money but still... :)

4. And last, I just ordered lots of labels (address labels - I'm slightly addicted) and I get through the whole shopping experience, choosing fonts, designs, etc. and .................. they don't ship to South Africa. AAAARRRGGHHHHH. My fault because I've browsed the site before and I thought I checked this. By the way, it's the first thing you should always check and I really should know better.

So, do you think it's a sign I should stop spending and start saving money?

Seriously, I really do have to set a nice big, juicy financial goal (aside from She Speaks) so I can be motivated to save hard!

Who of you have some exciting financial goals for this year?

And are you superstitious?

 PS do you have a thin inspiration pic? I need to print and laminate it, and take it to the gym with me - I'm sure I'll work harder :)


  1. YES! You do need to save. Isn't it time for a new car or something?
    My only real goal is to get out of debt.
    I don't think I'm superstitious. Although when my palms itch then I do wonder if there is money coming to me. That theory has not been proven because I keep forgetting to keep track after the itchy palms. The top of my foot was itching earlier and I asked Lance if this meant that I was getting new shoes. He said NO, that it meant that I needed a bath. I didn't quite know how to respond to that one. So I didn't.

  2. I love whatever is hanging from that bag! So cute!

  3. I'm working on getting my financial goals together. I need to work on that. Unfortunately, I'm tired tonight, so I don't think it's happening tonight. LOL

  4. i have EIGHT posts of yours to catch up on. almost crawling into bed, but thought i'd say "hi" first :)

    love the thinspiration photo. i don't have an official one...maybe that's something to look into?

    i'm definitely more of a saver than a spender. i don't even like to get coffee while i'm out. i'd rather save the $3!!! :)

  5. I don't have a real thinspiration picture; maybe that's just what I need to get some motivation. (Probably not, but it's a nice thought!)

    Your post reminded me that I ordered some new address labels that came last week, and I have no idea where I put them. Perhaps it's a sign I need to get organized??

  6. Me and hubby have already thought about our Financial goals for this year and we have a plan set up for it. With God's help, we will reach this goal at the end of this year.
    I was superstitious in the past but not anymore.

  7. I'm not superstitious. We need to do our budget again to work on our saving goals.

  8. My financial goal of debt denting has been shot to pieces with recent dental expenses...however, April is increase and hopefully bonus month so there is hope yet.

    If I had to pick a photo for thinspiration I'd go with my matric farewell one (but that would be setting myself up for failure so I won't hahaha). Actually I weigh less now than tgen but I'll never have 18 year old skin again and boobs untouched by stupid gravity. *sigh*

    I do miss that...

  9. SAVE HARD, Marcia!!! I want to see you in NC!!! :) :)

    [But I know you'll enjoy your labels!]

  10. Oh I have a pic like that - me in my bikini in the Comores on honeymoon. Sadly I think the twin skin will never allow me into bikini zones again.

    I am always weary of ordering things I can not see - a bit old fashioned that way. But hope you get all resolved.

    BTW I bought a label punch after seeing what you do with yours - has already brought me much joy.

  11. They BROKE?????? How incredibly annoying!


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