Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hey February!

D got home at 5:45 today (unheard of - apparently he left just 5 minutes early and that (as Robert Frost said) made all the difference) so I roped him into my January review.

I really had a very good month.

I think in large part it was because we took such a late holiday - I thoroughly recommend taking your holiday when everybody's back at work and school.

I may even do the same next year and send the babies to school two weeks late.

My usual justification is, "they're so small and they'll have years and years of school" :)

Moving on.

Here is the list....

January 2012

What do I want to do this month?
Playdate for the babies’ half birthday

Holiday in ballito

Go to gym with kids 3 times - amazingly, this actually happened!

Two dates with Dion - we had 3 dates!

Join Weigh-Less - total fail but I've started eating more veggies and a tiny bit healthier. TINY.

Work out with Kristy 4 times - only made it twice


Read brian tracy’s “Goals” and 4 others - I read 6 books and I'm two chapters into Goals.

Make a list of craft projects to do

Finish up all photo stuff from 2011 - yes. I can safely say I've never been this organised with photos. Gosh, I'm 19 days sorted with Jan :)

Make two mini books for me – ballito and 2012 year in review - yes. The Ballito one is done and I'll show that one on Thursday

Play with landscape shots and take some cute pics of kids on beach - YES

Submit design brief to designer - YES

Tidy up study - yes. This took longer than expected (granted, I totally packed cupboards and moved things around) because it kept getting 80% there and then full of stuff again. I'm determined to keep it looking nice.


So everything got done except the health and fitness stuff but overall, this month gets a big, fat 9.5 out of 10. I even did extra work I didn't plan for like the book.

I'm taking the time to acknowledge the good I did since I'm usually just onto the next thing and don't take time to just savour and enjoy the moment.

Any of you like that too?

So... February.

  1. Read my devotional every single day.
  2. Listen to worship CDs in the car on the way to work. I've been doing this the last 1.5 weeks and it has improved my attitude so much

  1. Have two dates with D - one we've already planned and one will be a movie on the couch
  2. Do one fun thing with the kids - I'm thinking Gillooly's

  1. Stop procrastinating and do things when they arise. (a team member will be leaving end Feb and I'm 100% sure a lot of those things will fall on me so I need to be super on top of things)
  2. Keep focussed and complete writing and sending emails before starting something else

  1. Pray about whether to go to SheSpeaks this year or not. I'm actually quite Zen about business goals this year BUT I need to know if this is a me thing or a Him thing :)
  2. Get the book cover approved and pay the remaining amt.
  3. Order a proof copy
  4. Get book Kindle-ised :) - this one may fall into March. Let's see.

  1. Infertility support group with F
  2. Fertility babies (we need a new name, Caren :))
  3. One 1:1 friend date

Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym with kids 4 times
  2. Go to Zumba on Wednesdays at least 3 out of the 4 weeks
  3. Work out with Kristy 8 times

  1. Read 5 books, one of them Goals. Start I thought it was just me
  2. Do budget (!) - this week
  3. Send off 5 things in the mail

(I have a framed Valentine's printable up to inspire me)
  1. Jan month in review
  2. Finish adding things to other mini-books (I have a basket with stuff on my one desk)
  3. Make 3 different types of cards
  4. Order CREATE necklace


  1. Wow...what a great January!!!

    I was reading MaMe Musings this morning, and - while I didn't have a written list of monthly goals - I was reminded I've had a pretty productive month, too!

    I may blog about it this weekend.

    I've used my monthly planner most days, which just helps keep my head straight. I've done a lot of organizing, and I think my head is in a good place as far as "stuff" goes. (I feel more mature, somehow.) And I've done a lot of creative stuff, too! (I can't really link much of it up, though, as I'm working on a lot of little "happies" for friends. :) )

    Enjoy your January successes, Marcia! :) :)

  2. Oh wow, you did phenomenally! At he moment work and just adapting to big school has me so snowed under that I am not even thinking further than the next day.

  3. Wow, you were so productive. I don't have specific goals, but do have to work on the talks I'm mean to give in March. And Roxette on the 11th :-)

  4. katherine8:13 am

    I love February. It usually has the best weather and it has my birthday and Zoe's birthday. This year February is going to be hectic - we are going away with friends and then they're coming to stay with us for a few days, Zoe is turning 5 so it's party time, Chris is in the process of moving into his own private rooms as well as doing his other government job, we're both trainig for Two Oceans and he's training for Iron Man and Comrades as well.

  5. katherine8:14 am

    OH yay I managed to comment!!

  6. Well done! You did great on your Jan goals.

  7. I wish I could have been as productive!

    Also, I totally missed Craft day! Where have I been?!


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