Monday, February 20, 2012

How I organise my craft supplies

When I started getting my craft on early last year, I bought one thing here and one thing there and really, I just looked for space to store that one thing.

But then it started annoying me because I had things all over the study and I knew I needed everything to  be together (store like with like).

So I pulled it all out and realised there was enough to fill a whole drawer.

I can't remember what drawer 1 held before, but drawer 2 is my card drawer and drawer 3 holds kraft paper gift bags.

I took some measurements and got someone to make this little unit for me (and another for our CDs and DVDs) - I must say, there is nothing quite like having something fit exactly where you want it.

By the way, if you're wondering what this has to do with getting creative, I can't function in disorder. It's much easier for me to create if I know exactly where to find my things.

my 3-drawer unit fits right next to my desk

this is a pic of the whole top drawer - from the bottom left moving clockwise: punches, small bags, two layers of washi tape, twine and a spare roll of masking tape (I LOVE masking tape), glue, another punch that didn't fit with the others, some glue sticks and next to the washi tape, my beloved binder rings. I've made things a bit messy so you can see them better


the two baskets of washi tape - I need to go through it because I see I have many rolls never touched- baskets were 3 for R12,99 at PEP

blues and grey, and some fabric tape too

organised by colour

binder rings - all sizes

I use one big ring and keep the other similar sizes together

this pic is easier to see how I organise them

these are D-rings I still haven't used

As for my scrapbook paper, I simply stand those on a shelfi in the wardrobe (it takes up less than a cm).

I do have a small plastic box to store the 6 X 6 squares for the mini books I make but I forgot to take a pic. Nothing exciting though.

 I'm sharing these ideas with some fabulous parties.

Which area of your home needs organising the most right now?

D? his desk but I've been banned from touching any of his papers :)

Me? there's a pile of photo frames in the corner of my study and of course today when I get home, my kitchen cupboards will be slightly messed up again.


  1. I think you did an awesome job especially with those binder rings. Love it.
    Area in my home which need organizing? That would be my kitchen cupboards where all the tuperware and pots are.

  2. Love your ideas and I have so much to organize it is not even funny

  3. I just ordered two new bags for my scrapbooking supplies. I've been keeping things in bags for the past couple of months, and it's working pretty well. The bags stay tucked in a corner of the dining room, which you really can't see for the table and sideboard and china cabinet. Then when I want to work on a project - in the kitchen, usually - I just pick up my bags and bring them in.

    Inside the biggest bag, I have my scrapbooking paper in folders, by color / occasion. I think I have 10 folders (clear plastic - love them!). I'm still in need of more organization for my ribbon, though. Right now I have solids in one clear zipper bag, and patterns in another. I put a rubber band around each roll to keep it together. It's OK...definitely better than it was!...but not ideal.

    The "bag" solution is not my ideal, either...I'd love to be able to clean out a cabinet in the kitchen and keep everything there. Since that's not possible right now, I think the bags are a pretty decent interim plan...and I can always use the bags for something else when I get to a better storage for my craft stuff.

    I always love to see your neatness, Marcia! :)

  4. Very those drawers!

    Tge area on top of my filing cabinet needs some organising in a BIG way...also I need a bigger place so my crap can kind of spread out a bit. ;-)

  5. You are really organised in every aspect of your life. The only room in my house that is really organised is my scrap room. I get agitated if I can't find something when I am I can't have it messy.

  6. I have boxes of craft stuff :-p I am using alot of it now in the shop which is great.

    I organise it in pretty boxes - each with a type of item in - like alphabet stickers, baby stickers etc.

    I have labeled my drawers to house stationery, CDs, etc etc - still not where it needs to be!

  7. VERY nice. You are so clever! My stuff is all in plastic containers but it isn't working for me. I actually just need more space.
    At the moment I'm eye-ing my plastics cupboard. Way too many lunchboxes without lids. They are all being dumped this weekend still!

  8. I desperately need organization for my paper crafting. I have a giant file box, filled, but it hasn't been organized in since I was on bedrest! I have my fabric and sewing stuff neatly sorted, and I am really hoping to put up peg board above my craft table when I finish the basement. I can't wait for everything to be neatly displayed.

    Do you segregate your craft stuff? I don't mix my paper and scrapbook crafts with my sewing. It's pretty much a sin around here and DH definitely caught some hell for casually tossing my paper scissors in my sewing basket!

  9. I have never seen a binder ring before - what a handy thing… where do I get them? And your washi tape - I am drooling, just lovely!!! You can tell I can look at crafty stuff all day!!!

  10. Someday I will take photos of the very UN-organized mess that is my life. I'm afraid you'll have a coronary though if I share them with you LOL

  11. You look so tidy! B also forbids me from his papers :)

  12. Isn't it nice to have everything so organized & neat now? I love having my craft stuff all clean and everything is easy to find! We really need to organize our basement, but it gets so hard with a baby to constantly take care of while we try to work!

  13. you need to get those washi tapes out of the drawer and use them!


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