Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm having coffee with a New Zealander today

So Lea tagged me to answer 10 questions on her blog.

Normally I don't like the random tags because surely by this stage you know everything about me?

But I do love Lea's questions.

What is the movie you enjoy watching the most and why?
I like happy movies where things work out well.

My favourite movies are My Best Friend's Wedding (and I like the scene where the gay friend meets the bride for the first time and they keep squealing back and forth - I laugh til the tears come!), Spanglish (ooh, the egg sandwich scene and the translation scene!), The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give (the house!) and It's Complicated (love it all and esp the Big Boy references)

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

still one of my most favourite travel pics ever

Mmmm, Thailand. You eat like crazy, ALL the food is good and healthy and you have to relax because it's so hot. And it's beautiful. And cheap.

In South Africa, I love Knysna! But I also love The Cape Sun in Cape Town. It's so regal and elegant and I always feel like royalty when we stay there - last time more than 4 years ago...............

Coffee or Tea?

When you were at school, what was your favourite subject?

Maths. Yes, I was a nerd but also a lazy nerd and that was my easiest A.

What is the one thing you hope to achieve this year?
Get my book out in print

What have you done / achieved (to date) that you are the most proud of?
I know this is the part where people rave about their kids and there is that, but other things come to mind, like going through IVF (with a severe needle phobia), helping 100s of people understand what it is that God created them to do, paying off my bond, getting to talk about time management on TV

What did you like most about today?

I'm writing this on a day I'm off sick... so finishing a book is a highlight

What happened in 2011 that surprised you the most?
How my website getting hacked totally threw me. Totally.

What is your favourite colour?

It varies but I generally like bright colours. At the moment I'm loving yellow............. for summer

If we had to do something together today what activity would you choose for us to do?

We would go for coffee (tea for me) and pancakes and just talk :) Otherwise, if you wanted to DO something, I'd suggest a dance class :)

I'm going to tag 5 of you to answer these 5 questions:

  1. If you had $1000 (R7 500) to do with as you wanted, what would you buy?
  2. Are you brave about changing your look (hairstyle, clothes, etc)? Why or why not?
  3. When you met your husband/ wife, did you know that this was The One?
  4. Does the thought of a blogging conference freak you out or excite you, and why?
  5. If you could live in another country for 3 months, which one would you choose?
And... I'm tagging Claudia, Laura - Harassed Mom, April - strong blonde, Jess - One Rad Mother and Ginger, and ANYONE else (I just looked quickly in my GR and chose 5)

(if you don't want to do it on your blog, feel free to leave your answers in the comments)

If you and I had coffee, what would you ask me? Who knows? I might even do a post answering all these questions.

PS I would LOVE to do one of those Q & A posts but I'm scared to ask for questions in case no-one says anything. Yes, I have issues.


  1. Love My Best Friends Wedding and Spanglish too. I love the scene where they are at dinner and all sing. Love Dermot Mulroney. And Spanglish, I dont like Adam Sandler all that much but did like him in this movie.

  2. The Holiday and Something's Gotta Give are movies I cannot resist! I have only seen It's Complicated once, but I would definitely watch again.

    If we were having coffee, I would ask about your family. You mention MIL drama occasionally, but not much about your family. Were you close growing up? (And please don't feel like you have to share that if you don't want is a personal issue for everyone!) : )

    An easy one: What was your favorite childhood book?

  3. Mmmmm...we would go for a walk in the forest or on the beach and it would be followed by coffee and cake, you know, so we can gain the kilo that we lost while walking.
    I would ask you about YOUR family.
    I would ask what happened between university and now - I remember you saying you studied Science?
    I would ask about your infertility experiences.
    I would ask about your travels.
    I would talk to you about God and church and religion and tithing.
    Mmm...and just to balance it all out we could talk dot dot dot?
    I think I need to book a flight ASAP and come and visit.x

  4. Oh, I want to have tea with you! :) And those pictures are breathtaking.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  5. Oh I love that house in Somethings gotta give. And I just adore Love Actually. The British knows how to make a film.

  6. 1. I'd stick it into my debt
    2. Yes I am...but whatever I get has to low maintenance and comfortable or it won't last on me.
    3. Well when I met my ex husband initially I didn't like him at all (should have gone with my instinct on that one). In fact I met him in a self defence class at a survival camp, he was presenting the class and said something that I found insulting so when I got the chance I punched his lights out (the very thing he said girls can't do in his comment that I found insulting). By the time we got married I certainly thought he was the one...but I was wrong. Incidentally today is my 10 year divorce day anniversary. ;-)
    4. I don't know about a conference but I've been to a couple of meets and I always enjoy I'd say excited.
    5. I don't want to live somewhere else for 3 months. It took me long enough to put life as I know it together where I am, and I like it just fine as is.

  7. YAY! I was catching up on my reader and thinking of something to blog and then I read this!!!

  8. this gives me something to blog about! :)

    and you KNOW people would ask you questions.

    maybe you've already answered these: how did you get into your line of work? favorite food? one thing that your rock? one thing that you wish you were better at?

    those are fun movies. i am with you. i really don't appreciate movies that make me feel like crap :) they have to be "feel-good" movies!!

    and i LOVE thailand. i have to go for work this year and i can't wait!

  9. Aww, thanks for having coffee with me. Although I'd probably choose hot chocolates, but the pancakes sound nice! :-)

    I love your answers! And I enjoy getting to know you!

  10. So much fun! You know how slack I am with blogging, so I'm going to answer this here now so I don't end up not doing it....

    1. If you had $1000 (R7 500) to do with as you wanted, what would you buy?

    UMMMMMM... do I have to spend it all on one thing? If yes, I think I would buy some really fancy, amazing, blow-out bathroom tiles. From fired earth. Google them and drool!

    Are you brave about changing your look (hairstyle, clothes, etc)? Why or why not?

    NO! Partly inertia, and partly my husband is a man who struggles with change. I'm wearing pink jeans today and he's a little freaked out.

    When you met your husband/ wife, did you know that this was The One?

    Weirdly, yes. I just thought 'huh, this could work'. And it did.

    Does the thought of a blogging conference freak you out or excite you, and why?

    I love the idea, but if I had the time to do something like that I think I'd rather visit blogging friends that I already know who live far away.

    If you could live in another country for 3 months, which one would you choose?



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