Saturday, February 04, 2012

I'm still not a morning person but...

Today is the 2nd Saturday Connor and I went to gym.

This time there were no tears. He is a star. So sweet rushing in and going to play. We're just waiting for Kendra to feel like she's missing out so she wants to join in.

Did I tell you they take their backpacks (oh, I have a thing for little kid backpacks - they have 2 each and I bought another 2 each besides the 2 each they received for birthday presents last's like bags for babies!) and pretend they're going to school?

After all my pre-school decisions!

So the one day I decided to test them and I said, "babies, do you want to go to school?" Connor said an emphatic "Yes!" and Kendra said, "No! Kenna stay with V"

Too typical of the two of them.

Back to today.

I woke at 8:25 and the class starts at 9 so there was a mad rush to get me ready, grab Connor and go.

We were 5 minutes late but that's still very good for me.

The best thing about getting dressed and out so early (that's early for me!) is the day feels so long.

I still don't take anything in before 10 am but at least I'm being productive.

I love having the one-on-one time with Connor. D takes Kendra with him to do the grocery shopping (I may have to take back the grocery shopping because he's starting to be too "loose" with the budget. Then again I spent 3 X our weekly allocation the last time...) and somehow we both arrive home within 5 minutes of each other, both Saturdays.

Today when we finished at gym, Connor and I were chatting in the car and I said, "we're going to go home and then you'll have a nice sleep and..."

Connor           No, Mummy, go shop for croissants ---->>> he remembered from last week

Me                 Connor! We can't go buy croissants every week (thinking of one croissant undoing an hour of Zumba)

Connor            Yes, Mummy! Yes!

And he was so cute I gave in.

I've said it before but I'm still amazed when they're individually such GOOD kids just because they're without their twin.

He then can't wait to get home and get out his plate for his croissant while I have breakfast (!) at 10:30.

After I tidied up the kitchen a bit and the kids had 2nd mini-breakfasts, we went to look for beds for them.

We were reading on their beds the other night and I told D the mattresses are really feeling too thin.

Of course we could have bought two mattresses at a total of R400 but instead we went to kit out their rooms!

And, in usual Marcia style, I went a bit wild.

"Yes, we'll have two of those, plus two mattresses and a childguard and a thing under the bed that rolls out" and I just about caught myself in time remembering we already have a cute bookshelf.

So in 6 weeks, our kids will have big beds!

I'll have to get busy selling at least one of the cots because I want to do this with the second one.

Source: via Marcia on Pinterest

Not sure that it will work properly for us because I have two lovely big drawers (that I LOVE - best, best, BEST purchase ever to get my cots - I seriously love them) on our cots...or that we have the space to keep a big desk like that.

On another note - I went to read the original post and some commenters are just so nitpicky.

I really do want to keep at least one cot. Am thinking of getting rid of the double bed in the study and then making a daybed like this

Now this one would work with the cots beautifully!

Anyway, enough rambling.

But I just realised everything I pin on my Home board is either 
  1. bright coloured furniture 
  2. photo wall projects 
  3. hutches (the hutches are, of course, in nice colours too :))or
  4. rooms in a cupboard/ armoire
This afternoon I had a heat headache - the first since those two days in Ballito - darn good going in our week of 30 + weather - and even through two Panado and a little nap, it still remains...

I'm going to finish up my budget now and then start a new book.

How was your Saturday? What are you looking forward to for the rest of the weekend?

Me? budgeting (or getting on top of things!), preparing some cards for posting and sorting out Connor's clothes!


  1. Hi there, Just wanted to stop and say…hello how are you doing? So good to read the goings on in your lives!!! Hope your headache stops and you get to have some fun family time tomorrow… Lots of love from Cape Town!!!

  2. Shame. Hope your headache is gone by now? We were indoors all day. When you step outside it's like you are getting into the oven. And it's going to be 37degrees tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I am ready to move to a cold place?
    Tomorrow I'm meeting a fellow blogger at a concert in the park so am rather looking forward to that.
    Hope you have a good Sunday.x

  3. Hey, it's in the 30's here too! Fahrenheit of course, with snow showers!!

    I loved that desk soo much the first time I saw it but I just have no clue where we would put it. Enjoy your last bits of babyhood. I've decided to ride the toddler beds as long as possible, hoping for bunk bed inspiration or a new house before I but real beds for the ladies.

  4. I think it's adorable that you have a croissant tradition after gym. I'd embrace that - it's the stuff of memories. ;-)

    That cot-desk looks cool but isn't it a bit high?

  5. I know Christmas is over, and I know this has nothing to do with this post... BUT I saw this and thought of you-

    I think the little bunting is ADORABLE and could be made to go with any season.

    I love the desk- I pinned that too. We have two cribs in our garage... I though perhaps making a train table out of one :)

  6. I've been drooling over the baby bed desk as well. ... Oh I LOVE furniture and house "hunting". But had to quit shopping for anything I couldn't afford - otherwise I just get too depressed over it.

    Rue still won't go to Sunday School or nursery - Jr. church is fine, because I'm the teacher. She's quite outgoing on HER terms and as long as she has a parent or sibling hand nearby.

    I had a beastly headache today (for several days) and my sister gave me a drop of her DoTerra Peppermint oil and told me to put it on the roof of my mouth. Sounded weird, but by the time I brought the .... (I think I only had 7 or 8) kids in from our walk, the headache was mostly gone, and stayed gone for most of the day afterwards. Very nice!

    It's been just hot enough here to almost give in and turn on the ACs - but we opened the doors instead and used fans - almost 83 the other day! But last night blew in a huge storm and now it is the proper 40's for this time of year again.

    We are in a serious "bed bind" right now. Hoping some room switching will help us out soon. LaRue is still in bed with us, but come spring, I'm hoping to put her in with the rest of the kids, but 3 beds for 4 of them is going to be HOT.

    Hugs and kisses to the babies! (oh I know, your's are the same size as Rue and they are growing WAY too fast!!!!)

  7. The alone time is so awesome, and I love that it's not forced...that you're able to let K&C decide what they *want* to do (and hoping K *wants* to join you soon!). :)

    I'm laughing about your backpack obsession! I saw the cutest ones in a catalog, but I resisted getting them for the girls. I'll wait a bit until they start preschool, and maybe let them pick something out. (Maybe.) ;)

    And woo hoo on the beds! You KNOW I'm in no hurry to change our current arrangements, but it will be fun to pick out big kid stuff one day (hopefully not soon, though!). HA!

  8. Oh you gave me an idea now! Our cots are lovely sledge ones that convert into a kiddies couch or bench for the front of your bed. We have moved both downstairs to the reading corner and they are being used, but now I am thinking one could be a desk.mapart that our bottom goe right to the ground. Will ask A to sit at one and give me the verdict.

    Oh and I went to the 7 o clock yoga class! Boy, it was great. I miss the yoga.

  9. omg. we don't own ANY backpacks and you have 12! :) i need to get on the ball and get some! lol.

    i can't believe your little babies are going to get big kid beds. i'm still in cribs and hoping to keep them in cribs until they go to college!! no one has tried to climb out yet, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    it's funny how early is relative, right? i feel like i get to sleep in on the weekends because i sleep until 7:30. all the other days i get up at 5am!

    OH. and just thought i'd tell you that we had brunch at a friend's house today. i thought about you on the way home. it was so much fun, not at all stressful, and made me wonder why we don't do it more often. we're definitely going to try to be more intentional about that friendship!!

  10. I love your ideas regarding the cot do-over and daybed. Those are stunning.

  11. I love your idea for the love to see the finished product.

  12. Those mornings are the BEST!

    They're so good b/c they don't have anyone to fight with or plot evil plans with!

    Big beds are're going to love it!


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