Thursday, February 09, 2012

It all started with a lost earring

I don't know if you're the same as I am but I go completely ballistic when I lose something.

I absolutely can't stand it.

There's a parable in the Bible of a woman who lost something (a pearl?) and tore her whole house upside down to look for it.

That woman could be me.

Anyway, one day last week I woke, stumbled to the bathroom and started my ablutions.

When I looked in the mirror I immediately noticed one of my pearl earrings was gone.

this is probably the best pic to see them both
I freaked!

I don't ever change earrings; I only wear these pearl earrings.

here you can see the one earring in the pic with me, Connor and Friday ;)

Anyway, I told V to please have a look during the day and when I got home from work, the earring was on my bedside table.


Well, then I don't know what happened.

I had it in my hand one minute and the next... GONE.

So this time it was my own conscious stupidity.

I looked for it for a few days and aside from finding the butterfly (back), the pearl is nowhere to be found.

I am very sad.

I've had those for years.

Even Nester couldn't find the earring after thoroughly moving the bed, etc.

These pearls are part of my identity (yes, I'm a bit dramatic) so I succumbed to etsy and ordered a new pair.

I carried on browsing all the other lovely pearl earring studs, saw some others and sent D a mail saying "Valentine's present from you?"

He said, "they're lovely - get them!" which I did. I don't say things like, "you're sure?" or other such madness.

I then looked at pearl rings and found a Valentine's sale so I bought two - a pearl and a turquoise one.
isn't it gorgeous?

So now I have two sets of pearl earrings, two rings and my CREATE necklace on their way to me.

I can't wait!

Do you treat yourself for Valentine's Day too? Or just because?


  1. I am the WORST about losing jewelry. Luckily, it usually turns up. Good for you for getting some pretty things for yourself... you deserve them!

  2. My husband NEVER buys anything for me. Never. I can't say I love that about him...but after almost 13 years of marriage, I know that's just him.

    So...I treat myself! Whenever!

    I would love to be surprised from time to time, but I just have to be surprised at what day the delivery man comes. :)

    And I'm the same way about losing things. Drives Me Bonkers!!!

    And I understand your "identity" in those earrings. Sorry you lost them, but what a gorgeous ring!

  3. I feel a bit snotty saying this, but I rarely lose things. I think it helps that I'm a creature of habit and never leave the house! Coincidentally, I kind of only have one pearl earring too. Kind of meaning that the pearl came off so I have one earring, one post, and one loose pearl! 6 years later I still haven't gotten it fixed. ;)

    DH usually does something. Our thing has always been food, doesn't matter the holiday. Valentines however is always ear marked for fondue at home. I'm planning on doing dinner fondue Sunday for the four of us (and yes I'm terribly nervous about the ladies) and then dessert fondue on Tuesday after the ladies go to bed.

  4. I hate losing stuff too!! It drives me mad!!!

    Tim just asked me today what I wanted for V-Day. First I said "peace and quiet" and he laughed. Then I said "how about a snickers bar?". Looks like I'll be getting a candy bar for V-day.

  5. I absolutely hate it when I lose something. But I've learnt that when I look for something else I always seem to find that :-). Or when I pray.

  6. Not bad for losing a pearl and getting more in return! ;-)

    Love Valentine's! This year the budget is tight so we are doing a kitsch Valentine's! :D

  7. Oh that is so sweet he just told you to go on and replace them! My husband gave me a pandora bracelet a few years ago with one bead to start...well I lost the bead and have never worn the bracelet! What an awful wife I am!

    This year he gave me an iphone...I definitely won't lose that!! (hope not!)

  8. Your post spurred me to go on a browsing spree of all the pearl jewelry on etsy! We don't do much for Valentine's Day--we'll have a movie/dinner date sometime in the surrounding weeks--but I think I'm entitled to a nice treat every now and then. As is Jeremy, of course! : )

    I am seriously wanting some of that acrylic flower jewelry on etsy, so I think that will be my next splurge.

  9. looks like it was worth the loss of the earring! look what you got out of it! having said that i go crazy when i lose something important, too. usually because i lose stuff all the time!

  10. just a thought... if you hadn't replaced it, you could have renamed yourself "girl with a pearl earring"...

  11. i'm a total creature of habit. soooo...i usually don't lose things. so if i can't find something i really freak out! but your new stuff looks awesome. we really don't do anything for valentines day. maybe we should get something small for the kids? i didn't think about it until just now!!

  12. I can not stand loosing things.

    My hubby is great wih buying me things now and again but I do treat myself.

  13. Yes, losing things drives me nuts. I'm currently in the throes of a missing memory card (which I refuse to tell Husband b/c he accuses me of losing things all the time b/c I'm "messy").

    I treated myself (and Husband) this v-day. I was at the mall. I had told Husband I wanted chocolate. I bought a dark chocolate sampler from Godiva thinking I could save him a trip. We will eat it tonight! LOL

  14. Oh yes Marcia I absolutely hate losing things too especially an earing! I always keep the other one "in case" the lost one turns up, so I have a sad little container of single earings which is quite depressing!
    good on u for ordering new pearls and the ring is beautiful!


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