Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The kids' Valentine's cards

I've gotten really sneaky clever with cards lately.

I get the kids to make cards for their friends/ the grannies/ Daddy, etc and this serves three purposes:
  1. crafting time 
  2. there's purpose to the activitiy (birthday, Valentine's, etc)
  3. I get to give the stuff away (this is the biggest thrill to be honest :)) so it doesn't clutter up my house

By the way, did I tell you how a lady in the lift was horrified at me when I said I toss all the stuff the children do? (except the very first thing - first handprints painting, etc.)

So for Valentine's this is what we did:

white cardstock
two different colour paper
crafting scissors
glue stick
flower punch
1-inch circle punch
some hot pink stickers
ink and stamp pad

I assembled one flower so they could all see my vision :) and I punched out all the shapes.

Then I let them loose, with V's supervision

I personally don't think the purpose is necessarily to make things look a certain way but just to get them used to having fun sticking and using different things. At least that's what I tell myself.

the 4 original cards
look at the edges
enjoying the heart stamp
I bought the heart stamp at the Crazy Store in Dec 2010 - this is the first time they're using it properly. I tried once before and they tried to eat the rubber off the wooden part, so they were clearly not ready
red ink pad from Mr P Home - set of 3 for R40
scissors - about 6 pairs for R60 at CNA
let them go wild...
it all works out in the end
and the grannies like anything :)
I don't know if this is speaking to anybody??? but I always felt like I had to be the one to do anything fun with the babies then I realised they'd be 10 before we ever got to everything on my mental list.

So now I put my organising skills to work and I delegate.

They do things with V and once a month (yes, it's still once a month) when their granny visits, I delegate the painting outside to her (she used to paint so this is me encouraging her to share her skills).

We'll still occasionally do some crafting on the weekends (mostly Kendra while Connor is sleeping) but I don't feel guilty if we do nothing but run around outside, clean the house, read and go to gym :)

Strange, I never thought I would be that mother (and the word crafting still makes me think of badly-made things with ice-cream sticks that you feel compelled to keep) but all the delights of the internet bring it out in the best of us. Ha!

Are you that mother?

What are your mad parenting skills? :) Don't be shy - we all have them.


  1. I have never been that Mother but I'm being forced to come out of my shell where that is concerned. Child 1 LOVES crafting and doing it with him speaks to him in his love language. Child 2 on the other hand really just wants mess.
    I used to throw away all the boring, crappy stuff and just keep the really good pieces. I no longer throw away Child 1's things, he is actually a very good artist. I want to put his stuff on canvass and hang it up at home.
    Those cards are very cute btw...

  2. I can't wait for the "real" crafitness time around here...I am so exicted!!!

    Those are great cards Marcia....did I miss this months crafty linky???? :(

  3. I let the crafts hang around for a bit, then when I start to feel like a hoarder we purge. It helps to have the wall display so things look like they belong instead of just sitting out of place.

    I cringe being that mom. But I love to craft. I hate that I am such a perfectionist and am always trying to "help" them make their projects more like my vision. If I have a vision, we have to stay on track!! I also have a problem gaging projects with my cousin's baby being a year younger. She just loves to squish, spill, dump, and eat! UGH!

  4. I am a tosser. I could never keep 7 kids worth of stuff without buying a second house to store it ROFL

  5. What pretty cards!!!!

    I have kept lots of the kids stuff, but lately am throwing out a few things because we've run out of space... Was useful to have earlier art works when we got Bianca assessed.

  6. Oh I lovenypur crafts and you know I love to craft with the kids.

    And I take photos to,remeber the stuff they made and then toss most apart from the nicest

  7. We make stuff occasionally, especially for Christmas and birthdays and so on and I know she does a lot at school too.

    Some I keep and some I don't.


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