Saturday, February 11, 2012

The little bliss list 1

So I found this linky over at Aimee's place and since I do like thinking about the things that ARE working well in my life, I decided to play along.

I also love that BLISS is this lady's word for the year :) Yes, I went and read HOURS of her archives last week because I was just so inspired.
Here are the things that are on my bliss list this week:
1. Receiving a little package from MandyE. I literally squealed when our messenger handed me the letter. Mandy CREATEd something for me - a bookmark - with the most beautiful words of encouragement. She also sent me a New Year's card with the loveliest words and a beautiful pic of her family. Yes, it's going up on the friendship wall.
2. Going to meet friends for supper on Thursday. Truth be told, I was REALLY not feeling it (didn't know where to go, etc) but I did it and, as usual, it was lovely once I was there. Also, it's clear some girls from the old group are never coming back LOL

(I need to tell you about a moment I had that night but it's more serious so is the topic for another post)
3. The children are getting quite civilised. I cut an apple into quarters, handed one to K who first said, "NO PEELS!" I stayed calm (although rudeness is like a red flag in front of me) and said, "ask me nicely" and she said with a lovely tone, "Mummy, please take off the peels" and I said, "with pleasure" :) I love the little moments 
4. Finishing the week at work with just two emails in my inbox. I realise it's very nerdy but I get SUCH happiness from an empty inbox.
5. Sending off 5 little packages in the mail this week. It's so satisfying to see envelopes neatly (!) addressed with stamps on, ready to go!
6. My one coaching client did one little thing I told her to do and saved $1000 in one week. I'm over the moon excited and she is too! (the husband is also happy :))
That's me!
What's on your bliss list for the week?

PS And now I'm going to look for bedding for the kids' beds


  1. It always makes me smile to think about you squealing over the mail! :)

    So glad you had fun at dinner with your friends. That's what I keep saying, that often times I have to *make* myself get up and out to see friends...but it's almost always worth it, and then some.

    And it makes my heart smile to hear such grown-up language from the wee ones. :) :)

    Can't wait to see pics of the beds and bedding!

  2. What a cool linky. Maybe I'll join in sometime. On my bliss list for the week:

    My weekend bliss included dinner with my friend last night, collecting a parcel at the PO today from a FABULOUS lady who again, spoilt me rotten. AND alone time with my LOVE.

    Hope you found nice bedding? Am actually off to bed now. To read.

  3. Movie night with my girls last night has made my weekend so far! We made a pallet in the floor, popped popcorn, and watched The Smurfs. It was just what we needed on a cold Friday night! : )


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