Saturday, February 18, 2012

The little bliss list 2

Well, I had a very good week full of blissful moments:

  1. finding that 2nd duvet set for the kids' beds. Seriously, small things like this cause me untold joy.
  2. receiving one of my etsy parcels (the first set of pearl earrings). I feel 100% me again. The parcel arrived, I grabbed mys scissors, opened it and immediately put on the pearls instead of the gold studs I've been wearing. Mmmm :)
  3. meeting F at the infertility support group. She's gorgeous, warm and with the most beautiful accent. She also brought me a gift which is displayed on my side table. I did a small crafty thing with her wrapping paper too; I loved it so much.
  4. finally getting a parcel of books from MandyE. There is a story to this but basically she sent it in June last year for my babies' 2nd birthday. Yes. I will download pics and show you sometime...
  5. getting booked and paid for a talk in two weeks time. I'm trying to raise money for my airfare to She Speaks in North Carolina so every bit helps. This is a quarter of the money target God and I have set for me.
  6. I had a brainwave this week and decided to pay someone (my VA) to enter all the books I've read over the years on Goodreads. She did 3 hours this week and it's looking good. Makes me so happy to see more of a record on there. Random weird fact - I started keeping a record of all the books I read on 18 November 1991, the last day of my matric exams, probably because I looked forward to all that non-studying time. I still have those notebooks. Most of it was on a spreadsheet at some point but there are years missing although I should still have the books. That's 20 years people - scary!
What were some of your blissful moments this week?
Do you keep records of the books you read? How?


  1. Lovely to capture those blissful moments.

    Looking forward to reading all about WHEN (not if!) you attend She Speaks :)

  2. "...cause me untold joy" poetic, Marcia! And I know completely what you meant! :)

    I was just telling J today about the potential for you to come to the conference here. We already started making virtual plans for our trip! :) :) C'mon, funds!!!

  3. Marcia...stateside! I'm excited! Maybe you should set up a donation link.
    I also feel better that it's not just my package that took it's sweet time. I seriously still feel bad about that!

    My blissful moment happened tonight driving home from the beach; realizing that the imperfection of family time is perfect.

    DH keeps a reader's journal. I've never logged. I rarely finish books but I can pour through articles and research! His journal lists titles, pages, year to date pages, and what he liked/disliked.

  4. adesolaf6:47 am

    It was great to meet you too and I love my gift.

    Looks like removing the wv thing made a big difference.

  5. Hi, Marcia, I'm an avid reader but now with work and everything (aka blogging...) reading has become a precious time-out. Many times I prefer to read a book rather than watching the evening movie. And I started a "bookz" album on Facebook, where I add a cover pic and a small quotation from the ones I love the most.

  6. I am catching up from the weekend...but if you come to North Carolina, I SO need to get up there. My stepsister lives in Charlotte! I am going up there in September for the Democratic National Convention, but if you are there, I might have to make two trips! : )

    I have just started keeping track of the books I read over the past couple of years. Sometimes I go back and add books I remember onto Goodreads, but I don't have a definitive list. I wish I did...


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