Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seriously Blogger!

I am so cross I could just throw this laptop through the window.

I've been battling with blogger the whole evening (eating into my reading time!) but I typed out a whole post for Shell's Pour your heart out.

I saved twice. And I saw it save.

I was busy adding the button when the whole thing froze and I went out.

I really wasn't worried because I'd seen it save and even if it didn't save the last two sentences, it definitely saved most of my long post.

And now when I went into blogger, nothing except my post title.

Leap, Ireland (it's pronounced Lep)

I am kind of freaking.

Who knows if I will be that eloquent (hahaha) if I decide to write it again?!


Plus I don't have the time to re-live my life.

Did you at least have a good Feb 29th?


  1. Totally crazy day at work, at home alone dinner bath and bed with kids. Not the greatest. Sorry about your post

  2. Just filling your love tank: Read your book, get some sleep. Sorry about your irritating post, suggest you take a breathe and let it go for now… nothing on the internet is worth so much emotional energy… ggrrrrrr…. grumble… no matter how annoying … hang in there it will all feel better in the daylight.

  3. The highlight of my day, aside from some goal accomplishing, was hearing bossman tell me his sister turned 13 today! LOL! I think being a leap year baby would be awesome!

  4. adesolaf7:37 am

    I know that feeling, that's when I give up and just email instead (if possible). Hope you have a wonderful March

  5. Did you consider Wordpress perhaps?

  6. Don't worry, computers have got a mind of their own :)

  7. Oh, that stinks! I feel your pain! Too bad it was a PYHO post, too!!! Grrr....

  8. I did have a good 29 Feb. I had a longish nap, had some much-needed quiet time, treated myself to lunch. Then I went to Joel's school meeting and it all went pear-shaped.

    ps...I usually type all my posts on a Word document or in Notepad. Then when I'm ready to publish I just copy and paste into the blog interface. Am ALWAYS paranoid of typing directly into Wordpress because I would not want it to get lost in cyberspace.

  9. I have had that happen with Wordpress, and then when I went back the next day it was suddenly all there. Weirdness. I hope your post resurfaces!


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