Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seven on Sunday and Valentine's plans

K's hands
K doing her rapper impersonation :)
C's hands
  1. We didn't go to church today because both babies were either coughing/ had runny noses and I didn't want them 1) transmitting their germs to the other kids and 2) getting some more germs :) They're both just about 10% sick but still...Also D's sick AGAIN and you know what it's like when men are sick.
  2. Connor and I decided to go look for bedding and I found 1 single duvet set in the style I wanted. I left my details for them to phone around and find another duvet but I'm not holding out hope because the girl was VERRRY slack. I had to keep browsing the store and then checking back with her. E.g she couldn't find the store near my work's phone number, looked for 5 minutes and eventually I said, "please just phone 1023 and ask them". So I'll be doing my own phoning around this week. With all the browsing around, I ended up with TONS of winter clothes (mainly pjs) for the kids.
  3. The poor boy was yawning so we came back for lunch and he went straight for his nap, no shenanigans. His sister had just woken up so I basically exchanged one baby for the next. Kendra first fit on all her clothes (and thanked me so beautifully - I love how grateful she is), then sat and pasted tons of punched out flours and circle shapes from a Mr P catalogue into her "file" while I pottered around the study.
  4. We just decided to rush to the pharmacy when Connor woke and there was CHAOS. He didn't want to be left behind but I only had 15 minutes to drive to the mall, find parking and get inside the shop. WITH TWO KIDS. It wasn't going to happen so I abandoned that idea and decided to take them past the gym to swipe my card. When we walked in and saw Kauai was still open, I took the chance to enjoy the small things (a la Kelle Hampton), bought a smoothie for the kids and I to share, and we sat outside in the late afternoon sun having a lovely time. After the smoothie, the kids ran off their excess energy on the field next to the outside seating and we then headed for home. It was bliss. I can't believe they're real little children now. Children who have long conversations with me and with each other, and who sing along to CDs in the car (a very posh-sounding English lady singing Nursery Rhymes).
  5. I turned the car into our street and saw that Granny had paid an unexpected visit to us. It was nice in that she helped with bath time but it did make things go on too late and the babies scored an extra late bedtime of 7:30.
  6. I figured out Whitney Houston's death like this - heard one Whitney song, heard the end of the news "she's had a history of drug problems" and a few minutes later, another Whitney song. Terrible! I love Whitney Houston, for the record.
  7. Speaking of love, what are you doing for Valentine's? We do nothing on the day (bad service, cramped restaurants, etc... and now, no babysitters) except I'll cook something we both like, but we are going out on Saturday for another date afternoon. As for all this Valentine's madness on the blogs/ Pinterest, I'm over it (I love YOURS though... :)). Same as with Halloween - it's like the craft blogs go mad! I still can't believe people actually re-decorate their houses so many times a year, but that's just me.
When I ask people at work about Valentine's, everyone always says, "oh it's a money-making scam" and "I don't need a day to celebrate our love" blah blah blah BUT do you regularly celebrate your love? I try and even I'm not great at it. So I like any opportunity for celebration.

We certainly don't go buy gifts specifically for V day; if we do buy gifts, it's because we wanted the thing anyway and it's an excuse to get it (like the pearl earrings).

Then again, gifts is not my love language.

I do like a nice card and fortunately D writes for a living so he does have a way with words :)

I assembled some supplies and the babies made cards this week for the two grannies, one will be for D and one for V and hopefully someone's thought of me too!

Just checked my photos and I see I haven't taken pics of them yet. Will do before Tuesday - promise :)

Granny got her card tonight and she loved it - there's something to be said for cheesiness when it comes from two very cute babies.

So what are you doing for Valentine's Day, and did you do anything for/ with your kiddos?

PS I can't help thinking of Whitney Houston's "and above all this, I wish you love..." *sigh* so sad!


  1. Gosh yes, I was very sad about Whitney too. Her poor family. Was playing some of her music today. Such a huge loss.
    Have just marked all the craft blogs as read in GR. Those valentines crafts were starting to make me batty. As soon as it's over they are going to drive me insane with Easter crafts! We don't really do valentines day. My DH is not into it. For the record, I would totally go all out if he felt differently. I will probably cook something nice though. And write him a sweet, not-too-soppy letter.
    Hope you find your duvet. I have been getting the most horrible service from EVERYONE that I've had to deal with in the last while. Terrible!

  2. So sad about Whitney.

    We don't specifically do anything to specifically celebrate valentine's day. It does seem to often be a money making thing for shops. I was rather surprised though to see easter stuff at the shops out before Valentines day stuff.

    What I might do tomorrow is cook a special meal for all of us to have as a family together. I'm not a great cook, so will do something I don't usually do.

  3. Hubby and I aren't doing anything on Valentine's Day. I am not sure I ever remember doing anything, to tell you the truth!

    I'll have fun making it fun for the girls, though. :) I'm planning heart-shaped French toast for breakfast [a HUGE treat during the week, and they've never seen a shape!]. We're having our little play date over lunch [can't wait!], and I'm not sure about supper. I'm giving them the little felt heart baskets, and I'm going to get them each a mini pack of M&Ms. They've had M&Ms a couple of times, and they will go NUTS for it. :)

    I made a great framed picture for Hubby, and a card for him from the girls' artwork. I know he'll love it.

    We did treat ourselves (with the girls) to an awesome lunch yesterday at our favorite sushi restaurant. The girls did great and it was an awesome meal. Ahhhh. :)

    I do think the holiday is vastly over-commercialized, but what isn't? I don't let that ruin the spirit of the day for me. I'm not going to let a bunch of commercials put pressure on me to buy, buy, buy.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Marcia!

  4. And love those drawing pad pictures! So glad they're having fun with them!

    Our girls still scribble so much with crayons, but they actually *draw* on those pads...letters, faces, it's pretty incredible! :)

  5. The kids hand out Valentine's at school to their classmates, and I got Aaron a Reese's Peanutbutter heart.

    We don't go all out for most holidays. I DO tend to do a lot for Halloween each year, just because I love that the kids play with their costumes for years and years. Lili was wearing one the other day that was Ethan's from kindergarten! 10 years ago! Plus I can use the Halloween decor for Mia's party, two birds and all :)

    As far as Valentine's decor, I have a wreath of pink and red hearts that I found for $2.50 on my front door. That's all.

  6. I think it's very sad re Whitney and this morning on 5FM, I heard that her 18 year old daughter is suicidal :( So sad for her and the whole family.
    Valentines day is also not something me and hubby celebrate but we do celebrate our love on other days right through the year especially on our Anniversaries.

  7. We write each other love letters - no bought cards. And maybe a small chocolate. I do goe the kids all a small chocolate at breakfast ! Once a year. I also buy some nice woollies food and we eat outside by candles. Low key- non commercial, but a bit of love. I usually do a bit of crafting with the kids but this year is not going to happen.

  8. I'm with you on the Valentine's/Halloween overkill. I don't have time to redo all the little decorations in my house every month! I did buy an Easter door decoration last year, but I like decorating for spring in general, so that's a little different.

    We don't go out on Valentine's, but we will have a dinner/movie date sometime in the near future. The year I was pregnant, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant on Valentine's and waited THREE hours to eat. Once I smelled it, there was no leaving. : )

    I bought The Lion King for the girls this weekend and they will have a party at school, and that's about the extent of our Valentine's celebration.

  9. I'm not doing anything for Valentines this year...which SUCKS cause I happen to love it. Not in spending loads of money way...but just doing something special for someone special and spending time together.

  10. I also loved Whitney Houston music. We don't really do Valentines either...I love my DH all year round:-D We will probably go out for a bite to eat tonight and
    Chep Chemicals gave our people at the mission a valentines tea...which was very sweet.


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