Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seven on Sunday

I've had such a lovely day!

1. We went to the early (8.30) church service today because we had a party to get to afterwards. Well, there is a reason I don't go to that service regularly - it was far too full. I felt a bit guilty leaving my two with the ladies on duty in their children's church class because it was so full. I asked them, "are you sure you can cope?" when we dropped our kids off and may have even said a "good luck" as I left!

2. We have to do this 8:30 thing again in three weeks because we've been invited to a Sunday lunch. I actually can't wait! We never have a "proper" Sunday lunch unless my mother is around so that's like maybe two Sundays every 18 months or so.

3. The party was lovely. I was so proud of Kendra - she's coming out of her shell and actually went and played on her own (as opposed to clinging to Daddy's leg) for a long time. There were chicken and beef burgers and LOADS of other food so they also ate beautifully. I got Connor an orange paper plate and Kendra a pink one and settled them. When I got back to them with my purple paper plate, Connor told me that is his one and proceeded to transfer his food to mine! What could I do?!

4. I was taking pics of one of the birthday girls when my friend said something like "G, look at Marcia so we can at least have a few pics" I then realised that no-one was taking pics so I started playing paparazzi.I downloaded 301 pics and am still busy deleting the duds but we're already down to only 287! I want to finish sorting these out as quickly as possible so I can put it on a disc for my friend.

giving the doll a nice big hug. Do you think it's time I bought her a doll? :)
how sweet is she? she brought a doll for Connor too
GORGEOUS sky before the thunderstorm
my two were obsessed with this hairdryer, probably because they never see me use mine!
birthday girl G - and yes, that cake was very good
birthday girl A
Typical Connor pointing at something
An ex-boss's son - one of my favourites from the party

5. Connor went into time-out at the party and Kendra escaped by the skin of her teeth. For blatantly ignoring me. I can (sometimes) put up with naughtiness but the red mist descends when they pretend they haven't heard me.

6. We got home at about 3:40  and put the kids down for their naps. I read a bit of my book and then decided to have a nap myself. Turns out I slept for 2.5 hours. The kids are still sleeping as I write this (11.35) so it will be interesting to see what time they wake tomorrow.

and last but not least...

7. Guess what D and I watched tonight? Well, he watched properly and I half-watched while organising Feb pics all the way up to Friday. Nancy Drew! It was gorgeous! I thought the casting was perfect and I enjoyed the modern twist very much. Speaking of books, I've read my 5 for the month already. Hoping to make it 6 when I finish my non-fiction one this week.

Did you read Nancy Drew when you were young?

Do you take afternoon naps? This is probably my second one in a year but so far I'm loving it!


  1. I LOVE a great afternoon nap on the weekend (Hubs loves when we nap then, too, because he gets to play video games)- today Mellow fell asleep in the car, so I am enjoying some quiet time instead. I love that you got a camera - seeing pics of the littles is so fun!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Marcia!

    I used to take afternoon naps all of the time, but haven't for a while. No, I've never read Nancy Drew. My mum did when she was little :-) Great photos! I'm also always running around with our camera!

  3. I have 4, FOUR, baby dolls sitting in the girls closet. Still in their packaging. Every time I go through their bins I see them and make note to pull them out, along with toys from their birthday and the past TWO christmases but so far haven't.

    Beautiful pictures. I'm sure you're in all your glory being able to provide the memories for them!!

    Confession: My hair dryer is used for home improvement projects...forever the tomboy!

    Lastly, I'm terrible with naps. It will ruin my evening. It guarantees that I'll be a cranky mess. I have to have at least 6 hours, preferably 10. I love sleeping!

  4. All I did this weekend was nap! LOL

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  8. Pics are divine and yes, I LOVED Nancy. Didn't know there was a movie out? Must check. And yes, I LOVE naps. Only problem is that I can easily sleep for at least 4 hours at a stretch which complicates my life at night. I actually set aside time for it some weekends.

  9. I love your blog and your Life List! I think we are kindred spirits :)

  10. I LOVE to nap. I always have--in college, it was a built-in requirement for my daily schedule! : ) Sunday afternoon naps are my absolute favorite.

    I did read Nancy Drew as a child; I will have to check out the movie. Great party pictures too...I am sure the parents will love you for it!

  11. Your photos are so beautiful and I can see that the kiddies had a ball. Yes I read Nancy Drew when I were a young girl.

  12. Oh I think ypur pics are great. I used to love Nancy, and the Hardy Boys.

    Oh and Imlive for afterrnoon naps! We try to force the kids into them over the weekends but my new rule now is no napping after 4 because I would rather suffer the no nap consequences than the no sleep,tonight consequences.


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