Saturday, February 25, 2012

So we had ourselves an "incident" at the gym

As is now our custom, Connor and I went to gym this morning.

Because of yesterday's Friendship Friday post, I even made some effort to chat to one of the girls after the class whereas usually I just dash out of there.

OH! slightly good news - I've lost .2 kg over the month (that's not the good news) but I've dropped 1% in fat and my heart rate's come down to the 70s. Now that's the good news although I still want the scale to show big losses!!!

When I collected Connor, we chatted on the way out and I'd just buckled him into his car seat when he told me "a little girl" pushed him.

Me really? and then what happened?

Connor little girl went to time-out

Me (thinking "fabulous. there's consistency with what we do at home") oh? and who put her in time-out? Rachel or Pumi?

Connor Connor!

Me Wait, Connor. Who put the girl in time-out?

Connor CONNOR! Little girl naughty! Connor said, 1. 2. 3. Time-out.

Oh boy!

I laughed and then told him next time, he should just tell her, "no, no pushing" because little kids are not allowed to put other little kids in time-out.

He was not convinced but we'll see :)


Then in other news, we went to Gillooly's Farm (last time we went the babies were 7 months old!) and it was just lovely.

I packed a picnic and when we arrived, D and I realised we didn't pack caps or suntan lotion for the kids.

Parents of the Year!

So I made him give up his cap to Kendra and I plonked mine on Connor's head.

Still, I was being all spontaneous and in-the-moment so didn't even think of going back home and messing up our plans.

And it was lovely.

I also played with the other lens that came with my camera.

I don't know what all those numbers mean that I keep seeing on the photo blogs (50 mm 1.4 etc. what in the Sam Hill?)

The lens that's normally on my camera says 18 - 55 mm and then .25 m macro.

And then the one I used in the park today says 75 - 300 mm, macro 1.5 m (I suppose you can't go closer than 1.5 m to shoot up close?) and zoom lens 1:4 - 5.6 (???)

All I know is it zooms in nicely but when I downloaded, about a third of the pics were blurry and the others were stunning with some gorgeous blurry backgrounds.

And so I crossed three things crossed off the list today - intentionally playing with the camera (I told D we need to do this again - kind of like a photo shoot but only free and no good pics guaranteed!), 4 times to gym with the kids and doing something fun with the kids. Yay!

How was your Saturday?

PS I took 160 pics today (yes!) before I started deleting. Oy! No wonder photo organising is on every weekend's to-do list.


  1. The first lens is most suitable for regular day to day pics, the 75 - 300 is for far away. It allows you to sneak up on the kids so that they are not aware of you. Often the best pics. For sharper focus, then lens autofocus in the middle ( you can see a little focus frame) so make sure that what you want in focus is in the middle of that frame. To move the focus shot, catch say the kid in the middle, press the shutter button in halfway, it will focus, now keep it in and move your shot for a nice composition, and press in the rest of the way to shoot the pic.

  2. Your chosen object will stay in focus although not in the middle any more. ( sorry, published too early) does that make sense?

  3. connor cracks me up! way to stand up for himself! glad you had a great saturday : )


  4. Oh boy! I love the bossiness!

    Ditto to what Cat said. I'm eyeing a telephoto lens, I just have the stock lens. I also am hoping to get a 50mm 1.8 lens. I love quick F-stop because I'm so shaky!

  5. LOL had to laugh at Connor putting the little girl into time out. He's not going to let anyone mess with him. Ever!

  6. Hahaha @ Connor putting someone in time out. That's so funny!

  7. LOL...I had to laugh at Connor putting the little girl in time-out. Don't feel bad about the sun screen etc. On Friday after work we decided to go for a beach walk with the kids. Only, they weren't interested in walking. They swam! And we had no towels or extra clothing or anything! Was a complete nightmare but it was a really nice impromptu outing too.
    Oh, and well done on the weight loss. A loss is a loss!

  8. Love the chain-link fence picture! And K's backpack! :) :)

    I'm knee-deep in photo editing, too. I'm done with January (except for labeling, which I do as I'm ordering), and I've made a really decent dent in February pictures. AND I organized my holiday cards last night, too! Today, I've gotta get files organized to get our taxes done...and that's going to prompt me to clean out my secretary cabinet in the kitchen. Bumping right along, I am! :)

    Hope you're having a great Sunday, too!

  9. good old connor!! :) and good for you for talking to someone at the gym!!! i'm only on page 40 or so of the book. still getting something each time i sit down with it, though!

    great pics!

  10. adesolaf9:01 pm

    Connor is so so hilarious, but it just shows he's a very good learner and will be "strict" like mommy ;-)

    Love the pictures, whatever they were looking at must have been so fascinating

    Good to know I'm not the only one who takes loads of pictures when I get hold of a camera.

    Have a lovely week ahead

  11. Love the picture of the kids on the swing - such a happy moment!

  12. I think it's awesome how you played around with your lenses. This way you will learn what each one do and take the most pretty pictures ever.
    I LOL about Connor putting the little girl in Time out. So funny. At least he did not push her back but took initiative by giving her a time out :)

  13. Oh my...that is awesome that Connor put the little girl in time out! And he was so matter-of-fact about it. He might be a handful soon! : )

  14. you have such a lovely family and a great eye for photos! Here is a great link to help you learn about all those strange settings and lens stuff:


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