Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday highlights

A good friend of mine had a hysterectomy on Friday :( (esp since she's not even 30!).

Usually people have operations during the week so it's always a drama to get to the hospital to visit but this time it was perfect.

I told D on the way to church that I wanted to go see her this afternoon and during church, a mutual friend texted me to say she's going and would I like to come.


So off we went and (aside from the circumstances surrounding the visit) it was so lovely to reconnect with both of them again.

Moral of the story - it always pays to say yes, even in the midst of thunderstorms that leave your hair looking terrible :)


Church was again great. People are getting healed in miraculous ways and I just sit there, teary-eyed. I can't explain how AWESOME it is to see God moving in people's lives. I stand (or sit) in awe and wonder!

Thembie (who looks after C & K's class) says to me today, "Connor talks SUCH a lot. He doesn't stop!" So true. Most of it is good but now and again I remember that I prayed for 80% sassy...

This is Connor on the way to church.

C: Mummy, Connor like you.

Me: Thank you, Connor. I like you too.

C: Connor also like Daddy and Kenna and Aunty Carmen and ALL the people.


When I got back from the hospital, the house was quiet. All 3 of them were sleeping. At 4:30!!! Totally unheard of.

So I did my thing quietly til Connor woke about 20 minutes later.

And then I went at it in the kitchen. I cooked a meal (chicken with broccoli) and baked Sarah's apple bars and muffins. The apple bars didn't look like they normally do - I can only assume it's because I used self-raising flour instead of cake flour. But they are still delish so it really doesn't matter.

This week I'm looking forward to putting finishing touches on the book, being super-productive at work and hopefully getting to the Fertility Babies outing with friends. Thing is I'm really bad with directions and it's in a place I absolutely don't know and it will be dark by the time I have to leave.

What are you looking forward to doing this week?

PS I didn't go back to the course on Friday and I was SOOOO happy working at my desk. I ended up staying til about 5:10 (this is unheard of in my industry on a Friday afternoon!) but the good news is I have only two things to do tomorrow besides my 5.5 hours of meetings.


  1. I'm glad you didn't go back to that training session! How sad for your friend to have a hysterectomy, but how good of you to go and visit her and be there for her.

    Love the little conversation Connor had with you :-)

    This week I need to put more effort into my swimming and running training because next week is the triathlon (insert panic here).

    And Roxette! On Saturday! Cannot wait!!!

  2. Gosh, we were caught in a cloudburst at church - it was hectic. And I baked chic chip cookies ( with my little A baker). This week - book club onTuesday evening and maybe moms night outnatvthenboys' school on Wednesday evening - still deciding if I want to go. It's facials but my skin is so allergic that I should not get near it.

  3. Awww...that is so sad about your friend. But, I'm glad that you could connect with her, even if the circumstances weren't ideal. I must learn to say yes when it's raining outside!
    I just LOVE that conversation you had with Connor.
    This week I look forward to going to the new running club, guitar lessons, starting a new book and putting some admin to bed.
    Enjoy your evening!

  4. I love all the people...that's so stinkin' cute and sweet! I just love the way their little minds work at this age!!!

    And this week, I'm looking forward to our Valentine's party for our Mothers of Multiples group...AND I've decided to have a Valentine's-themed playdate at our house on V-Day. I am a little nervous about the thought of 10 kids in my kitchen and den doing crafts, but I'm taking the plunge. :)

    Hope you have a great and productive week, Marcia!

  5. Isn't it wonderful how open children are. They say what they feel, without all the filters that we adults use.

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend...that's a very big operation to have before 30. I'm not looking forward to this week. I have three late meetings scheduled where I have to ask my folks to pick Nicola up...then we end up having dinner there and our whole routine disrupted. I anticipate some quality tantrums.

  7. That apple bar looks divine.
    Sorry to hear about your friend and her opt.

  8. It is sad that your friend have to have a hysterectomy so early in life...but it was good that you could connect...loved church...your son is very cute. I love them at this age...they are so honest and sweet.


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