Monday, February 27, 2012

There's a reason I didn't post a bliss list this weekend

I was feeling far too grumpy.

You see, I'm beyond busy at work.

We're two people short-staffed as the new boss lady's old position needs to be filled plus one of our team is moving elsewhere in the company from 1 March.

Of course, this person has been doing nothing much in her notice month. In fact, she's been working for her new team already, going to meetings and whatnot, which I personally think is just wrong.

I'm probably old school but I like to finish off in one area properly before I start a new thing.

So I'm working like a slave and how I know this is my personal admin has piled up. Usually I get the chance to make a phone call or two during lunch, or send an email or two, but not really, of late.

On the way home today, I thought of 6 items in rapid succession that need my attention. At the traffic light, I grabbed a notebook (this is why I always have a notebook in the car) and quickly jotted them down.

I'm working and working and I empty the inbox a bit (my work is either meetings, quite a bit of writing (copy/ business cases, etc or bossing people around via email :)), go to the loo and when I get back there are tons of messages again.


Then last week two things happened:

1. We had an all day session to do website-type stuff. I got very frustrated because NBL (new boss lady) basically told the copywriter what to write and how to write it (as a semi-writer I get freaked when people do this - what are we paying the people for?!). All credit to him - he handled it all with such grace (much better than I would have, had I been the expert)

2. I got hopelessly lost going to another all day session. This is where Louisa pipes in and tells me to get a GPS already.

Well, I thought I had this thing sorted because of my iPad. I honestly did everything I could think of at the time to ensure my navigational success :) I googled the directions, put my pins in and let the map work out a route. I even went to buy more data just in case it ran out at a crucial time. Well.

I'm the type of girl who needs to turn the map book around in the direction my car's facing. With the iPad it keeps rotating  the image as you move it. So I kept driving off in the wrong direction and then when I was kind of close, it lost signal completely and I was cooked.

Do you know that a homeless man had to direct me? I couldn't make this up if I tried!

I got to a 7:45 thing at 8:35. Yes, good times. The only thing that was truly good was I didn't cry. BUT I made up for it coming back home. Left the minute we finished (around 4) but got gloriously lost and the problem was at that time of day, the traffic was solid so there was no space to pull over and look at the map... and Jhb drivers are cut throat. So I just cried and cried and BEGGED God to not let me be killed driving into who-knows-where (it did not look good).

Eventually I saw signs for Hillbrow and I followed those - at least I more or less know the layout and the streets are in grids.

When I saw some semblance of familiarity again, I was SO grateful.

I told those people the next day that that is the LAST time I'm driving to that place since it's now the second time I got lost.

And of course they want to have our strat there. Grrr. But I am meeting one lovely team member at the office and will follow her there or get a lift with her.

(I just realised I'm starting to get tense just writing about this again)

Bottom line

The to-do list is still long, I've missed a deadline that strangely doesn't seem to phase me but I'm working hard, so darn hard I literally forget about the time.

So imagine my sheer delight when the messenger brought me a parcel on Friday - my gorgeous rings from Danielle's etsy shop arrived. I got this one and a pearl one.

I am BEYOND thrilled - they are beautiful, look good on my hand and if I could afford to, I'd buy you all one. Seriously.

And her service is outstanding - she had to work with me to figure out my ring size (I'm a US 6, it turns out)

I must confess - I'm just a teensy bit vain about how beautiful this ring looks on my hand. I keep staring at it and admiring it :)

Hopefully I can persuade D to take nice pics of my hand for the blog. I took one with the ipad but the ipad is not a real camera and I find the pictures just TERRIBLE.

Anyway, enough waffling.

Two days left of Feb.

How are you doing with your goals?

What are you vain about?

Is it just me or does it feel like it's already April?


  1. Oh the stories I can tell getting lost...

    Gosh yes, it feels like April already, this year is just so busy so far and moving so fast!

  2. I certainly felt like April outside today!

    Sorry you've been so rushed. I always tell DH that he needs to keep work at work, and leave the weekend for the ladies in his life. Just a thought.

    As for my goals, there is still a solid to-do list and not much of a to-done list :(

  3. Sometimes those GPS systems don't work worth a darn!! When we were in Boston last summer, my sister insisted on bringing her GPS with us and we got so lost at one point that I was ready to cry in frustration. I finally brought up google maps on my iPhone and we managed to find our way back to our hotel!!!

    Love the ring!!!!! And yes it feels like April already here too!

  4. If you do cave and get a gps, be prepared to hear



    please make a u turn


  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. It does feel like April. Have been home for two days - trying to focus and get my head together. That ring is so very pretty. Have been thinking of wearing my wedding rings again. You know I don't really wear jewellery? I may need to have them resized though. I have FAT FINGERS now too! Isn't that fun? Oh, when I need to go somewhere then Lance prints out the map for me and rewrites the directions in point/summary form. I have no idea what I will do if he is no longer there to do that for me.

  7. Download the Navfree app for the ipad. It will tell you where to go so,you do notmhave to look at the map at all. And if you go to your settings on the ipad you can assign say your volume button to lock screen so it does not rotate.

    I am sooverworked atbthe office that I am not even blogging!

  8. well, I'm vain about my hair at the moment, but you knew that already... sorry about the blurgghhh at work. Are you absolutely SURE these people will never find your blog? I would be WAY TOO PARANOID to write anything negative about anybody at work in case they found my blog! I'm having chills just thinking about it.

  9. I was laughing so hard last night about you turning the iPad and having it reorient on you! I'm laughing *with* you, I hope...but that's just such a funny sign of the times!

    And my something vain? I love my rings, too. And I love my nails and hands. I can't quite say that right least not I don't get manicures since I spend so much time in the kitchen. Still, my nails are usually in decent shape, and I could gaze at diamonds all day! :) :)

    A close second is my feet. I don't necessarily have "pretty" feet, but I try to keep a pedicure, and it makes me happy. No matter how long overdue a shower I am (ick! sorry for over-sharing!!!), I can look down and see a pretty color on my toes. :)

  10. I am not going to get into how this year is running away from me. I ADORE your favourite colour too.


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