Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virtual CREATE Day - monogram notecards

Before I go any further, it's MandyE's birthday today!

Happy birthday, Mandy - hope you're having a WONDERFUL day.


Well, where January was the month of the mini-book, February has been the month of cards... and I'm not done yet.

But since it's Mandy's birthday AND she got my little gift, I can finally show you these little monogram notecards I made for her.

I had to get creative and do something very flat since I'm suspicious of the postal service so I did six little notecards, two sets of three.

They can be used as gift tags, for a quick thank-you note or for a random act of kindness when you just want to encourage someone (that's my favourite use for the little notecards).

Here they are - I took the pics at night because NOTHING would get taken if I waited for daylight - so they looked much better in person.

  • I bought a nice thick creamy card
  • cut them smaller (can't remember the dimensions)
  • scored the cards (measured the halfway mark and used a dry gel pen and a ruler to draw a line)
  • folded
  • applied stickers (bought from

Because this cardstock was so thick, I put the whole lot in a big binder clip for a day to get them flat and then I attached some ribbon.

Easy but satisfyingly very pretty.

Please show off your creations in the kitchen, craft room, sewing room, wherever.

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  1. Wish I could be that creative! They look fabulous!!!

  2. Thank you again for the sweet birthday wishes, Marcia!!!

    And I'm even more taken with those cards, knowing you cut and scored them! I thought you bought them that way...they look so professional! :)

    Love your change in title for this link-up to include "CREATE"! :)

  3. Oh they are stunning. I really should get something up for you

  4. So creative! I love the monogrammed cards.

  5. Very cute cards! I was really into making notecards last winter...I need to pick it up again. Your cards are the inspiration!

    I linked up my skirts! : )

  6. They are adorable and so thoughtful!

  7. VERY nice! Am battling with the crafting at the moment. Everything just flops! I am going to try again this week and link up.


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