Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cat asked, I answered & family pics

Okay, confession time (by the way, I have a whole post in mental drafts about my secret confessions which I will write one of these very fine days :)).

I actually don't mind memes at all. It's the tagging I hate. I either can't think of enough people or the people I really want to hear from don't do it or I end up feeling bad for leaving some friends out.

So, dear Cat, I will gladly answer your questions but I'm not tagging anyone.
  1. Name the one product in your kitchen you can not function without. My red kitchen scale - I love it!
  2. If you can change your career decision, what would you like to be (disregard training, money etc- this is a dream job) I'm in a measure of my dream job. My actual dream job would be to have workshops and talks inspiring and motivating people BUT someone else needs to do the marketing and getting the bums in seats. That, as far as I'm concerned, is for the birds. I just want to swan in, do my thing, and be off :) This is why I love talks so much, like the one I had on Friday. I arrived, didn't have to worry about how many pitched, chatted and got to know people, did my talk, chatted some more, answered questinos and I was out of there. Divine!
  3. What is your favorite toy (as in gadget, craft item, etc)? Hmmm. I'm not really into technology, except for the internet, without which I would perish. So favourite craft items - 2-inch circle punch, washi tape and my beloved binder rings :)
  4. What is your favorite book of all times? (or just choose one for now) Motherstyles. Hands down. I also love The Painted House - John Grisham.
  5.  If you could give your 16 year old self one bit of advice only, what would it be? Enjoy your thin thighs and tight abs :)
  6. Chocolate or vanilla cake? And specifically what type. Both, depends on the icing. I don't like cream.
  7. Meat, fish or chicken? Chicken
  8. On what would you spend R300 or 40US$ or the equivalent thereof as a spoil for yourself? Right now, I'm thinking of everything as 1/3 of one night's hotel stay (kind of how I used to think in IVF terms, like Rx is half an IVF or an egg retrieval :)) but normally I would just go to etsy and go order things that delight me. Like those rings.
  9. Which building in the whole wide world do you think is beautiful or have captured your attention? I love Rhodes University and my work's campus which is a similar style. I will post pics to show you soon-ish.
  10. If you could go on a dream holiday right now, no costs spared, to which one destination will you go and who will you take along? (no world tours allowed - one destination) I'd take D with me to Charlotte, NC and New York. For about 2 weeks.
  11. If you were a flower, which one will you be. And why? A yellow chrysanthemum because it is, for me, instant happiness!

 And now the last of the pics. This time, the family.

(also, I started looking at how I redeem the Groupon and I am VERRRY impressed with how organised these people are. I will tell you all the details when I get my canvases).


So answer one, two or more of the questions I answered, especially if you thought, "what?!!!" I love those reactions because they make me laugh!

How was your Tuesday? 
Surprisingly mine was not too bad. Work is still hectic but I spoke to a lovely man this afternoon who told me I'm very good at politics. Normally I wouldn't take that as a compliment but he meant that I was tactful and that is NOT my strength so I was rather chuffed.


  1. I love that second family pic of the four of you - the one where you are standing in front of the doors and the kids are off to the sides. SO CUTE!

  2. It's amazing how a few simple questions helps someone get to know someone else better....how fun!!

    Great pics Marcia!

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  4. Oh look, spam!

    I love two. The roll up doors are so pretty and the kids look comfortable.

    So your favorite toy would be your punches and binder rings? WHAT?! No camera? iPad? Those are fun! I'd choose my camera-unless I get the miter saw and pocket hole jig I ask for for my birthday. I actually have my panties in a bunch hoping DH will get them! I plan to be a building fool this summer!

    Two weeks vacation? I'd die! Especially along the east coast!!

  5. I like number 1! Love all the answers! It is great to get to know bloggers this way!

  6. I like number 2 of the photos.
    Great answers to the questions.
    What will I tell my 16 year old self? Enjoy being carefree, you will lose that when you are in the adult world after you have Matriculated.

  7. adesolaf10:15 am

    I love pic 1 and pic 2 would be a far second (lol)

    Dream holiday: 1 week in Kuwait (yep KUWAIT) or Qatar, 1 week in Italy or New York (shopping spree) end off with 1 week in the Maldives - staying in 5 star and above hotels and resorts of course with my hubby (but he'll cramp my style during the week of shopping)

    Fish for me anyday

    Does brownie count as chocolate cake, if not definitely vanilla

    Favourite toy (right now): my blackberry as it also functions as my camera

    Good you recognised the compliment as just that ;-)

  8. I like the first one the most. :-)

  9. I love Meme's...that way I get to know the random bits and pieces of a person that I am "friends" with.

  10. Thanks for doing this! And I love your work campus btw. I still need to give my answers on mynquestions maybe.

    And no 1 or 2. 2 is cute and styled butm1 has a warmth and love to it

  11. Number 2 is my favourite. My day yesterday was OK. Except for the exercise session that left me so sore that I had to roll out of bed today.

  12. Thanks for the peek into your life! It's nice to know you better.
    Your family is absolute adorable. If you were asking me to pick, which I'm not sure if you were, I would pick number two! I loved them all but that just seemed the funnest!

  13. I like no. 1 and 2. No. 1 cause your faces are nice and clear and I like the grafitti on the wall, and no. 2 caus eI like the green doors and your poses!
    Dream job - a nursery school teacher (i think?)!!!
    Dream holiday - 10 days in Mauritius/Seychelles with A.
    Spend R300 on my self? A back massage!

  14. I love the craft items you listed. Those all just say "MARCIA" to me! ;)

    Love the family pic in front of the garage doors!


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