Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do you have a signature lipstick?

Before I forget, there are 3 washi tapes left. 

Two parcels have been packaged up - one will be with its owner on Tuesday and one will be hand-delivered in person on Saturday :) 

Are these 3 meant for you? 

It's a great opportunity to 1) not pay shipping from the US or 2) test and see if washi tape is for you.

I have seen one store in SA sell these - In Good Company - and they had 4 ugly prints when I was there at about R50 each (which is the normal price with shipping)

My MIL once said to me that she would NEVER leave the house without her eyes "done".
One of my friends is like that about foundation. She apparently has bad pigmentation but I've never seen it :) so I can't vouch for her story.
My thing is lipstick.
No matter what, I always have lipstick on. Rebecca, you're the same, right?
My eyes can go naked, sometimes the face can go naked (although I feel TONS better when I use foundation though - this same friend taught me how to do it properly and now I use her tricks for the photo shoots :)) but I am never without my lipstick.
I just feel pale and lifeless.
So my boss has ONE lipstick she uses and she replaces said lipstick every month. She uses it a couple of times throughout the day and it lasts her exactly a month.
This is one of my secret organising fantasies - to so simplify my life that I use just a few products, not a hodge-podge of things.
And so I've been on the lookout for the perfect lipstick... for me.
I walked into Edgars the other day and the Clinique counter was right there. Almost beckoning to me.
I looked at the testers and one colour looked right for me. Tried it on and it was PERFECT. It was called 05 and I thought I'd remember the name but of course I've forgotten.
So I did my lips properly and the lipstick lasted practically the whole day. It wasn't even branded a "long lasting" one. Just the normal ones with that lovely mint-green casing.
I happened to pass another Clinique counter a few days later (to return that bag I didn't need) and I checked out the price.
Oh my word.
Is that what you pay for lipsticks these days?!
Maybe you do?
(I just googled and Clinique US is about $15 - $16 each, which is R112 - R120)
My current signature colour is called Grace. I get it from Clicks for just R21,99 when they have their bi-annual beauty sale. Of course when I see it I buy three.
Okay, so let's have some fun.
Tell me if you have a signature lipstick, what it is and tell me why you like that colour/ brand.
PS I had a lovely time today with TWO friends. I'm still processing the whole thing though :) My study is also a royal mess because I decided to finally get that one dresser painted  - amazing how much stuff comes out of one little cupboard.


  1. Some lipsticks are VERY expensive (like your Cliniques and your Estee Lauders and your Mac etc) and others are affordable! I use Rimmel.I LOVE it, it's not too pricey (I pay about R40 at clicks) and it lasts for quite a while. You get longer lasting ones and you get regular ones. I use lipstick every day when I go to work but I actually go without it on the weekends unless I'm going out to a function/party. I am between at least 2/3 colours at any one time and when I re-apply during the day then I may even change the colour, depending on my mood. I don't do bright - usually natural-looking tones. Don't know the names now. Will check later when I get up from this desk. I actually haven't tried the Clicks brand yet. Will check when I go and stock up. Is that the Grace that you are wearing in the pic? That's the type of shade that I go for. Looks lovely on you.x

  2. Oh, and in my fantasies I ONLY wear Mac Products and Clinique.

  3. I don't wear lipstick or make up in general...only on very special occasions. ;-)

  4. My usual is Bobbi Brown "Brown" - which isn't that brown - more of a nude shade.

    But I am not an every day makeup girl, but if I do make an effort is is usually eyes first, then maybe lips. Only on special occasions do I add in foundation or mascara.

  5. Negative nancy here: I hate lipstick! It makes my lips dry out so fast. Is that normal?? As a result I can't leave my lips alone and it doesn't last. I have about 47 tubes of chapstick though! I don't wear make-up anymore, but when I did I only did my eyes. Even with the sensitive and gentle labels my skin breaks out horribly. :( I have a skin of a 14 year old girl. Sigh...

  6. Oh I buy when I need but I basically always have 3 - a real red, a purpleish pink and a reddish pink. I have ordered a Avon one that looks very pretty in their broshure. With me it is base and maskara - I am often without lipstick. And I have discovered a great Avon pencil "liquid look" eyeliner similar to Estee Lauder's but a quarter or the price

  7. Forgot to say that actually I do sometimes go without make up on a Saturday morning at home, or so, but NEVER without a splash of good real perfume. The perfume is actsully my " thing"

  8. I have one particular one I use when I use it, but for the life of me won't be able to tell you which one. I'd have to actually go and dig it up :-)

  9. adesolaf12:17 pm

    My favourite makeup is my MAC studio fix, I can go with only that and some vicks vapour rub on my lips. My favourite lipstick was a reddish pink clinique one but when it finished I could never find the shade again. Now I do a lot of mix and match a dark plum estee lauder (or is it Maybelline, not sure) as the base, then a satin plum revlon on top, sealed with a revlon lip gloss (I'm very pedantic about lip gloss must be tasteless and odourless). I find the cheaper lipsticks a bit too dry and I never like the shades. And on the odd day I feel like it some eye shadow and yes I mix colours too. My favourite used to a very dark grey one that came with a magazine which has since finished. When I go all out usually for a special ocassion then I'll add some mascara and blush

  10. I think my only signature is Carmex lip balm...I don't go anywhere without it! Hahaha!

    I used to be pretty particular about eye liner. And I'm still particular - in that I only wear one brand (Clinique) - but, honestly, it's rare that I wear makeup these days.

    No doubt I'll get back in the groove when I start work...I would NEVER go in without my makeup...but I'm OK being out and about these days. It's just not a priority.

    Glad you had fun with your friends! Why are you still processing through it, though? Something deeper?

  11. That shade looks wonderful on you, by the way! :)

  12. I won't leave the house without eyeliner. After Mellow, my skin was aweful and I have to use foundation (Bare Minerals) - but before Mellow eyeliner was the only makeup I would wear!

    I have a go-to polished lipcolor: Covergirl All Day Lipcolor. You buy a tube of color and a tube of gloss ($8). The color last for months because you only apply it once (really, it stays on me for about two days) but I have to replenish the gloss more often. It is the best lip color ever!!

  13. Yes, I'm with Cat. perfume is more my thing.

    I never leave my bedroom in the morning without a spray.

    As far as makeup - if i'm going to town/EL then I'll wear, but if just at home, nope.

    But i have to wear foundation - i feel naked without it!

    And my fav lipsticks are of course the expensive ones - Clinique and Estee. But i wait until they have their specials and then buy the whole gift story.

  14. I don't have any signature make up because I don't wear make up at all. I am all natural and bear, which my husband loves as well. He always tell me that he is so used to me not wearing any since we met, so when I do wear for special occasions, I look weird to him ;)

  15. my signature is lip balm. HA! i do love lipstick, but i've been searching for a "go-to" shade as well!!! i've been waiting for rebecca to weigh in b/c she's the make-up master in my eyes!

  16. I never wear makeup at all, but on the rare occasion I do, and when I used to back in college- I always used Clinique. It's pricey but it doesn't make me break out. My lip color was 'Dusty Rose' but I think they stopped making it. I do use their face wash religiously- I recently tried to find a less expensive alternative but hated everything and spent way more in my effort than if I just bought my old standby when I ran out!


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