Thursday, March 08, 2012

My other choices were vetoed but I also LOVE these

Going through the exercise of choosing 3 pics to put on canvas has been SUCH fun for me. I realised again just how much I LOVE this photoshoot. It makes me SUPER happy.

And it's a blessing to have SUCH a wide range of choice of great pics.

With your help, D and I decided on these three.

But these are the ones of us I also loved. Love actually :)





I think I'll have to do something interesting with them...

Anyway, moving on. I went through my stash of washi tape the other day and realised I have some duplicates (!) and some that are too similar to others so I'm selling these.

I don't know how to do nice curly brackets in Picasa so this will have to do. Please let me know which ones you want.

here's a pic without all the writing so you can see nicely :)
Otherwise, how are you all feeling on this beautiful Thursday?
I'm a little bit more up to date with work - amazing what you can do in two hours at home vs two hours in the office - but don't hold your breath as I'm going into 4 hours of meetings in 9 minutes' time :)
Are you enjoying your weather? Not? What's on your mind?


  1. The hot-pink and lime-green is sold.

  2. I love your choices...and you can always have the other ones framed.

  3. I take the eiffel towers , the two blue polka dots please. And I just love the photos

  4. I'm glad that you two have decided what you like. I like your choices.
    I love the cloudy weather very much for a change.

  5. Eish. It was 28 degrees in CT today. Thankfully the wind came up later in the day. Your choices are cool!

  6. Wow...I REALLY love that last one, of your shoes. Really!!! Do you have a mudroom / area, or even a coat closet? It might be neat to frame that for such a space.

    I've been taking pictures of the girls' shoes since they started wearing shoes (at 15 months!). That just makes me think about doing something cool with those pics...maybe even in their closet.

    I love inspiration! ;)

    And the weather here? ICK!!! It has been POURING rain I don't mind this weather occasionally, but I thought it wasn't going to start until mid-morning, that we could get out early. It was raining before breakfast, though, so I wasn't mentally prepared for the entire day in the house. HA!

  7. Yay, those were my 3 choices too!


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