Monday, March 05, 2012

Nail polish on little girls?

OOOH, you guys are doing such an awesome job of helping me choose pics to print on canvas.

I could quite easily print both number 3 and 4 - the door in number 4 is just GORGEOUS.

I love doors so much (and windows!). So when I got a pic of a gorgeous red door from Louisa in my inbox, I was delighted on three accounts - first, that she was thinking of me, second, that she then bothered to take a  pic to email me and third, that it was a pic of a door! Just bliss :)

On Saturday, Connor was eating and I saw he was messing with his food so I walked over to him.

Me Connor, what's going on here? (pointing to all the food)
Connor A big mess, Mummy!

Then yesterday, Kendra tells me she wants "black nail polish" on her nails. I bought a bottle called Black Forest and it's gorgeous. And yes, very black and gothic.

So I told her black is not suitable for little girls and we did the lightest purple I could find. D is not impressed with me painting her nails.

Do you paint your daughter(s) finger and toenails?

And now, please choose the pic you like the most of the babies.





Did you have a good Monday?

PS I'm swamped at work!


  1. oooohhhh. i like 1 or 4. :)

    no nailpolish on little m yet. she still majorly sucks her thumb. and let's be honest....i'm too lazy to take it off later, so she would have to chip it off. it would be a disaster!

  2. The hubby hates polish on Kai but we compromise by allowing light shades of pink and purple only. I love #1 and #4 would be second pic.

  3. I hate it!!! My daughters love it and their godmother started the trend… so for major events I will paint their nails pretty colors - at christmas we did rainbows - very sweet, one layer so not too overwhelming. Last week we went out for dinner and I let them have a layer of clear polish with a touch of glitter - they loved it!!! But I cant think we will be bothered again before christmas… Just no… and I take it off the next day because I can not stand the chips - bleh!

    And photo: #4 - gut reaction - first thought… then #1 because it is so classically sweet!!!

  4. I vote #1 because it will be impossible to get that shot again! I love the warmth in the photo too!

    The girls love their mani/pedi time. I only paint my toes and last year Emma wanted her toes done too. At that point I think it was the only time I had seen her sit completely still for so long! Amazing! Claire is my calm and docile child and she cannot sit to let them dry yet. It's a fairly regular event, especially once the warm weather gets here and we welcome our flip flops back. I occasionally let them pick out colors when we're at the store. I let them choose from the cheap ones so it's doesn't hold up very well but they don't seem to mind! Hubs has no problems with it. At most he sighed a bit when they came home with lime green LOL.

  5. 1 and 4. I see no problem with girls painting their finger nails. Both mine like it and in fact Bianca is wanting a make-over party this year (give me strength, where do I even start...). For Caitlyn's birthday a friend gave her a little bottle of sparkly nail varnish with a voucher to be transformed into a princess for a day. It was Caitlyn's all time favourite present.

  6. They are the CUTEST little "beings"....WoW!

    As far as polish...I figure I gotta paint them before she/he starts biting them like me...I know! TERRIBLE! LOL!

  7. LaRue begs her big sister's to paint her toes and fingers at every opportunity. For thanksgiving, every nail on her body (that's 20) was a different color.

    And Kendra looked at the tiny nails and declared ... I need orange and green color. Then she died laughing.

    My favorites are 4 and then 2.

  8. Hi - just found your blog via Sew Many Ways. I am stopping in from TheStuffofSuccess. Feel free to stop on by and say hello. I am also your newest follower. Thanks and have a great week. Athena

  9. adesolaf6:12 am

    I'll blow up pic 1 just because it's so cute. I loved the pic when you first put it up and I love it even more now!!

    Hope you have a great Tuesday

  10. The last one.

    I dont see any issue with nail polish - I have been putting it on Kiaras nails since she was little (like Kendras age) when she asked for it.

    They are so rough that it rubs off before it is really even on!

  11. No 1 or no 4, either one of them are so gorgeous of the twins.
    I do paint my little girl's nails because that is something mother and daughter can do together. It's our girly-girl thing we do. I do not paint them a dark color, though. Something like a pink or earthy color like beige. And then she shows off her nails to everyone :) So cute.

  12. Tie between kisses and teddy bears!

    I just painted my twins' toe nails for the first time last week when we were 'rained in'. I didn't paint their fingers because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate either. So, this query came at a perfect time for me! I knew their toes would be in socks when we were outside of the house. But, boy did it make them happy to have pink toes 'like mommy'. :)

  13. I would choose pictures #1 or #3. I love #4, but I wonder if the background might be distracting when printed? I'm sure any of them will turn out lovely!

    I do let my girls have their nails painted, though I try to steer away from bright or dark reds...and probably would from black as well. I mostly use pinks for my toes, and they love it. I did buy them some mini bottles for Christmas in green, yellow, blue, and orange, but they go on very light so it's not too much. They love to do a 'rainbow' on their fingers on occasion.

    I didn't paint their fingers or toes until they were well over two, but it IS part of the fun of having girls. : )

  14. If that is the worst of your worries you are doing great-I like to see little girls look and act like little girls and act like ladies-soft colors to me ok but the DARK, FUNKY ETC SHOULD BE SOMETHING FOR LATER TO ME

  15. I'd go for number 1.
    I think nail polish is fine as long as it's not too bright. Did I tell you that I had to paint some of Joel's toenails a few times? He saw me do mine and then he cried for it. So I did it and he was soooooo proud of his "paint" - even showed everyone! Obviously Lance was NOT impressed. I didn't see anything wrong with it - just that he was obviously imitating me. He's lost interest now. Which is kind of a pity because I'm never going to have girls to do this kind of stiff with. Lance is relieved though.

  16. I like number 1. I'm glad you liked the photo I sent...I wasn't sure because it's a garage door but when I saw that bright red I thought of you immediately!

    I don't paint N's nails...I don't even paint my own.

  17. I never had a problem painting my little one's nails and toe nails, especially during the summer. We just used age appropriate colors.
    She is now 18 and paints her nails every other day so that they look nice. I guess they could have worse habits.
    Your babies are adorable!! It is hard but I would have to say 1 & 4.

  18. 1 or 4

    And I painted Lili's nails (well toes) not long after she was born. I was so thrilled to have a girl. But I also pierced her ears at 2 weeks so I might not be a good judge of what's right LOL

  19. Definitely no. 4 with the teddies! They look so cute and cuddly, and the look on their faces is so mischievious but also innocent!
    I haven't painted Sophias nails as she has never expressed an interest. Probably because I never paint my finger nails, only my toe nails. And she has never actually seen me do it. But if she asked me to, I probably would.

  20. Oh no 4!

    Do paint her nails - but I used to get the shine through glitter ones. Its a bit like being mommy. And you know what, now with school its all gone. No more nail painting. I guess maybe in the holidays. And the teenage years.

  21. #4!!!

    Hailey and matt both have their nails painted. Hailey has blue on her fingers and purple on her toes (very light colors geared toward kids) and Matt has light pink (what he calls orange) on both.


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