Thursday, March 15, 2012

North Carolina update - I did it!

bad pic of me speaking - only ones on this computer
 Okay, a quick update on the She Speaks conference.

I did it.

Registration opened yesterday and I booked and paid today.

R6600................. so far for the 3 days.

Still have to pay for airfare and the rest of the trip.

Makes me gulp a little but it's done.

I also realised I have issues asking for help because they sent me a sponsorship letter to help me raise funds and I just can't do it.

Mandy gave me a good idea though and I created a donate button in my shopping cart which I'll blog about (on the other blog).

last time I was overseas - April 2009 - 22 weeks pregnant
I still need to
  • apply for a visa (the website says to NOT book flights til you have it so I have to do that pronto)
  • book flights
  • decide how long I want to stay in Charlotte and then in New York
  • decide what I want to do while there
  • book accommodation
  • book a tour or two (this is my "thing" - I do realise lots of people aren't into tours)

But questions for you guys:

  1. If you've been to Charlotte or New York, what are the must-do/ see things for me to do? I'm not a museum person, by the way, but I am a "cute places" person. And, of course, a food person and a meeting up person :)
  2. How long would you suggest I stay in each of those cities?
  3. if you know anyone who lives there, please ask them to also comment. I need help with where to stay (and where not to stay) to help me make good choices with bookings.
  4. I will not be driving. I'm scared of driving on the wrong side of the road. What are the best ways to get around?
  5. Anything else you can think of????

Can I meet up with YOU?


  1. Just saw the title of your post in Mandy's Blog Roll and it caught my attention since I live in NC :-)

    Off to work right now but I will definitely come back and leave you some thoughts on each of your questions.

    YAY for taking a leap, registering for the conference, and for visiting NC!!

  2. Oh yeah! Enjoy! Gosh, New York! I woukd justbwalk with a mouth hanging open and staring at the buildings.

  3. Yaaaayy!! I am jealous you get to go to NY. I have never been, but one of these years my sister and I are going to do a winter trip to see all the Christmas decorations.

    My stepsister lives in Charlotte, so I will ask for recommendations. I will ask about the public transportation/taxi system many places, especially in the South, don't have good systems, but maybe they do!

  4. never been to either, but it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

    I am totally a museum person. I really want to see MOMA and the metropolitan museum of art in NY... but probably, if I went, I would mostly just be eating all day!!

  5. Ah...this makes me SO HAPPY! Best news I've read all day. Elton does museums and tours when he goes to NY. Will ask him for some ideas.

  6. LOL! That is on my bucket list. I am green with envy.

  7. You're really doing it! YAY!

    I'm not sure about transportation down south, although if you in the heart of the city you can most likely get by with the bus. New York is a cake walk, I recommend the subway because traffic is horribly impossible.

    There are tons of museums in NYC incase you change your mind and I love the theaters!! I could easily spend a day just strolling through Central Park, people watching with my camera. I wish I had more to offer but NYC is just too busy and crowded for me. I can handle Baltimore and Philly with ease but NYC makes me nervous! I do love historical tours though and there are many! Especially down along the water front!

    I can't believe you did it! I really hope you get everything out of the trip you hope for!

  8. adesolaf10:06 pm

    Getting around NY: subway (train), buses and you can try the hop on hop off buses (but you also have to take a yellow NYC taxi at least once!!!). Places to see Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square,Central Park, Ground Zero, Wall street, Grand Central Station, Brooklyn bridge. I loved the giant pretzels and the hot dogs sold on the streets!!! If you like shopping you should visit Macy's on 34th street, it's supposed to be biggest shop in the world, 7 floors that span a lot of streets, even if not to shop but just to see it's amazing. If I think of anything else I will let you know...

  9. So cool that you're doing this! :-)

    I don't know anyone out in that neck of the woods so I'm no good on travel tips, sorry.

  10. OMG!!!! I can't believe you are coming to the US! I'll get you a list of possible fun things. My aunt lives in Charlotte and DH is in NYC all the time. He actually just got on a train to go up for the day for work. On the one St. Patrick's Day theme, I do know where the first American Irish Pub is located in NYC. They only have two types of beer: you order dark or light. St. Patrick's cathedral is beautiful and if it's a nice day, Central Park is nice to walk around and you have to go to Times Square at night to see it all light up with the signs. I'm sure DH will have lots of other suggestions.

  11. Oh and I need to know the dates when you have them. If you are OK with it, I'd love to meet up with you!!!! Duh! That goes without saying, but I'm saying it!!!

  12. Well, this is very exciting!!!

    When you're in NY, definitely see the Museum of Modern'll love it. In NY, you can get around by taxi, but I'm not sure about NC. Also, your hotels might have shuttles to the airports and such.

  13. Sorry to take so long getting back to you.

    I am not an expert on Charlotte although I travel there often for work and to visit friends. I have emailed our questions to my best friend from college (who lives in Charlotte) and will forward her answers to you. I live in Raleigh, which is about 3 hours away.

    Your conference is actually in Concord, which is right outside of Charlotte. When I stay in Concord, I stay at the Courtyard by Marriot. It's clean, affordable, safe. There is a huge outlet mall across the street. Lots of restaurants within walking distance. The only downside to the whole area is that it is frequently very congested with traffic (but then again, traffic is bad throughout Charlotte).

    I would recommend booking a hotel in Concord (not Charlotte) since that's where your conference is. Concord will be cheaper, closer, and safer. Unfortunately, the city doesn't have an extensive rail system, so you will have to rely on shuttles/taxis. The great thing about the Concord area is, it has most of what you will need.

    "Uptown" Charlotte has lots of great restaurants and shops. I am not sure about the museum, but I know they have a couple.

    Concord's claim to fame (outside of the outlet shopping) is its connection to NASCAR racing. Lowes Motor Speedway is right down the road. They offer tours and a driving class. I am not into car racing, at all, but doing one of their driving experiences is on my list of things to do one day. How many people can say they have driven a race car, right?? :-)

    From Charlotte, by car, you are close (within a 1/2 day) of some great places. Asheville NC is beautiful and is home to the Biltmore House and Winery. You can drive to the beach in a couple of hours.

    No trip to Charlotte is complete for me unless I visit IKEA, but I am guessing you aren't coming all the way to NC to shop :-)

    If you have time or the interest, I would certainly love to meet you in Charlotte and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. My treat! It will give me an excuse to visit friends, shop, and best of all, meet a "virtual" friend.

    If you have other questions I didn't address or if you need more details, please let me know.


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