Monday, March 19, 2012

Out of sorts

We had such a hectic day yesterday - I felt like I was on the go the whole day.

Well, I was :)

Church, rushed to our lunch date with friends, rushed home and my one friend arrived with her brother to collect the one cot.

Yesss - some money to fill the gaping hole in our account from buying all the bedding.

Fed, bathed and dressed the babies.

Cute aside - we pray for the babies one by one every night, and then they pray by themselves too. Last night Connor said he didn't want D to pray; Kendra had to pray. And sure enough - she prayed beautifully for him. Much better than many adults so that was a bit freaky! Then she wanted to pray for me too. Totally fine by me.

Good thing I cooked all 3 suppers for the whole weekend on Friday night so all I had to do was heat and eat.

And then D and I had to watch a DVD. The Switch. It was good - a different tone to normal, I felt.

I also had a DVD to watch but 30 mins in at about 11.15, I gave up.

I hadn't laughed once and I was exhausted.

It was Confessions of a Shopaholic and is not a PATCH on the books. 

At this point I made a decision to go to bed instead of blogging but I should have just done a quick, 10-minute post to clear my mind because I had the weirdest hodge-podge of dreams so I slept fitfully.

Woke up at 5.40 (1 hr 20 before I'm supposed to wake) and couldn't get back to sleep for a bit and then I slept til 7.55.


Mad rush to let V in, jump in the shower, etc.

Victoria Station, London

So I'm exhausted today, my house is still a mess from the kids' room and the painting, and there's rubbish at work so I'm feeling out of sorts.

Let me tell you a quick thing.

On Friday my two colleagues told me that the lady who complains about the noise in our dept (who doesn't even BELONG here, mind you) was moaning about ME eating her bread.

I about flipped.

I have had TWO slices of bread from her in the last 3 months.


And both times I asked first and she said yes.

(I do bring bread but those two days I just felt like I needed an extra slice)

Anyway (why do people say anyways? do you say anyways?), when I'm not here, she bemoans how "people are always eating her bread" with pointed looks at my desk.

So of course, I will not be asking her for a thing in future and I won't accept anything from her either. There are huge strings attached to everything. Grrr.
But how are you????

How was your weekend?

I can't WAIT for Wednesday. We have a public holiday in South Africa and I want to attack that house. And on Thursday I have another friend date with F - we were going to a movie but I feel like talking more and thankfully, she does too.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Good grief! Such a fuss over 2 the cow a loaf and be done with it.

    I am also looking forward to Wednesday...but I'm not planning an attack on anything. ;-)

  2. arg. i hate feeling out of sorts. it throws me off so badly! and what the heck with the bread lady. why do people behave that way? it really makes no sense.

    this week i'm just looking forward to feeling better :) i'm going to try to remain stress free, clean the house a bit, and *be friendly* :)

  3. That is really cool how you as parents, are teaching the twins to pray for each other. Freaky how children can sometimes pray better than adults, my youngest as well :/
    I also liked the movie, The Switch. Was good for me as well. And I agree with your second movie - not something I like as well.
    I can't wait for Wednesday as well :)

  4. We had a great weekend as you saw on my blog!!! Got lots of stuff done. I'm very excited to get more things done today, both at home and at work! I can't believe we are going to get the opportunity to meet!!! That is another piece of icing on my cake (carrot that is, and we all love carrot cake in our house). Squeeeeeeee! I can't contain my excitement of you coming to the States!!!

  5. adesolaf7:15 pm

    Awwwwwww that's so sweet! Teaching them the need for prayers at such a young age!

    I would buy two loaves of bread (one loaf for each slice you got from her)... These kind of things make my blood boil, well moving right along

    Weekend was good but very busy! This week I'm looking forward to doing 4 or 5 step classes at the gym (YAY), dinner with a dear friend ;-) and getting my hair done .

    Oh and yes having my hubby home tomorrow

    Hope your week has been good so far?

  6. Bread? Serously?! I'd carefully wrap a whole loaf and leave it on her desk signed, the noisy one!

    My weekend was a bit sour. Too much work, too little family. I did get a lot of yard work done so that was a plus. It would have been nice to have some help, but I should be used to that by now! Getting more comfortable with the thought of not working.

    I hope your date is fantastic!!

    And I use anyway, not anyways. Anyways really annoys me for some reason.

  7. Sorry you are feeling out of sorts. I felt that way today too. Didn't sleep well last night but luckily didn't oversleep. Left Joel at school without checking if there was anyone. I ASSUMED things. And I just felt off all day because of it. Also, our car is acting funny and the mechanic couldn't exactly say what was wrong. Very reassuring he was.
    This week I am looking forward to finishing up this canvas craft that I'm busy with and I really just want to have a lie-in on Wednesday.
    I had a LOVELY weekend btw. Am off to bed now because I'm exhausted.
    Oh, and I would confront the lady about her bread issues. Is she old and menopausal? The ones in our office who whine like that are all old and peri-menopausal.
    Hope you feel less out-of-sorts tomorrow.

  8. Wow, that woman at work is weird. And you know my weekend was jus ballet ballet ballet. Looking forward to Wednesday and the DH birthday

  9. That woman at work who complains about the bread is a true piece of work. Buy her a loaf of bread and tell her to stuff it where the sun doesn't shine.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  10. I can't believe somebody moan's about a slice of bread. I would buy her a loaf as your other readers suggest. Let her make her own conclusions as to what it means;-)


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