Saturday, March 03, 2012

Romantic comedies, shopping and friends

Oh gosh, it was H O T again today in Jhb. So much for autumn...
This morning I was quickly reading a few blogs while I had some breakfast and I saw that Annie (the one who wrote about courage for a whole 31 days) posted her 5 top romantic comedies.
My comment would have been too long so it's going in a completely new post.
These are my top favourite romantic comedies:
1. My best friend's wedding
2. The holiday
3. Something's gotta give - we watched this again on Valentine's Day
4. It's complicated
5. Spanglish

and a few bonus ones...You've got mail - I just love Meg Ryan in this one and in French Kiss (love that scene when the airplane is taking off!) 
Today I was a little under the weather, just a tad. Not enough to take meds or be in bed but not well enough to go jump around at the gym.

On second thoughts our routine was SOOO out that maybe next time I should just take Connor to the gym and go blog or something while I have a smoothie.

These pics were taken two weeks ago. Connor and I had just returned from gym and he was eating an apple while I had breakfast.

on the chair in my study
laughing with an apple piece in his mouth
Add caption
and he's done with the photos
making a funny face
By the way, are we the only ones still peeling and coring their apples?

Back to today... we split up - Connor and D went to the library, and then to do grocery shopping, and Kendra came with me to buy panties and underpants (they missed my potty training goal in Feb, so I'm getting hardcore), and sheets, duvet inners, etc for their beds. I probably shouldn't go near the shops again because I spent a lot - way too much for my liking.

Another aside, Kendra is so quiet compared to Connor. I kept saying, "Kendra, are you okay?" and she'd say, "just being quiet" :) Connor talks non-stop (I even had to go in at nap-time to say "shhhh, Kendra's already sleeping") and I'm used to all the chatter in the car.

After lunch, we three went to sleep for a bit and then my friend, Nat, came over with D1. It was a little (okay, a lot) embarrassing hearing my kids being so bossy with D. I'm going to have to prep them some more and help them to share.
Nat "Connor, can D please ride your motorbike?"
Connor No

Dear Lord!
But the three of them seemed to sort themselves out by the end of the afternoon and Connor wanted to go home with them.

As for us, we had a lovely time connecting, something I didn't realise I needed that much til we started speaking. I really appreciate her prioritising our friendship this weekend as we technically only had a free day in common on 28 April.

When she was leaving, D said to us, "so are you two all caught up?"

And I said, "we can have 3-hour lunches and never feel caught up!" True. Nat said, "my love tank is only 75% filled" LOL

So we've tentatively promised to sneak away one night soon and go have supper together, just the two of us.

What are your favourite romantic comedies?
How was your Saturday? 
How full is your love tank at the moment?


  1. i totally get the hardcore approach on the potty training thing -- that milestone couldn't come fast enough!

  2. I do love My Best Friend's Wedding, but Miss Congeniality is definitely at the top of my list followed closely by Two Weeks Notice. Not sure about the other 3. I'd have to think more on that one.

    Love, love, LOVE that 3rd photo of Connor. Such a little cutie! :o)

    As for the apples, I still core them sometimes, but haven't peeled them since they were about a year and a half. We were apple picking at that time, and they both just started chomping away at the apple, so proud to be holding an entire apple in their hands. They were doing fine with them, so I chose not to take them away. The only reason I don't give them whole apples now is because they don't finish them. So I cut one up to share, and that's why I core it. (Probably more than you wanted to know.)

    Happy Saturday!

  3. adesolaf6:45 am

    Love all the pictures!!!!

    The weather in Pretoria was hot and nippy at the same time which for me is recipe for the dreaded FLU. Spent the early part of saturday morning doing the sunrise Monster walk (I did 5km)and made a new friend while at it (we made plans to do another 5k together in 2 weeks), rest of the day I catching up on sleep and admin

    Hope you enjoyed the shopping with K? Despite her being quiet (which just shows stereotypes are just that, you'Ll expect the girl to be talkative and the boy quiet)

    Romantic Comedies are my best movies to watch, I just love happy endings. Not sure which are my favourites though keeps changing ;;)

    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. adesolaf6:48 am

    That was meant to read rest of the day I spent catching up on sleep and admin

  5. I LOVED Notting Hill, Two weeks notice, It's complicated. There's a few more actually but they are not coming to me right now. Saturday was lovely - my love tank is full at the moment because we had some alone/date time yesterday. I do need to find a way to keep it filled without needing others to do that for me.
    We don't peel and core apples unless they are being cubed/sliced to be eaten in yoghurt. My Saturday was rather busy. Errands, banking business, late lunch with MIL, date with boyfriend, visit my Mom. I literally fell into bed at 21:00 when we got into the house. In-laws are coming over today so it's going to be another busy one. Am tidying up quickly and am going to the PO and the shops at 9am. And we still need to go to Church tonight. Hope you have a lovely Sunday.x

  6. I love Romantic Comedies. Right now my favourite is Music and Lyrics! My kids being older, no I don't peel / core their apples anymore.

    Right now I'm blessed to have friendships where we often catch up and it feels like we can still keep catching up. I would far rather have that feeling of "we're not caught up yet" than having a friendship that is such hard work where it constantly feels like you just don't know what to say next.

  7. LOVE that last picture of Connor! And Kendra saying, "Just being quiet"??? That's awesome. :) She knows what she's doing!

    (On an apple note, I peeled and diced the girls' apples until just a few weeks ago...I've started cutting them in very thin slices, with the peel on. I have never given them a whole apple...they'll probably be seven before I go there...HA!)

    So happy your had an awesome 3-hour lunch! That's so good for the soul!

    And I had a really good Saturday, at least most of it. :) The girls and I met my friend S and her two boys - ages 9 and 12 - at the bookstore. We browsed around, read, played, and then went to lunch. It was 179 degrees from "girl time" with my friend, but it was so neat to be out...relatively relaxed. It just felt like we were two moms, out with our kids...not that I was out with two babies and my friend was helping me. Does that make sense? I didn't realize it at the time, but afterwards it hit me what a neat feeling it was! :)

    The not-so-fun part was that the girls didn't nap...which means they didn't behave well in the afternoon...which is not fun for anyone. Ugh. is a new day. We started with a big family breakfast, and everyone is playing / I'm hopeful this will be a better day all around. And the girls already promised Sasha the cat, of their own accord, that they would nap well today. :) :)

  8. I too am a fan of Romantic Comedies!! Like all the ones you and Reanbean mentioned, but i think Sweet home Alabama is probably my all time favorite!! :):)

    When did your baby boy get so big?!?! He is simply precious! My two love to eat the apple whole now. Yes, there are times I still cut up, but not very often peel.

    Happy Sunday!

  9. ahhh....Notting Hill is definitely a fave. B and I saw it just after we got married. :)

    love all of these pictures. and yea for your friend date. i'm three quarters done with BFF and really starting to be mindful of potential and my actions. :)

  10. Notting Hill and Love Actually are probably my favorites. I also really like Ever After. French Kiss and You've Got Mail are pretty great too! Oh---going way back a bit, The Money Pit is a great movie too!

    I can relate to Kendra. I'm an introvert, and sometimes I just need to be quiet :)

  11. I am useless at remembering movie names but I love all Drew Barrymores romance movies and Benny and Joon was a beautiful story!

    Saturday was busy - market, work, movie night at school - we got home at 22h00 - was a LOOOOONG day!

    My love cup is full full full :) Last sunday we had lunch with an old friend, this past sunday I spent the afternoon with another friend I havent seen in ages - it was awesome. Next sunday I am seeing another friend. LOL sundays are becoming friend days!

  12. Have you seen "Crazy, Stupid, Love?" A little crass - but wonderful at the same time :)

  13. Connor is so cute...and I actually still peel and core apples for my grandchildren...that way they eat it all.

  14. I like the movie "a good year" and also just about anything Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock play in.

    If I peel and core an apple for N she won't eat it!

  15. We still core and peel LaRue's apples, and probably will until she actually eats the peel. I don't peel Joel's, and he recently decided he didn't like waiting for someone to chop up his apple into slices.

    I'm not much into romantic anything....shocking. Give me good action/fantasy/sci-fi without the horror aspect, and I'm good! But then, I don't watch movies much - and rarely at the speed intended.

    I don't remember Saturday .... I'm sure we had one though. Maybe because it is the only day last week that wasn't hectic or horrific or both.

    My love tank stays on the empty side.

    Though I totally enjoyed helping my best friend do up a floor plan of her house on graph paper so we could put paper furniture into the rooms on Sunday. I felt useful! People always are asking for my help - but they ask me to do things I'm not good at, and then are disappointed with the results. My best friend knows what I am good at, and was delighted with her floor plan!

  16. I just hand the kids apples. they'll eat them until there's pretty much nothing left. It keeps them occupied for like an hour, its bliss LOL

  17. Ph my gosh, that child is adorable!

    For me it would be Love actually, New Years Eve, When Harry met Sally, Something got to give ams As good as it gets.


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