Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six on Saturday

I'm having the worst time commenting on blogs lately - I keep clicking refresh and it still doesn't want to display the form. It is probably me.... but Katie, all your organising looks fab! Mandy, your photos are amazing! MandyE, your week was super-fantabulous :) (I can't do this for everyone but these ones came to mind) I can't even upload a pic!
1. This was the post that should have been written last night if my computer/ blogger/ the internet co-operated. I tried a couple of times and eventually took it as a sign that it was not to be... and cleaned the study. Well, as much as you can clean when the contents of your HUGE cupboard are  all over the bed.
2. I slept in yesterday so Connor and I didn't go to gym. I learnt that I really need to set my alarm and get moving otherwise I only eat at 10:30 and get dressed at 11:00. Basically the day just gets away from me and I get nothing done.
3. D and I had date afternoon yesterday. We dropped the kids at MIL, went to have a long, leisurely (hot) lunch and talked about all the things we need to, some of which include upcoming holidays, V, work pressures, etc. And then we went shopping and spent far too much money on books for the kids and a few puzzles. Apparently Connor told D that he doesn't like the puzzles with the little handles anymore! We bought 2 X 9-piece wooden puzzles each and they got one each this morning.
4. I think I may have a SLIGHT problem. I think I enjoy the kids' wooden toys more than they do. Honestly, if I had my way, I'd only have them play with wooden things. They're so solid and heavy and for a tactile person like I am, it's just a slice of heaven :) There are two wooden toys for them to use in the study - stacking rings that make a very satisfying thud as you drop them, and a ramp with racing cars. I LOVE THEM BOTH!
5. I finished the second round of book edits. I'd been procrastinating for about 2 - 3 weeks and it took me all of..... TWELVE minutes. Yes. Let that be a lesson for you too - don't procrastinate :)
6. I am SOOO enjoying my non-fiction read for this month, "I thought it was just me (but it isn't)" by Brene Brown. I have about 8 - 10 post-it flags marked because I have some stuff to blog!!! Oh, the book is about shame and shame resilience. I have 44 pages left and I may just read it all tonight, I'm enjoying it so much.
How was your weekend?
What are you procrastinating?
What are you reading?


  1. Yes! I'm missing you on the blogs. My weekend was lovely. Errands yesterday morning, late Spur breakfast, vegging around at home. I just came from a birthday tea party now and ate way too much! Was lovely.
    I am procrastinating on LOADS of things. I think I may just write a post on it. I'm reading A Million Miles from Normal. A chic lit kind of book written by a South African author. Will include it into your package as soon as I'm done in the next few days. As soon as I'm done with it, I'm getting started on some non-fiction.

  2. you are so sweet! thanks for following along and offering encouragement!

  3. I love wooden toys, too! I know the girls like their train set...but I think I like it at least as much, if not more! :)

    I ordered the most awesome felt birthday cake set from Etsy. It just came in the mail yesterday, and it is gorgeous!!! It's 180 degrees from wood, of course, but I cannot wait to put it in the girls' Easter baskets. They are going to FLIP!

    Last night I was about 10 pages from finishing a fiction book "Testimony", by Anita Shreve. Even though it was late, I had to soak in the tub for a little bit just so I could read the rest of it before bed. :) The subject matter was very heavy, but I thought it was incredibly well-written.

    And procrastinating? Oh, I could write a long list. :) I am working to finish a photo book and February photos by Monday night, though, to take advantage of a everything else is pretty well on hold, at least for a couple of days. Oh, will be there when I get to it! ;)

  4. Right now the only thing I'm procrastinating on is turning on the bread maker. ;-) I had an uncomfortable conversation that's been loooong overdue this weekend. The timing could have been better, but it is what it is? *shrug* The term "rip the plaster off" comes to mind.

  5. My weekend was far too busy for my liking, far too busy. I am barely keeping my eyes up but I can't move the cat off the bed to sleep!

    My procrastination is currently a photobook that I HAVE to finish tomorrow! It's FREE and expires tomorrow! FREE!

  6. Oh and thank you so much! I'm torn between two lenses at the moment so I'm trying to decide how much I would use an up close lens-thoughts?

    I also love wooden toys, in general I'm pretty anti-plastic. I especially love hand made toys and all their originality. The girls have started getting into characters things and I can't stand it for the most part.

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