Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The story about the blue paint

Our current gardener was our ex-cleaning person over the holidays while Nester was on leave.

He is fantastic because in addition to cleaning and gardening, he can also paint.

So I had a lightbulb moment.

I need to get all my painting projects off my list. He can do it!

I hate having my house in a mess but I focussed on the end result.

So I asked him to come in on Saturday to paint two things.

While I was trying to get ready, I asked him to get the blue paint from the garage.

He brought all the paints out and laid it all out in front of my back door and ... no blue paint.

This was not just any blue paint - but a STUNNING turquoisey colour.

One that had me gasping. One that would be a focus point in my kitchen/ laundry area.

I won't lie - I freaked out a lot.

First of all, I took literally weeks deciding on that colour. Was it too blue, was it too green, was it bright enough? Would it clash with my funny purple wall in the dining room?

the blue is a lot like this blue

Then I bought it, had an argy-bargy with the current painter and the dresser never got painted.

Also, it cost about R300 which is not small change!

I don't know who stole it, nor do I want to think about it.

I told him to do the primer, we'd get paint over the weekend and he could come on Monday morning to do the actual painting.

Yesterday I handed D a blue bucket that was exactly the colour and told him to go buy more paint in that colour while I fed the kids lunch.

He returned with the paint.

This morning G (painter) started painting before I was dressed and presentable.

I went to look outside and ... the blue didn't look right.

I tried to justify it (why?!!) by saying it's just the early morning light, etc. but when I got home from work yesterday, I about freaked again.

There are about 50 shades of blue between the current blue of my dresser and the blue I chose. Just in case I was losing my mind, I took the bucket outside to compare the blues.

OH MY WORD - worlds apart.

So I'm in a foul mood.

D said to me, "why are you so cross?" and I let him have it.

I still can't understand how anyone could mix up that blue with MY blue.

Unless he didn't take the bucket inside the store?

D tells me he gave the man the blue bucket and this was the paint he got. So I have one more person to fight with.

I'm super annoyed because not only do I have to pay yet another day's labour, but I have to buy MORE paint and have my house untidy for another week.

Moral of the story: learn from my mistake and never send your husband to buy paint.


Speaking of colour, it's St Patrick's Day on Saturday. While we are not Irish, I love Ireland dearly and I think I'll post some of my favourite Ireland memories on Saturday.

Do you decorate for St Patrick's Day?

Of course I don't - I barely decorate.... but I do love that bright green :)


  1. No I don't decorate for St Patrick's day :-). Men and paint...
    In our one rental house the owner was super fussy and wanted the house to look like it had never been lived in by the time we moved out. At some point during our stay one of the kids took a block and scraped it on the wall scraping some of the paint off. Not a problem said hubby there is some left-over pain under the stairs. Time to move out, hubby hauled out the left over paint and... it was the wrong shade of white... So he had to pay somebody to fix it all up again...

  2. I don't celebrate St. Patricks day at all. I think that this is due to the fact that it's not really celebrated in SA.

  3. adesolaf1:56 pm

    Oh dear!!!

    I like freshly painted spaces but hate the smell of paint (yuck). Sorry you have to get it done again.

    Nope, don't celebrate st Patrick's day or count it as a day for celebration (my hubby would have a fit if I decided to decorate the house for it, seeing he doesn't even get the Christmas decorating thing) but I once lived in Boston and it was huge there and fun (but too much drinking though)

  4. Aw, man! I hate that your paint is gone, especially after you put so much thought into it. (I threw in that phrase for you up there...we used to say "aw, MAN!" all the time as kids. In place of "oh no!" or something, I guess? I had a teacher that HATED it. Another southern saying for your list!)

    I am so glad St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday this year so I don't have to deal with everyone at work checking to see if I'm wearing green. It gets old after the first hour or so. : ) I do love green though, and I would love to be in Savannah, GA for St. Patrick's Day one year...they have huge celebrations.

  5. oh no!! i love that tiffany blue color! and i hate when i have something in my mind and then it turns out differently. i wonder if whomever has your paint is enjoying it as much as you would have???

  6. Oh yes - some irish memories please :)

    I usually do a St Patricks Day link up (with prizes) so I hope you will join in!

    My husband has NO clue about colour - shades of blue he says are green, shades of green he says are brown. It must be in the genes!

  7. Well the hubby is half Irish, and the kids en at leastanquarter? We always cebrate it a bit, but with all the ballet om Saturday I guess this year will not happen. Maybe some whisky?

    And do yo know they mix the colours to a precise formla and that no two batches are ever exactly the same if mixed at the same time and place unless it is a ready colour you buy

  8. Oh my hat!
    Can I tell you something? I am paranoid about paint. All the walls in my home are white because I can't deal with experiments. Two years ago we painted the outside of our house and Lance told me that he is not doing it in white so I need to deal with my issues. Eventually I told him to choose a colour and he chose a pink-peach-brown-chocolate kind of colour which turned out beautifully. Seriously. I wish I could be brave enough to put colour inside the house.
    Oh, and we don't do St Patricks Day though I'm thinking that I should make something Irish to eat and get Guiness for Lance to drink? Will see how it goes.

  9. We don't do St. Patties, those celebrations pretty much stopped right after college LOL!

    I'm terrible with colors. Instead of wanting a specific blue, I just say I want blue and start finding pretty one that don't necessarily go with the area it's being used. Luckily DH has a good bit of "metro" to him and gently guides me to the best shade.

    And who in the world would steal paint?! I'm thinking of mixing the left over cans the next time I need to paint, we have so many!

  10. Oh, Marcia...I'm "growling" on your behalf, just reading this. I can certainly sense the frustration on all fronts.

    It's easy for me to type this...but try to keep perspective. Yes, this all stinks, on many levels...but it's just paint, it's just a dresser, it's just money (eek!). As aggravated as you are, understandably, I hope you can keep from clouding your week too much.

    And St. Patty's Day??? We hosted a set of twin friends for a play date today. I just had to have a "green" lunch! :) I was so proud, too...green paper plates, kiwi and green grapes, and three small sandwiches I made with heart cookie cutters, put together to look like a clover, with a cucumber spear as the stem. I didn't take a picture of my masterpieces (since we had friends here and I didn't want to seem weird!), but - to use your words - I could have squealed I loved it so much! ;)

    Happy thoughts, Marcia! Looking forward to seeing your Ireland pics! :)

  11. That's annoying. I'm having painting promblems here too. I've never painted before, so I'm learning all this. My paint counter person told me to get my primer tinted grey so the color would pop more. I listened. The thing is, the color was cream and won't cover the grey primer without 3 full coats! Why would she have me tint my primer when the color was cream! Frustration. I hope the blue situation gets better.

  12. Shortly after we started at the Mission, I would start painting my house over the weekend and when DH got home, he would nearly faint. One month my kitchen was blue with yellow cupboards and a few months later the walls were yellow and the cupboards were blue. I think I went through a crazy faze and experimented like a crazy artist. In those years I learned that men will always think that a colour is to bright...you never trust them with paint, if you do, it will be much lighter and duller than what you want. I think my DH is so glad I don't have the energy for these crazy antics anymore. Now my house is all grown up with sane colours.

  13. Hahaha! This reminds me of an occasion where I sent someone to go buy two shades of blue and one shade of orange spray paint. He came back with some crazy colours and when confronted about it finally admitted to being completely colour blind! ;-)


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