Saturday, March 31, 2012

Swings and roundabouts

I was sorting out March pics last night. As I delete, put in folders, etc. I use my method to email them to the various blogs at the same time.

Apparently I was working too fast for my computer/ internet because I had 13 (yes, 13) emails full of pics frozen in my outbox and no matter what I did, they wouldn't send.

So I called it a night and went to bed.

Here's the update on my March goals:

  1. Read my devotional every single day.  NO! Big fail :(
  2. Continue to listen to worship CDs in the car on the way to work. (has been working so great the last 2 months) This is now a very good habit I have going on - I'm going to continue but I won't put this on my list this next month.

  1. Have two dates with D. We watched a movie together (The Switch) and had a date afternoon last week.
  2. Speak to our parents about possibly babysitting while we go on holiday together to the US. This is a subject for a PYHO :) DONE - my mother is coming up to be with the babies. Such a relief.
  3. Do one fun thing with the kids Well, we tried to do "breakfast" yesterday - arrived at 11:10 so it was our earliest "out" meal of the kids' life but ended up being a very early lunch. I still want to take them to the Zoo. Maybe over the easter weekend?
  4. Get the kids' room sorted. Beds should arrive by the middle of March. Done - the beds are sorted and so are all the clothes, ready for winter :)
  5. Get kids potty trained before it gets cold!One down, one to go. I incentivised V by offering her a bonus for getting them potty trained :) just like we get incentives at work.
I was very intentional this month about creating memories so I lay and read more, chased them around more, etc.
  1. Prepare properly for my big meeting with the new boss. Have my goals, etc. in writing. Done. The meeting didn't quite go as I wanted it to -- I suspect this is just two forceful personalities..... but it wasn't combative.
  2. Keep focussed on big things that will yield results instead of the littler, easier things. To say this month has been overwhelming at work is understating things a lot. Soon into the month I thought about it and realised this is my life for now while we're under-resourced BUT I can do one thing every day to move us closer to our big strategic goals, so that's what I've been doing. Even in days FULL of meetings, I can send a few emails and do even 30 mins' work on those big things. I started feeling a lot calmer as a result.

  1. Decide on dates for US trip, book flights and apply for visa. Visa is started but I'm only 1 page out of 7 done. I found out that they tell you to not book flights til your visa is approved otherwise flights would have been booked. However, I did pay my full conference fee so there is that.
  2. Do something new to generate money (this is going to be a monthly goal) I tried something... it didn't work well at all. I'm wondering if I should just close down the whole thing and speak only for God, and not for profit. However I was booked for a talk which I did early in March and went great so things are confusing.
  3. Hound the lady to finish my book cover DONE and signed off. I love it!!!
  4. Work through second round of edits. DONE
  5. Order a proof copy - but my darn internet is messing around and I couldn't upload all the big files but the book is uploaded, just need to do the cover from work probably.
  6. Get book Kindle-ised - for April
  1. Tea at my house with Natalie
  2. Playdate at Caren's house
  3. Go to church thing with Michelle
  4. Lunch at A's house
  5. Supper with F
I had a great month of socials with friends :)

Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym with Connor 5 times We missed one week
  2. Work out with Kristy 8 times Fail. I did 6 and I've now stopped using her but I've upped my membership so I can go to any Virgin Active. In theory, I should go more now :)
  3. Cut out caffeine for two weeks and see if it continues to make a difference, weight-wise. Thereafter allow only one decent (full of caffeine) cup of tea a day. No caffeine worked for about 10 days and then there was a plateau so I went back to the good stuff :)
  4. Get 7 hours of sleep daily, once consistent for a week, increase to 7.5 hours. I did my 7 hours consistently except for one day where some screaming kids woke me an hour earlier. I went back to sleep but it totally messes with my body. How did I survive those first 10 months?! Never managed to increase to 7.5. I want to try again in April but I think my body clock is happy with 7.
  1. Read 5 books, one of them non-fiction. DONE! And I finished 3 days before the end of the month.
  2. Do 5 random acts of kindness, one of them photos for C
  3. Make budget for US trip and try not to freak out too much.
  4. Get Brazilian done

  1. Feb month in review page in mini scrapbook
  2. Play some more with that zoom lens. Walk around my campus at work.I squeezed this in about an hour before I had to leave on Friday, the last working day of the month, in about 15 minutes. It was FREEZING out so that helped me to focus and get it done. I need to still download and see if any are any good.
  3. Make some cards and decorate with my envelope punch. Any other ideas to use this thing otherwise I'll have to sell it??? not done
  4. Make some thank-you cards
  5. Do a canvas craft from my Pinterest board not completed but I started last night
  6. Bake/ cook two new things not done
However, I did have to supervise the painting of 4 items of furniture in my house so I didn't want to "mess" any more than I had to.

Also not on the list but I made a TON of clothespeg clips, clothespeg magnets and that magnetic frame I still need to show you.

How did you do on your goals for March?

PS I will post about the nanny situation tonight. I have to make a (potentially) difficult phone call this afternoon


  1. I love how you said that you were intentional about creating memories.

    When I was a little girl, my friend and I were outside watching the moon eclipse with her dad (he had a high powered telescope). We were laughing and joking around, and he scolded us, telling us that we would forget playing in a lawn chair tomorrow, but that we'd never forget seeing the eclipse.

    Ahem! I tend to be a bit on the stubborn side, so I made it a point to never forget playing in the lawn chair. :)

    My point---you do make your memories, and you can be intentional about what's special, and what you hold on to. And---it doesn't have to seem significant to anyone else. Love the photo shoot before church, and the one chasing around your son. :)

  2. I didn't do too badly. Must make up a new list for this month. You did well! I do need to be more consistent with my earlier bedtime. I HONESTLY cannot function on less than 8 hours. Am starting right now!

  3. You did great on your March list! Well done. :-)


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