Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I really have only two big ones to post about but I'm sure I can clear my mind of ten things, easy!

1. Today I exercised courage and it felt really good. I had a meeting in Sandton and I took the Gautrain. It was all kinds of wonderful. I felt like I was in London (my only experience of an underground transport system except for Singapore) and now I can't WAIT for NYC. It was courageous (for me) because you all know I have major issues getting lost..........

2. The meeting was a playdate for a company I use to track my finances and I enjoyed it so much. About 20 people, only 4 of us girls, all talking about finances, buying behaviours and whatnot. SUCH fun (for me). We even got R200 each to spend as part of the psychological exercise. I love it. (I bought canvases and food :))

3. Ever since the kids' beds arrived last Wed, they've been going to bed at 8 pm. This is so not acceptable to us but it is also compounded by the no sleep CD thing. I think I'm going to cave and just play it off my laptop every evening.

4. So I decided since my house was a mess, I would just paint everything I wanted to. I think I'll appreciate it on the weekend when the house is back to normal BUT in the meantime, it is so crazy messy. They tease me at work because I said I have THREE messy rooms :)

a peek at the painting...

5. The book cover is now 98% done. I have two small changes to email her about and that's it. So excited! I may just reach the book goal this month - there is one week left of March...

6. Something's been nagging me at the back of my mind for a week or so. Finally I twigged. Tonight I went outside to talk to D and he agrees with me - we think V is pregnant. Yes. She's been wearing a black puffy jacket over her t-shirt for a few weeks now despite it being hot. So on Thursday we will talk to her and find out all the facts. Yes, I'm jumping ahead but that's what I do - I like to call it "good planning and formulating alternative plans". I said to D at the very best we may have til July. At the VERY best.

7. We have a mouse. Yes, and I'm freaked. But we're doing our best to kill it quickly. I'm not one of those "mercy" people. I don't like dirty animals in my house and they must go!

8. I just heard something very sad. I can't say but I'm hurting so much for my blog friend. And so I'm munching on a jar of jelly beans (I bought the kids cars filled with jelly beans, carefully emptied out each of them and what? they're better for me?).

9. We had two socials this weekend besides the usual stuff (gym and church) and it was just too much. It was lovely while we were out seeing our friends but when you get back to the madhouse that is still such a tip, not a good thing. I also took the worse photos ever at the second social. I downloaded them last night and they are DISGUSTING. So apparently I can only take pics outside in the sun, or really close-up pics of non-moving subjects :)

and last but by no means least...

10. I'm over here today. Go have a look and see if there's anything about me you didn't know :)

Can you guess which were my two big ones?
Are you living out your word for the year?


  1. I feel so naive but what does it matter that V is pregnant? Is she leaving? You don't have to pay her leave do you!? And why would she hide it?

    I did laugh hearing about the kids staying up so late. I'm surprised you haven't died dealing with it!! Are the up and around the house, or just in their rooms not sleeping? Our girls will stay up and talk for almost an hour after bedtime, but they know not get up and play. They are totally guilty to hoarding books in their beds though, I don't know how they sleep!

    Lastly, I spare NO EXPENSE evicting unwanted "guest" from my house.

  2. Oh I had to s,ile about the 3 messy rooms and I have no mercynfor mice too! Gosh and I do hope all my blogging friends are fine. Gosh and V - that could be a problem!

  3. Mice, yikes I hope you can get rid of it for good!!!

    The two big ones I'm guessing are you taking the train and the kids staying up till 8pm. YAY for taking the train I have been using it to work since Jan and it's the best decision I've made

    I hope the blog friend issue is resolved. Hope you have a fruitful human rights day

  4. I'm really sorry that you are hurting so bad for your blog friend :(
    I wish you two all of the best with the nanny being pregnant.
    Well done regarding your courage - I think that is one of the two big things. It's such an achievement for sure.

  5. I had a lot of messy rooms while the children lived with us....thankfully that is no longer the case, and I love having it all to myself again:-) What are you going to do with the twins if V has to leave because she is pregnant?

  6. Hahaha @ your3 messy rooms. I always feel like I have 3 messy rooms...and I only have 3 to begin with! ;-)

  7. Well done on exercising courage! I think I would LOVE the Gautrain. Funny enough, I am not too perturbed about getting lost when I'm on foot. I HATE it though when I'm driving. Somehow it just seems more obvious. Have you spoken to V yet? Good luck with that one.

    ps. sorry about your blog friend.

  8. That color is awesome...I want to see more painting!!!


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