Sunday, March 04, 2012

Why do I keep doing this to myself?!


First let me tell you how I organise my Groupons.

Once the deal goes through and I get the email with the voucher attached, I print the PDF voucher.

I have a see-through (red) plastic-sleeved folder on my desk called "deadline-based" and I keep everything in there by expiry date. The ones that expire first are at the front.

Anyway, I bought another Brazilian (hair) last week so when I was filing it, I checked my Groupon folder.

And............... I have TWO due this month.


Not only that, but they are both photo-based ones and you know how those stress me out.

1. I need to choose 3 pics to get blown up to A3 or A2 - I can't remember THURSDAY. It's got to be from the Newtown photo shoot. So I've decided it's one of me and D, one of the kids, and one of all of us. So today you need to please weigh in and tell me which of these 4 you'd pick for the couples one. Tomorrow I'll put some of the kids and Tuesday the family ones. Even if you never comment, I'd love to know what you think and why.
2. I need to do two mini photobooks by 31 March. At the time of buying them I thought, "easy-peasy" but now I realise it's a big deal. I was thinking of finally doing C & K's first two years because I really only got into my memory-keeping groove on their second birthday.


Fun times.

In other news, the company that we use to hire DVDs is closing up shop due to all these other techno things I haven't even heard of (if you saw our old TV, you'd get it). Bottom line, we have til end March (what is it with end March?!) to use up all our credits, so D and I are getting movies like crazy.

And so I'm off to watch Rumour Has It. :)

Do you buy Groupons, etc?
What are you looking forward to this week?
And most important, which pic gets your vote?

Have a wonderful week!

PS I finished deleting the duds and selecting the best pics for my friend. I also did some collages of her kids and some others, and have just put them all on disc. I have a very slight understanding of what photographers must go through because I've packaged the disc, it's all ready to deliver to her tomorrow, and I can't wait to see what she thinks :)

PPS I can't put Notting Hill in my top 10 even. She was such a cow in that movie that it spoiled it for me :)


  1. my vote is for #3. love how intertwined you guys look :)

    ...wait, who's a cow in notting hill?? julia roberts? ;)

  2. I like #2 because it looks very un-posed, and I love the quote on the step. And I like #3 because it's a great picture, still very natural. (I can't pick just one!) ;)

    I have a photo book due in less than a week. I'm over 1/2 done with it, but the last couple of times I've been on Shutterfly, it has moved SO SLOW for me. I've got to knock it out, but I'm dreading it if there continue to be technical difficulties.

  3. adesolaf10:16 pm

    I looove Notting Hill I'm just a girl standing in fron of a boy, asking him to love her!!! Ha the classic line, and the quirky family and friends that just does it for me, I watched it again tonight.

    Picture to pick, love them all but 3 is my favourite, I love black and white pics and you both look so relaxed, contented and in love, so that gets my vote any day. If you had to use one in coloured I would pick 2, but 3 is still my overall winner

    I started using Groupon and I'm getting hooked, also got one for an enlargement and you can guess that I'm blowing up a black and white pic. Oh my thanks for reminding me I need to check when my photobook one is expiring (I hate loosing money especially when I'm trying to score a bargain)

    Busy week ahead for me, so not really looking forward to anything workwise

    Do have a great week ahead

  4. I LOVED Notting Hill. Love the classic line..."I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy - asking him to love her". Seriously. That line gets me every time. My favourite pic here is number 1. I subscribe to Groupon and I have yet to buy something from there. This week, I need to sort out a whole lot of private admin that I keep putting off. It's starting to sneak up on me and bite me in the bum!

  5. I love number 3! This week I have training and training and training with the upcoming triathlon on the 18th and my friend Rose decided next year we are doing a half marathon which she kind of conned me to agree to...

  6. I vote #3. I would be great blown-up. The first two would be great to stick around a mirror or on your night stand.

    I LOVE Groupon. I'm a junkie. I have had to cut back though. I bought two vouchers to use for date nights to let us try a new place for dinner. DH doesn't like to try new things so he put it off and off till they expired. I was livid. There is also one in my area like groupon that sends out family and kid friendly offers so I have been stocking up for summer!

    I'm not much into those types of movies. When I stayed in Notting Hill we walked around where they filmed and I was rather disappointed that it didn't look exactly like the movie. LOL! I don't know why I expected it to!

  7. photo no 2 is my favourite cause I like the background (colours, words on step) and you and D look so relaxed and at ease with each other!

  8. Clearly my memory is shot because I don't even remember that line? Maybe I should take it out again?

    I love 4 and 3. In fact, any one of us would probably be printed in black and white so I don
    Have to worry about a color scheme

  9. Anonymous10:11 am

    I love #2. Looks the most natural to me. :-)


  10. I like #4. You two are more relaxed in that photo which makes it look better.

  11. I love number two...and the wording on the step next to you is awesome. I have never bought a groupon...wouldn't even know where to go for them.

  12. 3 best - I'm all about faces and poses that have some "action" to them, a hug, a laugh ...

    2 second ... I like the quote on the steps.

  13. I love 1 and 3. I'm torn between the two

  14. Without a dpubt number 2! I love the words and you leaning into D.

    I have only done 2 Goupon/ Wicount things - I really do not want to buy things I was not thinking of buying in any event. Both worked out so well - the boys 4 th birthday party ans our photo shoot


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