Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} The blue paint - fixed

Happy Human Rights Day to my fellow South Africans :)

not very easy to see but this was the old blue paint, the one that looked pastel like a baby's room. Ugh!
this is the one I wanted - yummy! I took this bucket to Universal Paints (they were fabulous!), they scanned this colour and mixed up the paint. So easy!
here's the teaser I posted yesterday - the red table runner is from a company called Rhubarb - I first discovered them quite by accident at a new Pick and Pay.
"staged" for the pic but I really like it like this - let's see how long this lasts
all pics taken at night - about 11 pm - such dedication for the blog
11pm is when the crazy comes out and I start taking pics of everything...
more of me...
while waiting for my tea to brew (I do take it with milk)
at a distance - the babies' stove is the same blue
here's the chalkboard I never use (as you can see from the date). please - where can I find a chalkboard marker?
What are you loving at the moment?
What do you think of that blue?


  1. That is a stunning blue...I love everything blue. LOL! You should be in bed by that time and not taking crazy pics. Hope you are having a wonderful bonus off day today.

  2. I love the blue and red - one of my favorite color combos! (p.s. thanks for your suggestion about the comments - fixed!)

  3. I love the blue!!

  4. ooohh, love it! I like the way it matches the little stove. That bowl of green apples looks great with those colors!

  5. That's a great blue. I think your little setup looks great :-)

    I'm loving doing triathlons at the moment - yes, yes, I'm indeed nuts. And yes, yes, I've lost my mind...

  6. I like the blue but not something I would have in my home, as it would not fit in with the color scheme I have at home. But it's lovely and you did a great job with it.

  7. It looks gorgeous!

  8. LIKE. What am I loving at the moment? FOOD. I know it's bad but I just want to eat ALL THE TIME!

  9. Love the blue!!! Yes, this is how behind I am on reading blogs! ACK!!!


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