Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April goals!

April is a short month in South Africa - we have tons of public holidays and we love it!

At my work, almost everyone takes off a good chunk of time and I think this is the first year in sweet forever that D and I won't be away - we even went to Ireland when I was pregnant!

Because of all the holidays, I'm lowering my expectations of myself this month :)


Read my devotional every single day.

  1. Have three dates with D (two dates are now on track so it's time to up our game)
  2. Take the kids to the zoo and do one other fun thing
  3. Work on getting rid of the "nonononono"
  4. Work on getting child 2 potty trained before it gets even colder
  5. Get Nanny S trained properly 
  1. Have an awesome, "on my game" interview next week.
  2. Work hard on my big project at work.
  1. Order a proof copy of my book
  2. Get book Kindle-ised 
  3. Start advertising and pre-selling
  1. Brunch with R and C
  2. Supper with my friend R
  3. Bambanani with L, R and M
  4. Lunch at our place with J & M
Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym with Connor 4 times
  2. Work out at new gym 8 times 
  3. Lose 2 kg (stretch goal 3 kg) - I didn't tell you but I joined Weigh-Less on Saturday.
  4. Get 7 - 7.5 hours of sleep daily
  1. Apply for visa.
  2. Read 5 books, one of them non-fiction.  This month's NF book "It's all too much - Peter Walsh"
  3. Do 4 random acts of kindness
  1. March month in review page in mini scrapbook
  2. Have FUN with Superhero photo
  3. Do a canvas craft from my Pinterest board - half done...
  4. Do a craft with buttons!
  5. Bake/ cook two new things - should be easy with me being on Weigh-Less and it being cold :)

Have you set some goals for April? Link up your posts in the comments.
PS Please will someone click on my March goals - I only have 99 views :) EDITED to add - thanks. I now have 109 views :)PPS I'm not bothering with the linky since it's just me, Louisa and Mandy every month


  1. Ag and I have dropped out so badly but at the moment it is survival only. Can not wait ot see you

  2. You have a lot of goals but since reading your blog, I know that you will make most of them possible.

  3. Still an ambitious list you have there! ;-)

  4. How do you have 100 views but no one else linking up?? I'm super excited for superhero. Last night I started reclaiming my craft corner, I'm half done!!

  5. I love you picture!!

  6. Visa...YEA!!!

    I bought a small tub of buttons a couple of weeks ago. I have a larger one, but the colors aren't great. The new ones I bought are much softer, and many are a bit iridescent...they'll be great for crafting. :)

  7. With two major resignation upsets at work this week, at this stage my goal is getting through April with my sanity in tact;-)


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