Sunday, April 01, 2012

{Create} Magnetic frame and clothespegs

There are two things going on here - wait, actually three.

A bit of a backstory...

1. I love the magnetic boards that people have been doing all over blogland but try as I might, I couldn't find sheet metal anywhere.

I still can't. Just yesterday when I went to get something done for a current project, I popped in again to another hardware store and still nothing. I even told the man, "it's supposed to be near your plumbing supplies and it's called galvanised sheet metal". No, they don't have it.


2. So I then bought a biscuit tray (cookie tray) and hung it backwards on a 3m command hook. Worked perfectly.

It looked a bit boring just like that so I took a felt placemat - they sell them in all the homeware sections of Mr P Home (R16), Sheet Street (R15), Ackermans (R25) - cut out the inner bit and used the outside to attach as a border.

It's not perfect but I'm happy with it... from a distance :) A makeshift little magnetic board which will do for now.

3. See the magnets holding those prints?

They were made when I did my clothespeg pins.

I bought a roll of magnetic tape for about R15 at Westpack. Technically this is easy to use. Peel off the amount you need, cut, remove the adhesive strip and attach.

It wasn't that easy with my pegs. I don't know if it was just because they were wooden or what.

Nevertheless, I had to use wood glue to attach the magnets and I only had the patience to make 6 in total.

This is why when I see cute things where people take days to make something I click away. I'm an instant gratification crafting person.

I attached the 6 magnets, placed a couple of heavy books on top to weigh it all down to prevent curling and then left it overnight. They were fine the next day.

This print is from Monika Wright's etsy shop.
and the top one is Brene Brown's authenticy print - I downloaded it for free, printed and laminated.

side view
pink dotty fabric tape
I'm linking this post up to all these parties.

Are you playing along? 
What did you create this weekend?
What else can I do with those felt placemats? 

PS did you see  I organised all my craft projects in one place? Look at the navigation bar.


  1. I am playing along! I just need to take some pics and post it!
    I find the hardware stores to be very unhelpful as well so I tend to avoid them as far as I can. I make the mistake of trying stuff that take days to make. Must stop that. Am also VERY instant gratification with the craft stuff. When I made the magnetic pegs, I bought one of those magnetic bookmarks and just cut it up in strips and used glue to stick it onto the wood. Easy peasy. I didn't even have to weigh it down.

    Can you sew something simple with the felt placemats? Maybe a pouch for your phone or something similar? Or a cute little bag for Kendra? Or a little pencil case? Martha Stewart has a very cute, easy felt pencil case which I'm planning to make soon. I'll mail you the link tomorrow.
    You could even cover some plain hardcover notebooks like I did that one time? Check my archives during October last year. It's on the same post as the mosaic.

  2. So cute, Marcia! Among many other things, I love the variation in textures...the cold metal and the warm, soft felt. And I also appreciate your ingenuity! :)

    Tonight (Sunday), I'm going to organize my craft stuff / bags / mail. Then tomorrow night, as my "reward", I'm going to get crafty. :)

  3. That looks nice!! I think I might have a project this weekend ;)

  4. I'm so instant gratification I would have just stuck it on the fridge. ;-)

    I think that you may be able to buy sheet metal at Fereirras or at a Macsteel branch if you still want some?

  5. Fabulous project! I love it! And after all the saying I was going to craft the weekend I did nothing! Started with the crib to desk project but hit a bit of a wabble on the road which should be sorted out tomorrow night.

    I am thinking covering a hard cover note book and using the edges to "trim" the book.

  6. CUTE!

    When I made mine I found a magnetic dry erase board that I covered and bought it with a coupon. Came out about the same and since I wasn't using the dry erase part I didn't care that it was a poor brand.

    As for the pins, when I use the roll magnets I plop them on the fridge to adhere over night. They have yet to curl up.

    Lastly, it's Monday and I'm think of some post-concert building therapy! What size are the placemats? Could you use them as matting for a framed picture? A fun picture, black and white, and the colorful matting and white beneath? A nice, thick, white frame that is distressed?!


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