Monday, April 16, 2012

{Create} Photo canvas art

Well, I've pinned a TON of canvas projects and wanted to get stuck in and start creating.

So when I walked into a stationery shop and saw these canvases for R16 each ($2), I bought 6.

Did you know I like to buy in threes? Well, I do.

  • Canvas (mine was A4 size - 8 X 11) - somewhere in Sandton but I saw them at Mega Mica on the weekend too
  • Mod-podge (Mega Mica) & paintbrush (Crazy Store)
  • Photo (my local Fuji charged me R40 for the enlargement - I don't know if that's good or bad - I just love the service I get there, and it helps that they always tell me my pics are gorgeous)
  • Ribbon
  • No more nails (Pattex product I had on hand - I'm 100% sure normal glue would work too) - this reminds me of the liquid cement (?) I see mentioned on the US blogs
How I did mine
  1. Paint the mod-podge liberally onto the canvas and attach the photo
  2. Smooth nicely with your hands so that there are no unsightly bubbles (this was my favourite part of the craft because I'm so tactile :))
  3. Leave overnight to dry (remember I do everything at night)
  4. Next night, paint a layer of mod-podge on the front. It looks a bit weird if you're not used to the mod-podge like me but it dries clear
  5. Leave overnight to dry
  6. I did a 3rd coat too just for extra sealing and leave overnight to dry.
  7. Get a nice thick ribbon - I love the synchronicity of this.... the pic was taken by Jeanette at our Newtown photo shoot and when she had the pics delivered, the box was wrapped with this same black ribbon. It's a Jeanette craft. Ha!
  8. Cut the ribbon to size depending on where you want to hang the pic.
  9. Apply the No more nails/ glue for the entire length of the ribbon til it meets the edge of the canvas.
  10. Hang and admire your craftiness

We don't have mud rooms here in South Africa (for our flip flops? I'm JOKING!) but I hung this at the entrance and it makes me smile every day I come into the house.

side view

You could also first put scrapbook paper on the canvas and then cut your pic smaller, or you could paint the outline and then put your photo - I didn't know if this would work so I did nothing.

Now that I know how easy (and cheap) this is, I have big plans for those other canvases. I want to do something like this for a gift for my mother.

Only R56 ($7) and it looks gorgeous (to me, anyway).

So... what do you think? Would you do something like this? 

I'm linking this post to all these craft parties.


  1. That is so, so awesome, Marcia!!! I truly love it!!!

    I would do something like that...if only I had more wall space! ;) Once upon a time I lamented that I didn't have enough, I have pictures of the girls I don't even know what to do with...and they're only THREE!

    I need to see what smaller canvases are available here...if it was truly that easy and affordable for you to do that, I could do something nifty even for the girls' closet (which I've been thinking about doing).

    And I do love the continuity of the ribbon...that's so you!

  2. Gorgeous! I have been wanting to do this forever! I have read that (at least here) you can order prints on thin paper like drafting paper. Same concept only the texture of the canvas comes through. I really need to just try it! Thanks for the reminder!

    And as a side note, where do you put all your 'stuff' without a mudroom?

  3. Oh my goodness, this is adorable! Stunning! I am so going ot copy this - beware! And I am not enough on Pinterest.

    Oh and I should show you a craft I did years go - will mail you a pic, but in short, I attach hooks to the bottom of a canvass and a ribbon accross - use mine for jewellery, the Princess for hair bands and clips. And I am going to make one for her for her ever increasing medals but now I think I am going to take a sports photo of her and make a canvass.


  4. That is stunning! Such a simple concept but so incredibly effective!

  5. That is beautiful! I definitely could see myself doing something similar.

  6. I would most definitely do something like this (just because it looks easy enough for this lady who don't have a knack for crafts.) :)

  7. I am sooooo going to keep this in mind. Am also buying LOADS of canvasses these days. Happens when your husband decides that he wants to paint!
    Seriously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. You did good!

  8. Love it!! Seriously, that looks super awesome, and you can't beat the price! : )

  9. This is such a creative idea! I would love for you to link up to my Linky Party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

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