Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creating, reading and nail polish

I promised Claudia that I'd write something and link up to her "what's working for you" link party.

The reason behind it (which I love) is that we're all too aware of things that are not working that it's nice to take a moment and write down what is working well for you at this time.

I told her in my comment that I feel like so very little is working right for me but I'll try and scrounge up something :)


This is why I love doing the word of the year because it's a gentle pull toward what you said matters to you.

I'm making time to do a little bit of something every week, and I'm taking the time to create memories with the kids, not just with physical stuff but also just reading and laughing together. Although the three of us made coasters yesterday morning - yes we did. Pics to follow sometime :)

Reading time 

I wrote on my other blog how I never seemed to get to all my non-fiction because I'm naturally drawn to read only fiction. Until I had a brainwave and I now read fiction at night and non-fiction either in the mornings or a bit while having a cup of tea on the weekends. This way I get through the non-fiction (and I really do want to read the books, it's just I can't read very much of a book where I have to think about the subject matter and digest it).

This is working out amazingly well. So much so that I've read about 6 non-fiction for the year already :)

My goal is to plough through my bookcase and declutter at least one shelf this year.

Staying connected to friendships 

I'll tell you one thing which is working for me - being intentional about seeing people every month and getting it in the diary.

If you're observant, you'll notice every month my goals that get done are the socials :) Okay, this month won't be exactly the same but there are good reasons.

I can't wait for our cold months because then I start cooking again (!) and it's the type of things that I like to cook when we have people over - pastas, casseroles, hot food, yum!

And one last frivolous thing that's REALLY working for me - nail polish. 

I've been good about not buying nonsense for a LONG time and then I broke loose the other day. I hate just waiting in a queue so when I saw the pharmacist was busy, I had a look at the nail polishes and bought two called "crushed grape" and "blackforest". LOVELY but a bit too dark for summer.

I went back again the other day, had another little browse and they had lovely small bottles of nail polish so I went a bit wild.

Two shades of blue, two shades of pink, brown and a bright red. I asked the salesperson if they (a new brand) were any good and she said, "yes, if you put a top coat on" so I added that to my stash too.

And oh my word, the top coat makes the world of difference - one application (two coats of nail polish plus the top coat) lasts forever. Well, longer than 4 days which is how long manicures usually last for me. I like to change the colour regularly so I change it on a weekly basis anyway.

I feel like such a girl but hey, you've got to have some fun, right?

What's working in your life and... do you use a top coat? 

PS I loved this post in Claudia's linky - oooh, so good. And you've got to love someone who calls herself hot flawed mama LOL


  1. I just wrote today about creating. It really fuels my soul...I need try to remain AWARE of that and make more time for it on a regular basis.

    As for reading, my rule used to be a fiction book, and then a non-fiction. I've broken that rule since the girls were born...I feel accomplished that I set aside time to read, period.

    But...I read the MWF / BFF book a few weeks ago (a memoir, which is not fiction!), and I'm reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" right now, which I guess would fall partly into the biography camp, but definitely not fiction.

    I already have my next two books lined up -- thanks to a gift certificate to the bookstore I got for my birthday. They're fiction, but I like to classify them as "cultural" fiction...set in different parts of the world. ;) Then I'll be "due" some chick lit! HA!

  2. I'm a top coat kinda gal, but I only do my toes. I kill manicures, and my left hand is USELESS to me! I actually picked up pink (which I detest) for Claire tonight. We all do our toes together and that's as girly as this mama gets!

    Can't wait to see your coasters! I'm trying canvases this week!

  3. I received a voucher from Sorbet Salons and had a mani and pedi on saturday and they use about 20 layers of stuff - stuff under, stuff over and stuff in between and I can see why you should use it cos I washed dishes and bottles etc and it hasnt even started to chip, come off at all - still looks as awesome as it did when they put it on :)

    PS -thanks for giving us a heads up on the Friendship Friday topic - it makes it easier for me to take part if I have an idea what to write about

  4. I don't actually use any nail polish. What's working right now? I guess for me finding the time to exercise now that the girls are back at school.

  5. Hey Marcia...I love Nail Polish..and have recently discovered my local beauty salon does Gel is the exact same as nail polish but in Gel nails were done in French and it lasted me two weeks. I did my toes in Red and it lasted a month. Cost was
    R 200.00 for both....

  6. I don't use a top coat but I do know that it does work to keep the color lasting longer because of how I used to do it in the past.

  7. I never have time to paint my nails because I can't sit still long enough - but Sally Hansen has a new "insta-dry" polish that is literally dry in seconds. Amazing! I've painted my nails twice in two weeks :)

  8. Hey, you and me both with the nail polish! It's just such a nice little pick me up, right??

    Thanks so much for playing along - really glad you joined in!

  9. This is so funny- I recently went a little nuts splurging on nail polish too after years of never buying it. My favorite brand is Essie. It never chips, I love it.

  10. I only wear nail polish on my toes and I don't use a top coat. Maybe I should try one?
    What's working for me?

    Making time to connect with friends - those friend dates have made SUCH a difference in my life.
    Making time to read. I treat it like an appointment that I MUST keep!
    Spending minimal time on my computer on the weekends. It has made a HUGE difference to my life and leaves MORE time to connect with my family AND with friends. And you know what? I actually don't even miss it. I am spending a collective hour (maybe) on the computer for the entire weekend. I LOVE that.
    Being outside. I am making an effort to get out of the house with my kids. Whether it's going to the park or for a short walk, being in nature does WONDERFUL things for me AND they get to release their energy which in turn makes them tired which in turn means that they go to bed earlier which in turn means more time for ME and my Boyfriend.
    Loved this post btw...x

  11. I pretty much gave up reading non-fiction, unless it is something I REALLY want to read...that's working pretty well for me! : ) I think all the years of school/grad school wore me down on pressing through the not-so-interesting parts of even the best nonfiction.

  12. I need to creat - seriously . That's all


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