Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday drama with the boy

It's Easter Sunday and I'm sitting with my kids in children's church
Last Sunday when we dropped the kids at children's church, Connor went into a bit of a frothy for the first time in over a year.
A frothy is a very loud tantrum :)
We said we'll come back later and did the hard thing and just left.
They were fine when we returned so we thought nothing of it.
Well, it's a long story but I can't watch the crucifixion in any shape or form. I can't even read it in my Bible - I will have sleepless nights, I have such a tender heart LOL
So we decided that D would take the kids with him, drop them at children's church and then go see our Easter play alone.
He phoned me about 10 minutes before the play was to start to say that Connor is again freaking out.
He was wailing and saying he didn't like church and wants to come home to Mummy. This is verrrrry unusual so D phoned me.
We decided we didn't want to create a bad vibe about church (plus D was alone with TWO) so he brought them home via the horribleness that is the Greenstone Spur (gosh, I hate the service there with a PASSION).
Also, fortunately there were 6 sessions of the play so D could catch it again.
Today I told him I'd come with them and then blog, etc. while they were all in church.
I told D to go straight into church as I didn't want him to miss any of the goodness. This is his thing, you see.
Well, I tried to drop the two off again and Connor again had a frothy of NOTE!
After about 20 minutes of trying to walk with a monkey hanging on my legs (and it was not a tantrum; he genuinely was upset), I told the ladies I'm taking them with me.
By the way, would you be embarrassed by all of this craziness? Thank God I'm wired with a rhino skin so I really couldn't care but I know at least one friend who would be mortified :)
My intention was to get something for them to eat in the food court. Yes, we have a food court at our church.
On the way out a worker suggested I try the class up and stay there with them. At this point I was willing to try anything. So in we went and he calmed down.
We went to try go on the slides outside - Kendra was fine, Connor not - so then we went inside to sit and watch a DVD.
At exactly an hour after church started, Connor told me I could leave them there and go to church but he did not want to go back to their actual class. Gosh, I wasn't going to argue so off I went.
I feel like an investigator because we now know it's not the whole children's church but something happened at THAT class.
What do you think it could be? Have you ever experienced anything like this?
Isn't it exhausting parenting kids???
We've decided to do a little Easter Egg hunt for them with the measly 4 marshmallow eggs I have (this Easter I exercised a remarkable amount of restraint and only bought two strips of 4 - I usually get the box of 48 :)) and some assorted toys that came with jelly beans - those are the ones I polished off a few weeks ago.
And then we will give them the rest of their Easter baskets. I will take pics and blog them tomorrow :)
How's your Easter been?
Did you have any special plans?
(we have none! I may just cook some pasta and that will be special since we normally have sandwiches for lunch)


  1. Your thinking seems plausible, that something happened to cause C to respond in that way. Are you comfortable enough with the people in the nursery to brainstorm with them?

    So far, our Easter has been...challenging. :/ The girls were SO excited to get up. They did OK through breakfast, but they've been mostly very unfocused, which is nothing short of exhausting! I hadn't planned on getting out this morning, but I suited them up for a walk before lunch. I was hoping to burn off some energy!

    I PRAY that the girls settle down for a nap. I hope to hunt eggs with them in the yard this afternoon...what would be a first for them...but as of right this second, I'm playing it by ear.

    I have a ham to bake for supper...but the way I feel right now, I may just order pizza! What a terrible snuff at tradition! HA!

  2. You already know our plans, I have to post tomorrow. Our night ended in such a huff that my great day has been clouded. There must be something in the water today because everyone seems to be having problems today!

    I would definitely think something happened in the class, but I wonder the severity. I know that Claire is easily spooked so the smallest things will turn her off of something. I know that if I'm too mean in correcting her with something she won't go near it again for a long while, or if there is a bug or something dirty. Is Connor very sensitive to anything? Maybe one of the kids? Hopefully you can get that sorted out because I certainly could handle such a production every week!

  3. Sjoe. Poor Connor. I hope you guys get to the bottom of why he's behaving like that. Poor kid.
    My Easter was DIVINE. For some reason I woke up with so much excitement. I was just telling Lance yesterday that I ABSOLUTELY prefer Easter over Christmas. I don't find it so overwhelming and the Easter period is just more meaningful for me. We did Church, came back for Easter Eggs and then had a big family lunch. It was FANTASTIC. I didn't do the Easter Egg hunt this year. Joel cries that he can't find it (and I don't even hide it in difficult places! and then he whines for Joshua's one and then Joshua gets cross because he must look for Joel's one). Can you believe it? Just had leftover Butter Chicken curry for lunch now.

  4. Maybe someone hurt his feelings or made him mad in the nursery? I was sensitive like that as a child..there were just some people I did NOT like. (I'm still like that, come to think of it! Ha!) Or maybe he is bored, since the next class up was suggested? Seems like a pretty dramatic reaction for bored, though.

  5. Oh I am sure somehing happened there -ayb not bad for us, but bad for him like hair pulling or such. Ai, these things are tough - it' hard being a parent.

    SO you di not watc the Passon of the Christ movie I guess? It was so tough for me but it brought my understanding to a new level. But I never want to see it again.

    We have had a very social Easter. Busy but good

  6. Nicola goes through phases where she just goes completely off a place for no apparent reason. Usually she snaps out of it in a week ir two and mostly it goes hand in hand with some sicky or another.

    I'd suggest asking them if something happened to upset him there and if nothing comes to light wait and see if he drops it.

  7. It is so exhausting parenting kids. And it doesn't get easier as they get older, just a different kind of exhausting. Making sure there homework is done, they have goals in their life and have a passion for more than playing video games. And I love teenage girl hormones!!! Please note the sarcasm. Feel free to let me know how Kendra is doing in 10 years. I'll be more than happy to commiserate with you.


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