Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I caved under the pressure - finally, my Bambanani pics

I must tell you this.

I'm much more the type of person who posts pics about 3 - 4 weeks later, not the one who posts pics  quickly but since I met up with 3 bloggers, they've all had their posts up for DAYS already and I'm the slacker.

Also a disclaimer - this was not a "blogger meet up" since I'm not a fan of those and since I also hate feeling excluded, I don't want this to feel like it was a select group of bloggers.

Since that incident last year where I felt excluded, I realised that I'm actually much better in a small group so that I can connect (otherwise I leave feeling very frustrated that I didn't exercise my intimacy outlier) properly.

The truth with this meet-up is that M said she and I should meet, I said "cool, give me some time since my life is just a tad too busy at the moment", she gave me time, and then it was a month later. I noticed my other two blog friends who I also needed to see all comment on one another's blogs so I said, "HEY! let's all get together" and so a social was born. A month out, but it was set up.

Louisa scared me a little because she'd been saying the whole week that it was going to be SO AWESOME and I just thought, "oh Lord, what if it isn't? What if my kids are terrors, I can't talk properly and they're all disappointed?"

I always drag D to these things because it's family time and I want us to be together as much as we can, and so even if things happen and other people don't pitch, at least we have a nice family outing.

Fortunately everyone pitched and we did have lots of fun.

(I didn't even really notice that the space was so tight; I was far too excited to see them and talk!)

Right, but that's not why you're here - you want to see pics.

M's gorgeous hands - aren't they stunning?
my drink of choice (actually, I prefer mine with lemon but mint will do)
Cat and M
Cat's boys - my C couldn't stop talking about the green boy and the orange boy. He was also so impressed with their plasters especially since I give them bits of washi tape for plasters :)
Love the smooches! I love seeing Cat with her kids - she is such a calm, centred mother.
I really love M's hands so I'm afraid I sneaked another pic. Can you blame me?
My little family  - I love us so much :) My kids ate their own food, some carrots I brought for snacks and half of Cat's kids' food! You'd swear I starve them but I fed them lunch - promise!
My other drink of choice - tea :)
I love this baby girl - she is so squeezable and this one LOVES hugs
The four of us - M, Louisa, Me, Cat (apparently I'm the only shorty)
Did I not tell you I love smooches?! These two are so precious together.
and last but not least, my pic that I love so much. It's not too late to register for Superhero Photo - I have already enjoyed it enough for half the money I spent and we're only one week in.
M was quieter than I expected but she told me she did, in fact, like us (actually, what is she supposed to say - ha!) and this is her way when she meets new people. She has the most adorable little girl - I think we saw her for 5 minutes tops, if that.

So all in all, a success! I had a lovely time and I love these girls for prioritising friendships, don't you?

What are you like when you meet new people? Quieter than normal? Yourself?

For me, I'm gnerally the same but it depends whether I feel I know them well enough. I know all these girls very well from our blogs and behind-the-scenes comments and our other get togethers.

With new-new people, I hold back a bit til I see if they're genuinely interested in talking to me or are doing that thing where they look over your shoulder for someone more interesting to come along. Grrr.

Did you do your act of courage yet in the area of friendship? I did mine, but I'm only telling you what happened on Friday :)


  1. Oh I love your pics of M's hands ans they are really so beautiful. Thanks again for the meet up. It was truly lovely

  2. It looks like a fun day :)

    Regarding the blogger meet ups - I have resurected Ladies on Lunch - we have a FB page and I do blog about the meets - join in one day if you are up to it :) They really are great fun.

  3. I am a little quieter when I meet people. I like to "suss" out the people and then I open up. Generally I am very loud...but tend to be a little unsocial. On weekends I am quite happy not to see anymore...
    I have been to a few "get togethers" since I got to JHB...one is particular was not a pleasant experience and left me quite adamant that those particular ladies were not going to be part of my tribe. I like down to earth kinda people that struggle with everyday life. I like people that appreciate family and include my hubby in things...I am not into "girls nights" out...I am a wife and mom foremost..then a friend..

  4. Hm, and thanks for the compliment - I am not always calm and centred.

  5. You made me laugh in this post of yours :) Yes, I am more quiet on the first meetup but it will be better next time - I promise. AND, I do like you all so much, that's why I really want to do this again. (With my hubby too.)
    Thanks for the compliment regarding my hands. Hands tell a story to me, that's why I keep them so well maintained :)

  6. Stunning photos Marcia...and as I said on Cat's blog, I am green with envy...I so wish I could have been there...it would have been a blast. M really has pretty hands;-)

  7. I think it's so cool to see you guys getting together! I can only imagine it was maybe a bit surreal to see your kiddos playing together, too! At least that was what I experienced when we met our twin friends at the zoo last week...I've "known" their mom for three years, but this was our first time to meet.

    Haven't done my act of courage yet, but I'm going to! ;)

    On a friend note, I was just thinking about you last night. I was struggling a bit with the situation I have, and one of my first thoughts was, "I need to email Marcia." :) Are you getting into all sorts of virtual counseling sessions since you started your Friendship Friday posts???

  8. Divine pics. Haven't acted in courage yet. I'm usually fine with new people but it does depend on who's with and how many people there are.

  9. It was great fun...just like I predicted...hehehe. ;-)

    I have done my courage assignment by the way. I've been gate crashing lunches and coffee breaks all week and prying private details out of the newbies (or connecting if you prefer that term). Actually even found out something really cool about the one I liked the least to begin with.

    Success all round I think.


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