Sunday, April 15, 2012

I had a picture post in mind but my words will have to do

Something's wrong with my emailing from Picasa because my pics are not making it to the blog.

I was going to show you a ton of pics from yesterday but I can't very well just write about it so you'll have to wait and see.

Here are my random 7 snippets to capture my weekend:

1. Two friend plans got cancelled this weekend - all valid reasons but still, disappointing. The one friend popped by and put something in our letterbox though and I was all kinds of excited to get it. Real, tangible stuff in the letterbox :) (Maps, metro cards and whatnot for New York :))

2. I saw a friend's blinds in her house and it was one of those things I always thought was more expensive than it actually is. All 3 bathrooms for R1100 - I was all over that and the man came to come measure up my bathroom and my two little windows in the study yesterday morning. Can't wait to get his quote.

3. The little one has upped the cuteness. She now corrects me when I call them by the wrong names. Sometimes I say Connor and it's Kendra and she'll say, "mummy, KENDRA!" or I'll say D, blah blah blah, and she'll say "No Mummy, Connor". I don't know why I find it so cute that I'm being corrected - maybe it's because she's so little :)

4. Well, today at church we had no drama at all! BUT everyone with a crying, screaming kid seemed to come to that service today. We went to the children's church room, saw the chaos and Lizzie (the very calm one) was looking a bit frazzled so I said, "Lizzie, I think we'll take them to the family room today. You two look like you've got enough work here". She smiled gratefully amidst the screaming. You know how the kids seem to transmit the screaming urge??? Yes. Poor things. I needed Panado after just a few minutes, imagine them!

5. I had two really cheap magna doodles in the car for such a time as this. Do you also get super chuffed when your momentary lean towards preparedness actually pays off? Yes?

I sent D back to the car and he brought these cheapo things back. I got them at an Asian discount store for about R10 each. Well. They were a hit. Even other kids wanted to steal these things :) I just heard Connor going, "no, Connor's magnadoodle", whipped my head around and these two little guys were each tugging on this thing so I had to step in.

Also, apparently our kids hadn't heard the word Hallelujah before. The pastor said "hallelujah" and Connor repeated it and gave that cute, big grin. "Connor liked that word" :)

This is one of my favourite pics of the YEAR thus far. And I took it in Mellville yesterday because I knew I needed to get a "sun" pic for Superhero Photo.

6. We came back home after having lunch out with MIL, changed nappies and put them down to sleep. D went to nap too and I grabbed my book. After about 30 mins, I heard a sound, went to check and The Boy was still awake. Of course, he whispers so loud "Mummy, Connor don't want to sleep" that I had to grab him before he woke his sister.

We had some good snuggles and laughs in our bed for a few minutes before D was awake too. I love it. Kids piled into our bed (at non-sleeping times) are what I dreamed of.

7.  My boss is back from leave tomorrow and I have a bright and early (for me) 8:30 meeting so best I pack my stuff and get to bed.

This week I'm looking forward to having a chat with a certain someone at work, getting up to date with my photo organising and continuing to stay organised with the personal life admin (last week I got a bee in my bonnet and started seriously sorting out all these annoying nagging things, like the blinds :))

What are you looking forward to this week?

OH, I'm also looking forward to losing at least a kilo!


  1. Kids piled in the bed...I love it!

    I, too, had an "I always dreamed of this moment" this weekend...several, actually. :) For the wedding, we stayed at a beautiful hotel, and it was adjoining a gorgeous lake and upscale outdoor shopping. This morning, we had an early breakfast and then walked all over the place...all the way around the lake, and up and down in front of all the shops. There were the four of us, holding hands, walking and talking and enjoying the sights. Pure bliss!!!

    That's an awesome picture! And I love to hear all the stinkin' adorable things your two are saying...isn't it so funny to hear their little personalities shine?!!

  2. Picasa has been doing a lot of upgrades and changes in how it works. Joy - right?

    I finally completely uninstalled it - and reinstalled it. That helped a LOT.

    Then I found that the pictures from Picasa to the blog was working again - and now I get 20 pictures!

    They also put in a "secret word" to mail pictures from email or my cell phone.

    This is the age when kids have discovered that EVERYTHING has a name - and sometimes more than one name. And they become quite obsessed that everything and everyone be called by their right name. I love this stage! Joel was the funniest one I had yet. ::::: reading: "And the 3 Goldilocks came home and ... (NO NO NO ..... the BEARS came home Momma! ::::::::::::

  3. Have you seen the new feature that turns pictures into pencil drawings? .... on Picasa? I LOVE it. I'll send you a picture with it.


  4. Good luck with the meeting.
    I did not know that Picasa can email photos to one's blog. I need to check out this feature for sure.
    Thanks for the photos :)
    I can only imagine how your little one is correcting you with the names thing :) So cute.

  5. Oh I love that photo - it is beautiful. And to me the noise at Bambanani was already way too much

    And I have to say that you have the best mannered kids ever (and cute, yes that too)

  6. That picture is beautiful. I DO love my kids in my bed. That's why we had to upgrade to a King size a few years ago. They are welcome to stay as long as it's not bedtime.
    Quite frankly I'm really just looking forward to pay day on Friday because we are way past salticrax already.

  7. I had big plans for this week; ordering flooring, friend date, gardening, shower prepping. Then the ladies broke my glasses. So the only thing I'm looking forward to this week is new glasses!

  8. Glad one pic made it to the blog. I struggle to blog when I don't have my pics!

    Gotta love a magnadoodle - but the one we used to have had a motorised eraser, so would be a bit too noisy for church.

  9. I had tp reinstall Picasa on my new laptop. It has a completely different look now but I haven't had any problems with it. Maybe it's a blogger issue?

  10. Sorry the pic thing isn't working. I think I need to look for some cheap magnadoodles for moments like that! Good luck on the weight loss. We're trying to get back to exercising here. Yesterday was a good day for that. And our boys love the word "Amen". They love to say it with lots of feeling. It cracks me up!

  11. Good luck on the weight loss. I LOVE that photo.


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