Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I have had such an evening with the old blog

Did you see it disappeared for awhile?

I tried to log in and it said Google suspended it for suspicious activity. And I'm on my own server! But I'm a die-hard blogger fan and will not switch to WP for all the love and money in the world.

Moving on.

 So I posted a post on my private blog.A very, very long one.

And then I was too tired to write on here too. So I wanted to post Easter pics - the ones you didn't see.

But my email trick is again not working. Gah! (I picked up that Gah! from Katelyn James :))

So I had to look in my drafts for some pictures I haven't yet posted.

Here you go - pics from the point and shoot that is in my bag permanently. I need to try to play with it more because of Superhero Photo but I've got so used to the other one and I'm a girl who doesn't go back easily.

Anyway, here you go.
i love the reflection of those big eyes in the table :)
Thank goodness she's stopped walking around the house. Up to when they got the big beds, Kendra would come wander around the house every night. The one night she came out as usual, went into our bedroom (I was in the study) and when I came out to take her back, I saw this in the passage. This is a girl who travels heavy. I had to quickly take a pic before she woke up too much.
Cute babies living dangerously - on the top of the couch. I'm strangely pleased when K does this kind of thing because she's more timid :)
love the sun through the trees
hey, this could be a superhero photo. We're supposed to be moving our bodies to try different angles
pizza - they always want pizza when we go out.

my attempt to get into the pic with the babies
funny boy trying to escape
it looks like I'm hugging him; I'm actually just containing him
at the gym waiting for our smoothie
having fun
Did you enjoy the randomness?

How was your Wednesday?

PS I really want to write about my US trip - tomorrow!


  1. Love the random pictures! I need to borrow your private blog to let out some work frustrations of my own (and Jeremy's!). : )

    Glad Wednesday is almost over, and the week is downhill from here.

  2. Please do write about your US trip!
    I love the pictures, have you put any up on flickr? Those little fingers would be perfect! I'm going to start my scavenger hunt tomorrow.
    And the climbing, I'm the same way with Claire. I can holler at Emma for being so daring but just sit and watch Claire be bold because she is so reserved and timid. I like to think I'm fostering exploration and teaching boundaries, same action but different reactions LOL.

  3. I love the randomness! And the last pic of you 3 is so cute. The Princess still travels heavily - she always has some entourage of assorted things

  4. I love a bit of random :) Very cute photos!

  5. I liked the randomness :)
    Sorry to hear that you struggled with your website again - I too would have been SO frustrated. Grrr.

  6. What a great post and I love all the photos.

  7. I did love the randomness. My fave pics are 1 and 4. Am trying to comment on the other blog and it seems I can't. There is no publish button?

  8. Yes, I love random! I love the first pic, of K's expression...and the reflection on the table. :) And I know what you mean about an odd sense of pride when one of the girls does something...sometimes something naughty...but on some level I appreciate the oomph. ;)

    Awaiting your US post!!!

  9. Lovely pics...if you tried wp you'd love it forever! ;-)


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