Monday, April 09, 2012

I love long weekends but apparently not cooking!

First, I would LOVE to hear what you think about this.


Because of the long weekend (and from my jaunt around the internet, we South Africans are BLESSED to have the Monday off too - free leave!), today feels very much like a Sunday.

Except I'm feeling very very lazy, and have no desire whatsoever to meal plan or pack my work bag, etc.

So here's some random thoughts about long weekends:

I love having time to read.

I've been saving up a book on my Kindle to read when I have lots of free time, like on this weekend. OH! If you've never read a Dorothy Koomson, you really should. (Shayne, especially you!) (Shayne and I have very similar taste in books) I've read about 4 and every single one of them is REALLY good. I was glued to my Kindle last night for 2.5 hours and carried on this afternoon while the kids napped. The minute my computer time is over I'm getting stuck into my book again :)

Besides this one, I'm making good headway into my non-fiction book for the month, read another NF and finished another novel. LOVELY!

I had time to create

I finished my canvas craft - it is up and makes me smile every time I pass it. Everyone else couldn't give a hoot but I don't care.

I had time to do stuff I never get a chance to do

I decluttered and organised 7 of the 10 shelves in our study/ guest bedroom. The other 3 belong to D and I'm not allowed to "organise him" :)

I packaged my random acts of kindness gifts for the month.

By the way, here's a fantastic post on ideas to encourage the awesome people in your life. I love this lady.

I napped and slept late

The kids are doing this cute thing these days where they wake up and then chit-chat with one another, laugh and giggle for a good 30 mins. As a result, they don't come look for us. It's bliss and verrrrry cute to listen in.

Only thing is.. because of all the napping and reading I didn't do any cooking except for some pasta yesterday. I'm actually really uninspired by food at the moment - will write more during the week.

We got out

We went to gym, lunch with friends, church and the zoo today. TONS of pics to follow.


Anyway, Easter baskets!

I grew up gettting either a big Easter egg or a set of smaller ones. None of these Easter baskets and truth be told I never heard about Easter baskets til I got on the blogs.

What was your tradition growing up?

Well, you know me, any excuse for a little celebration so I bought stuffed Easter bunnies in 2010, did baskets last year and of course, this year.

Here's where I show you how frugal I am :

I used the same baskets from last year, I used the same bunnies from 2010 (I took them away about a month later so they're "new" to the kids; they will mysteriously disappear again in a few weeks time) and I just bought a few extra things:
  1. pencils
  2. miniature mug and bunny
  3. chocolate bunny (we changed our mind at the last minute and took these out in favour of verrrrry small eggs)
  4. plastic cars

these little mugs were a HIT - the kids have already had tea in them three times

Next year I actually want to use smaller buckets so I don't feel pressure to fill those things.

However, it was worth it because D said I'm a good mummy (!) and the children (unprompted) said, "thank you Mummy for the lovely baskets" after they'd unpacked and looked at everything. The good manners kill me - I love it!

How was your weekend?

PS Do you know what The Boy said to me tonight? "Mummy, there's no chicken in the pasta!" He's TWO!
PPS Say a prayer for me at 1 tomorrow as I have an interview.... :) and don't even know if I want the job, or if I'm going for it for the wrong reasons. Gah!


  1. In true American fashion Easter was a big deal when I was very small. It involved frilly dresses (complete with slips, tights, and hats), baskets filled with chocolates and candy, egg dying and hunts! I still enjoy dying and hunting eggs but I can leave the candy and dresses.

    My weekend was pretty nice! I could nit-pick the hubs but I'll refrain. :)

    I love the manners!! The ladies are big into saying thank you to everything, and I can't get enough!! More importantly, your kids drink from open cups?? You brave woman you! I can't stand the thought of the mess.

  2. We had a GREAT weekend. We decluttered - filled up a black rubbish bin, 2 black bags (on top of the bin) and the garage is full of stuff we need to take to a second hand shop or the hospice. It was SO great. I also cleaned out the kids cupboards.

    I love winter cooking. I prefer making stews and soups and curries to summer braais and other quick and easy food.

    Jack will also hang out in his cot for a while - it is lovely because often the big kids come and get him and take turns playing with him and we get a lie in.

  3. Neat baskets! We didn't do too much and just had a relaxing long weekend. Sometimes quiet is nice.

  4. I will pray for clarity - for you to be able to decide whether you want the job for the right reasons and for a clear mind in the interview.
    A great weekend you had with family, friends and more.

  5. Oh I pray that if it's npot for you you wimply will not get it. Simple.

    I love your backets - I grew up with lots of marshmallow eggs but only one nice big hollow one or box (remember those trains etc). I still do not do baskets but my FIL started with the Easter egg hunt thing when the Princess was only a tiny little thing, so the bunny visits us. But we keep it rather small and not over board. But we alos have marshmallow eggs as long as possible - I personally adore them. We are almost through box no2 this year and I will see if I can get another on sale after Easter.

  6. As kids we did the egg hunt, but we've never done baskets. It's also big family time for us, not as big as Christmas though.

  7. My mother was a sewer, so she'd make us an Easter dress every year. And we had our Easter baskets (she re-used the same one every year) we usually got a bit of candy, then some practical things like pens/pencils, and even socks, undies or a shirt. Then after church we'd have a meal. Easter wasn't as big of a deal as some of the other holidays. I did love getting a new dress to wear though :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Rest and organizing is so refreshing to the soul! :)

  8. Hope the interview went well?

    As unbelievable as it may sound
    growing up I didn't associate Easter with eggs or chocolates. It was about the resurrection of Christ, church (ice-cream after church), special sunday lunch, new outfits and having my parents home for two extra days.

    These days I just want to stay home and relax after church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday... I'm getting old. And we don't do any of the chocolate or Easter egg (for now at least) or hot cross buns

  9. Growing up we did an Easter Egg hunt. We each got ONE egg and it was just fine. Not sure why my parent now think that it is OK to give each child 3 easter eggs!
    My weekend was LOVELY!

  10. We use the same Easter baskets every year with the kids. The boys have Elmo Easter baskets, so eventually we'll change that, but I think we can get one more year out of Elmo after this year. Phoebe has the same wicker basket every year with Easter fabric in the bottom as I can't stand the plastic grass.

  11. We eat far too many Easter Eggs - We are a chocoholic family. And we do the Hunt, which my 14 year old still loves too. But having said all that, we are very aware of what Easter is actually about and go to Church on to celebrate Maundy Thurs and Easter Sun.

    I LOVE Dorothy Koomsen. Have you read Ice cream Girls? And Marshmallows for breakfast? And The Woman He Loved Before? All excellent.

    Hope the interview went well x


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