Thursday, April 05, 2012

I skipped gym today to do this photoshoot

Today was Nanny V's last day with us.

Some of you have been asking how Nanny S is doing.

She is doing just fine!

Nanny S with the babies

Nanny V was 100% certain that she was the right one on Monday afternoon. The kids are comfortable with her, she is getting on and doing things and we are happy so far.

The best thing about having two nannies this week is my house is spotless. All my laundry is up to date, the kids have food in the freezer and all their ironing is also done. They even had time to do Easter crafts (cards).

On Tuesday evening S asked to speak to me in private and I thought, "oh dear, what now?" but turns out she just wanted to go get her fingerprints done at the agency so they could run a police clearance on her.

Well, of course you can go, said I.

It was really just a matter of going through the motions because you know if someone asks to go get a police clearance, absolutely nothing's going to come up.

And yes, today I got the email confirming exactly that.

So last night D and I wrote out a thank-you card for V and I started crying and crying as I read his words (he does have this effect on me generally) and then again as I wrote my bit.

I was quite fine up until that point, even when I packed all the presents for V's baby BOY in the gift bag.

Today I paid her for this week, leave pay, a very substantial bonus, etc. and I did her a very nice reference letter.

I told her yesterday I wanted to take some photos of her and the kids today and this is why I skipped gym.

It was SO totally worth it. Have a look (I'll have to put some more in a Wordless Wednesday post because there are some gorgeous ones, esp where she's standing behind me making the kids laugh).

Look at Kendra's face :)
Connor and V laughing
and some more
I love this pic!

So after the photoshoot, I asked to speak to V privately, did my thank-you speech, gave her the presents, reference letter and cried. Oh my hat (as my Capetonian friends would say!).

We had all those punctuality challenges but V has been an excellent nanny to the babies and I trusted her with them 100%. They definitely would not be the kids they are if it weren't for her.

We're really going to miss her so much.

Conversations tonight:

Me So babies, this is V's last day. She's not going to come look after you anymore. Next week, S will be your only nanny.

Connor  No, V gonna ocme back.

(V and I exchange a look)

Me Tell you what, Connor. When V's had her baby, if you're good kids, we'll ask V to come visit us and bring her baby to show us. Okay?

Connor That will be nice!

We all packed out laughing. When did he learn to say "that will be nice!"

Then later I was hugging Kendra and she took my hair and pulled it onto my cheeks. I hate people playing with my hair in my face!

Me Kendra, stop doing that. It's very annoying.

Kendra Okay, sorry!

Again, what on earth?! Real conversations. Again I had to put her down because I was laughing so hard.

Do you like the pics?

Yes, our kids are in flannel winter pjs, just like their mother. In this house, we can't wait to get into our winterwear :)

What are you sleeping in at the moment?


  1. Sweet pictures! What a lovely way to capture Nanny V with your children! She has been part of your kids' lives for so long! I'm sure there are all kinds of emotions going on there! Hugs!

  2. Oh those are greatbpictues and I am so glad it allmworked out fine in the end.

    And we too are in longbsleeved pj's - but not flannels yet

  3. That is so sweet and generous. I love that you took some happy pictures to mark the event, and I love that it wasn't posed. I hope V does come for a visit and that all is going well with S.

    As for sleeping, I try my best to sleep in as little as possible-all year long!

  4. Aw, so sweet! Love the pictures with V, and I'm so glad to hear S is working out well!

    I laughed at Connor's "that will be nice"...Addison always says, "Okay, that will be fine". She still has trouble with her f's sometimes, so it comes out "that will be pine". Jeremy and I say it all the time: "that will be pine!" : )

    It is so warm here, I sleep in tshirts and cotton pants or shorts. That pretty much goes for year-round, actually!

  5. That's very sweet... :-)

    We are in our winter PJs too, but ours are fleecy ones not flannel. I've seen some really cute flannel ones for N but she doesn't like them.

  6. Pics are just BEAUTIFUL. It is the end of an era. Love that you did this. I just LOVE kiddie conversations. We are not there yet, but Joel does understand how to use NO in the correct context so the conversations where he is being defiant and attempting to push boundaries are the only "proper" ones we are currently having.
    We are not in pyjamas yet. Sleep shorts and T-shirts all the way.
    I know it's early days but I am THRILLED that Nanny S is working and that it is so far so good.

  7. ok. just caught up on your last 9 posts!! apparently i get too behind when i have to travel for work.

    glad to hear that the new nanny is working out well. hopefully the rest of the road will be bump-less and then you can feel more comfortable.

    you did great with your goals last month!! i can't even go there. right now i'm week to week on goals. this is the most busy time of the semester for me, and i feel like if i don't have a good weekly goal list that i don't have enough control, lol.

  8. Your photos are beautiful. The twins look SO happy. I hope S makes them happy too. It is always difficult when something I understand the tears.

  9. I am ROTTEN when it comes to good-byes. I'm not joking when I say that I could have cried just reading this. :)

    Wishing V all the best, and a continued smooth transition for S. I'm so glad to hear - among other things - that V approves of her to such a degree.

    But sleeping in??? I literally haven't done that since the girls were born. Sigh. :/

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