Monday, April 02, 2012

The latest on the nanny V drama

So you remember that I'd contacted the agency last Monday and we filled in the forms.

I had a friend date for Friday afternoon into evening but she had to go to a funeral so I arranged all these interviews for the same time.

3 of the 4 ladies pitched - automatically that disqualifies lady 4 in my books....

I interviewed all 3 and interestingly enough, lady 3 was the one I liked most. I say interestingly because both Connor (!) and V also told me they liked number 3.

I told V to "help me with my interviews" by watching how the ladies interacted with the kids while I was busy with the others.

After they all left, I asked her how she felt that went and she immediately said that the last lady was the most comfortable with the kids and engaged them genuinely, not in a "false" way.


Love that!
Connor told me that he likes the "black lady" and I corrected him to say "the lady wearing black" because he also talked about the purple lady and the yellow lady.

This boy is a clear extrovert and comes out unprompted with all these statements - "Mummy, Connor likes the black lady". Me - "yes, boy, the lady in black" :)
I have my reasons too - she was honest in the interview, even on things one is not normally honest about, like "what is your favourite age of children to work for?", not too smiley-smiley (always makes me suspicious) and she communicates REALLY well (that is my big thing) and speaks beautifully. Etc, etc.

So I emailed the agency on Sat and told her to make S (nanny S) the offer but I'd confirm start dates, etc.

Anyway, so on Saturday, we'd asked V to come babysit so we could go to a movie and she just didn't pitch.

She has never not pitched so I was worried and SMS/ phoned her a couple of times.

Late that night (around 7) I got an SMS from her apologising. She'd gone to the clinic because she was feeling unwell and they checked her blood pressure, said it was high and booked her off on bed rest. She didn't say how long or anything but in my pregnancy I was on bed rest for two days once with bleeding, and then for 5 days with the second bleed.

Well, we were panicking a bit since we couldn't get hold of her the whole day yesterday. D and I were getting the kids dressed this morning, ready to take them to D's work's preschool. Very nice and VERRRRRY expensive because we can't keep taking time off work for this kind of thing and as you know, we don't have "support" (i.e. family).

And then V arrived.

She said she does need to go to the clinic every 2 - 3 days now, etc. I told her I'll get the new lady in immediately IF she accepts the offer.

Fortunately while I was getting dressed, they phoned me to say S had accepted the offer and then I told them to please get her to come TODAY if she can.

V texted me earlier - she arrived at 10.45 and she is training her.

I phoned at lunch time again and apparently "the kids love her" (this from V).

So far so good.

Hopefully I'm also happy with her work......................

But enough about me, how was YOUR weekend?


  1. I am so happy for you. It is one less thing to worry about.

    And the kids are the biggest indicator!!!!

  2. Oh this sounds fabulous! We had a very quiet and relaxing weekend.

  3. I hope Nanny S is genuine, and more forth coming with information. Will she stick around once the kids start school? What do the kids think of the whole situation? Do they know V is leaving??

  4. wow! lots of stress. glad you like nanny S and that she could start right away.

    so you have to fill in us U.S. folks - what does "pitch" mean? For here, it's only used in baseball : )



  5. SO glad it's falling into place!

  6. Marcia, glad everything is under control so far.

    Mo, 'pitch' in the context Marcia used it means not showing up. Definitely not in the baseball context. It's a very British term to use!!!

    Weekend was a mixed bag (good in some part, not so good in others)

  7. Awesome ... I've been saying lots of prayers for you all - for an easy transition and "good results".

  8. Sooo happy for you! Hope it all works out perfectly and hoping for a smooth transition for you all. Hope V is OK.

  9. Sjoe! Luckily you managed to get someone straight away that you liked. Is nanny V okay?

  10. I'm glad that Nanny S could start on short notice. I hope for the best for you all. Not a great situation at all. Keep us updated.

  11. Great that you found someone. Could you please share the questions to ask when interviewing. My little one is 7 weeks and I have to start looking for a nanny soon.

  12. So glad to hear, at least so far, that the transition is underway and heading in the right direction. I'm very thankful for your sake that V is there and willing to aid in the training and transition, too.

    Hope K&C handle the change well, too!

  13. Oh, yay, you got someone on teh first round of interviews! That's really great! I hope that V is feeling better now- I'm glad she's got a good clinic and they are being pro-active in taking care of her and the baby!

  14. Hooray for Nanny S! I hope she's as wonderful as she sounds, and the transition goes smoothly----that's fantastic that Nanny V can facilitate that!

  15. Oh the stress of childcare - I remember the headaches.

    So glad you have found someone so soon - praying it all works out well for everyone :)

  16. I'm catching up from the birthday party weekend (yes, I'm still recovering!)...I have a lot to read!

    Hope it is going well with the new lady. Maybe it is meant to be since you all liked her???


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